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She just posted a new video


there you go, now go subscribe and like her video so she posts more

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Asian with decent tits ... the holy grail.

her mum is hot. she will age well

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90% of her subs are b/ros. we are tryin to turn her into a thot

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is that her sis? they look pretty similar.

yes her sis

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can chad talk them into a 3some?

no nudes with face?

turn her into a twicht THOT first, them we can plan to gangbang her

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>First thought
She's cute and can suck a mean dick

>Second thought

nah man feeels great dont feel them

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these phone repair shop assholes

healthy diet

dick and apples

Real talk, why you guys think they’re better than every other girl?

Just a fetish probably
Wish these threads had actually attractive girls instead of ugly chinky ones only people with a fetish find attractive

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i dont...

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Is OP around that’s as posting that cute viet chick with the huge tits from yesterday?

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i dunno man..

just personal taste. there are hot girls in every race except aboriginal. asian average look is just better than any other race in my opinion.

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cannot cope with the original

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ya but any actual nudes of her? not these weird faceless fake nudes


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My Asian girl

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lets see her face etc

any full nude non-bj pics of her? she's hot as fuck and i want a proper look at her body

more hairy fobs spreading their pussies for the camera!


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Don’t want to show full face but here are her tits

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can we get some more straight up nudes and on/offs in this thread? an awful lot of fully clothed girls so far

That mouth needs to be used

does not look much like an asian

heres a little collage

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cuz its bs dude goto bed

Im a welder and make 43k a year. Will i get my asian trophy wife or am i considered poor even for the asian streetmeat? I cant get laid down here in the US. Women here are all fucked up and only bait for 100+k $ annually. Also fuck white chicks they act like they are all superstars and deserve only billionaires.

SE asia bro youll drown in puss

Ah, twilight zone bitch?

Only 1 out of a hundred think that way.

It’s the loud spergs who go all pol on this shit that screws up the threads.

Most of the people in the thread just enjoy hot chicks

ya we just like seeing chinky girls

Anyone have tina pics?

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What a thot

u can tell there is no panties

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That's what I thought. Love the bush

Git more of her?


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Fat ass asian slut wife

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Any Rutgers Asians? Mostly curious if Sophie L has anything out there.

Doesn't matter either way. I obsess about asians one day then something else the next. I just like naked women in general.

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feed her

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is she sucking black cock? based if true.

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You're just ugly.

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Sent more to DeltaIndigoEcho on kik. She's hot as fuck but gonna get off

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