Celeb Thread Lewding is against the Law

Celeb Thread Lewding is against the Law

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And I am a criminal

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If lewding is wrong then i dont wanna be right

I won't lose NNN!

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Post some mature hotties for once, you highschool virgins.

Yis ;>

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But user... Don't you like me...

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You are gay af

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Why do you always stare at my tummy Anonnnn

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I do. And I like JJ
And her legs, feet, ass, tongue, tummy and everything else
But I am strong!

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bellies are so licky

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That ass grinding against you in the dance pit... The hungry look in her eyes as she leads you back to her hotel... She owns your cock...

Shes looks so healthy and young !

Wellll it's pretty weird but I guess you can lick it...

Grandma when did you start using Sup Forums

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She does indeed...
Cause she's both

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During the war while your grandpa was hunting japs i was hunting bbc

Now go to bed sweetie

Her sexual appetite must be amazing. What a horny little princess

Show her how she owns you... Show her how she makes you feel

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I guess..
I'm hard but I will not stroke to her and her luscious feet

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where is beedee

I would be her bidet

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user...if you won't play with my feet I'll have to find someone who will :

I wanna snuggle with JJ in that weird seat looking thing

dat u

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Ok I sit somewhere else :>

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You are not JJ...

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Whatever you say user~

Morning anons!

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Your cock pumping between her soles. JJ looking disinterested at best, but more likely she's disgusted.

He died I think, very sad, very very sad. ᶘᵒ - ᵒ ᶅ

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U r top 5 best posters :>

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I inow it...
No wonder I find that hot, you are the devil

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No pls :(
it can't be true..

That’s very nice of you to say user!
I really appreciate that, but I’m just another man posting cuties

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If there wasn't any part of you that doubted yourself, you wouldn't have replied at all user~ But I'm sure I'll find another willing footslave.

Sleep well?

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I am not okay with writing a lewd caption whilst she holds a baby goat.

C is for cute Brie

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Fine.. I play along, JJ...

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A little too well actually
Was a little late to work today but all’s good now

Yes, yes she is

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Anonnnn~ These high heels hurt my feet so bad... I need a massage... I've been walking all day though they are so sweaty...

Theres a good boy... Tell me how badly you NEED to serve.

Hey again
Got a full 12 seconds of work done, can't seem to focus :c

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u r 2

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That what you get for not staying in bed >:[

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I'll never doubt you again -_-

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Ya big dork
You got this big guy

Well thanks user, that’s really sweet

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Poor you JJ... Just place them on my lap and I gladly rub them
I don't need to. I HAVE to

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b-but who will post peen now

Same here, so damn horny and tired :/

I wanna service JJ too

But Anonnn~ I'm all out of massage oil... Can you think of anything else we can use ;>

Hmmm Are you boys all wet and sticky for me?

We don't need any oil...

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Hnnnggg yes JJ Im sooo sticky and hard

Hmmm I was quite sure you'd be able think of something to use...

Good Piggy, stroke yourself for me. Hard.

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A bit
I could rub in my cum but that means I would lose...

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Wow so lewd user... but its not a bad idea~ Maybe you could use my feet to help you cum too..

If youre already wet then not finishing yourself would be an insult to me user.

I kinda wanna taste and smell them...

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Can I lick your feet clean my queen?

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But they're all sweaty user are you some kind of pervert...~ Well I guess they could use a cleaning anyway~

I'm sorry am I not good enough for you slave? Who cares if its November, you WILL cum for me.

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Can I lick your pits ? I wanna taste them so bad

Please Jordyn don't show your feet like that. It makes some people get wrong thoughts.

I'm a big perv, yes...
And I don't mind that at all. In fact I adore it

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Imagine the smell in that bedroom hnng im so horny princess JJ

Well then get licking...

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Don't make me ask again Slave.

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Play with your clitty for my feet user~

I lick them with all my passion JJ..
They look so hooot..

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You didn't nut yet did you?

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This is your last chance Slave.

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Oh hnnng my dickkk

Yes princess JJ pumping so hard for you, can I smell your shoes pls ? Or maybe wear your panties on my head. I love youuu

Wow good job user they're all clean now~ Now lets see about that massage oil...

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Fuck I need to bury my face into those soles...

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Well I do need somebody to clean these pits...

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That still needs a bit of time...

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JLo user here. I have this scene from Hustlers in pretty good quality now. Reply to this post if you want me to make and post webms from it. I'll be back in a few to see the results.

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