Wake up

>Wake up
>You see Andy biersack's throbbing asshole above your mouth.

Wat do?

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get a life

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Can someone kill the fucker who keeps posting these?

hey faggot, do you miss eustace?
don't worry, you're so mentally ill, you can just claim everybody who made fun of you is eustace

eat the best breakfast of my life and have a productive day
grow up

stay mad fag

Someday you will be decomposing and in the last moments of your brains ability to fire off neurons it's just gonna feed you an all encompassing image of Andy Sixx and you will feel, with every fiber of your mental being, the actualized form of every shit he ever took. In that moment a universe will be born bearing the mental scars of this moment and you will be prolapsed backwards from the abyss into a realm where the creator is literally a giant asshole and you are his first turd.

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Prepare my throat for what's about to come.

get a job

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A good soldier never lets a man brown

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hehe smelly

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Enough with this faggotry

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It isn't gay to eat his turds for recreational reasons.

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Loglessness is saddening

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Grab a funnel, apple cider vinegar, and push pins. Force Mr. Sixx to the ground and use the funnel to pour the vinegar and pins up his ass. Leave the room without a shred of remorse.

How much do these Andy Biersack posts cost the Reich? I suggest we find OP and of course gas OP to reduce his burden upon the Reich so that others might have room for their posts.

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Shocking. You post the same thing again


We are obsessed and possessed

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