How many more reasons do we need to drop a few bombs on Mexico?

How many more reasons do we need to drop a few bombs on Mexico?

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Whites have no sense of caution, mexico is literally worse than the middle east, mormons have a city state in Juarez they should have stayed there they would have been fine.

Its our way to keep you gringos out of our country, you got your wall and shit and we got cartels.

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liberals want this to happen

mfw the cartel did us a favor

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Gang on gang violence.


Can confirm. Mormons are like jews


Not even close. Sorry to tell you.

nvm found one in my language

really sad story. makes me mad.

>needless villainy
This smells like the nuevo generacion cartel.

A lot more, because we won't win the war on drugs. We could destroy the cartels and eliminate a substantial amount of drug harm... By legalizing. But people are still too ignorant.


every democrat candidate raised their hand for giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants

>Ignorance is the reason we have drug laws. Don't be naive user.we have drugs laws so they can be arrested, given long sentences, and carry the sentences out by doing prison work for dollars a day( slave labor)

The only reason drugs are still illegal is that it is profitable to cage people and make them work for you. Private prisons are profitable. This is why the u s. Has the prisoners density of anywhere

Everyone pls come to this thread, this is important. Pls don't tell the mods

viva mexico

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Well there's one less reason.
Thanks Mexico!

>implying the cartels rely on drugs to sustain themselves
they've been branching forever and drugs are just once source now, they do human trafficking for slavery and sex, assassinations, blackmailing, robberies and shit to get most of their money.

all making drugs legal would do in the best case is push them back slightly but they're probably ready for drugs to be legalised anyway.

Why do you believe this

So we’re sewing their heads back on their bodies and strapping them to a lightning rod?

unchecked immigration = this happening you blithering fucking idiot

Anyone who doesn't support shooting people crossing the border illegally literally doesn't care if this happens on US soil.

>unchecked immigration

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First of all, this shit happened in Mexico.
Second, immigration is not unchecked. It takes fucking years to get residency in the US.
Third, you're straight up retarded if you think anyone wants violent murders happening.

mormons got what they deserve

>Third, you're straight up retarded if you think anyone wants violent murders happening.

I mean, half the people screaming for the wall to be built do.

I thought the new president of mexico was going to solve this shit. What happened?

I can't believe we almost had a Mormon president a few years back and people just forgot about it and then act like the the presidential elections are this huge deal, when really everyone is just getting fucked no matter who is the president

build the wall with turrets on top

This is fake and white people do more hate crimes than any other race

>cartels or any criminal group only dealing with drugs
They do more than that

Who gives a fuck about Mormons?

not that guy but basically what he is saying. is : open borders are super trendy amongst liberals / sjw's - you are basically enabling this to happen even if you don't "want" it.

on a sidenote - walls typically exist to protect something of value.

>make people pay even more in taxes to build a wall for illegal immigrants, even tho most immigrants come to the USA legally

You're deluded, willfully or not, if you genuinely believe this.

If we are gonna define countries by groups that commit horrendous crimes, than we should nuke USA for having neo Nazis, gangsters, incels, etc.

>Mexico is so dangerous Americans can't even enter it
>The immigrants are fine though
>They're lovely
>It's not like an impoverished state would export prisoners it costs them money to keep in conditions that won't get them some kind of massive human rights demerit that would interfere with manufacturing or exports they rely on for continued barely-solvency
>Mexico really does send it's rapists but only because they're expensive to house without them being murdered

In the Ghost in the Shell series that chronologically happens in the movies it's revealed the AE, the American Empire (it just admits it after WW3, which is it's fault, and moves on) carpet bombed Mexico into the center of the earth with UN support because they at the time controlled the UN politically. They actually did it because the amount of GNP outflow to cartels became absurd as Americans despaired constantly during and after both nuclear WW3 and conventional (but by that time, cyborg-based) WW4.

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go back to Czechoslovakia you Philistine; your non-opinions aren't needed here.

yeah, and?

ahaha, you tards and your buzzwords. wallfaggots are done

Yeah the Mormons are worse

>using anime as a defense


Czechoslovakia hasn't existed since like 93 wallfaggot

It's classic fear mongering to trick people to waste money on dumb shit that don't even work.


yeah but build that wall is a pretty good simple enough chant for morons, like 'lock her up'. single syllables, low word count, no tune needed.

This. It’s not a wall it’s a fucking sieve. Kids can climb over it, grandpa can cut through it in less than an hour, and most illegals arrive by fucking plane.

>be mexico
>overrun by cartels
>good majority of the Mexican government is controlled by cartels
>decide to send large populations of mexico into the us
>say it's just the rapists and murderers we are sending
>It's really just the average Mexican


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Anyone wondering why the cartel went out of their way to gun down a bunch of mormans? The cartel is pretty savage, but they are still an organized crime unit. They aren’t just going to gun people down for no reason and garner unwanted attention. If they want attention, they want it from other cartel gangs to display dominance. I’m feeling like this innocent lil momma family isn’t as innocent as we think.

mormons invaded mexico in the 1800s, never should've left utah

Good job cartel, mormon are souless husk anyway

>They aren’t just going to gun people down for no reason and garner unwanted attention.
fucking this.
There is definitely more to this story, no way in hell would the Cartel fuck with a seemingly innocent family.
Either the family is not so innocent, or it wasn't cartel. One or the other.

More like mormoff

ihats true, but they basically run the country, im sure every once in a while they do shit like that for fun. Who's going to stop them?

They self-exiled down there to avoid prosecution in the US for polygamy and welfare fraud. They figure it's worth putting their wives & kids in the line of fire to get all that sweet mormon pussy.

So the father and one of the children survived? Let me guess he used his 3 wives and 7 children to look more innocent when passing drugs at the border

i'm literally saying anti-american artists who consider america to be an imperial power of old wearing a clown mask think we will carpet bomb mexico once so many of our citizens buy it's drugs that it actually creates an internal budgetary problem because money is disappearing from the economy untaxed

that is real as FUCK

you know, I really doubt it, however they love to dump every problem they can manage to on us so...why wouldn't they just let people out knowing they'll try to get away? i'm sure mexican felons are treated as badly as we treat our own if not worse, the real!mexican has everything to suspect and little to gain

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Listen to the southpark episode chinpokomons season 3 episode 11

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Is Mexico paying?

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You’re right. They’re way worse than Jews.

What has to occur in your live that killing little children is not something that botters you?


concern trolling 0/10.

People should also stop buying drugs from disgusting, sweaty spics.

Why you no just invade Mexico with Drones.

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>Who's going to stop them?
Mexico itself, with the help of the US. Mexico simply can't allow the cartels to go crazy on innocent people. There would be riots in the streets, mexico would lose a lot of tourism money, there would be intense pressure on mexican politicians to solve the situation.
Right now, the situation is fine. Most people accept it. The cartels are mainly violent against other cartels, and everyone involved know what they sign up for. It's very easy for Mexican law officers and politicians to accept bribes from the cartels right now, because most people don't have a problem with the cartels.
Also, literally any time something like this happens, the cartels get hurt. Mexico needs to save face by retaliating against the cartels. Sure, one action like this is probably not going to spark an all-out war against the cartel, but it will hurt, and there's just no reason for the cartels to do it.

They were from Arizona.

Found the beaner

it's better to spend hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money on illegal immigrants rather than a few billion on building and maintaining a wall. fucking kill yourself

>building and maintaining a wall
a pathetic vanity project that will never happen and is already useless. get over it.

hm, hardly, anime hasn't inspired any anti-westernism in me, if anything I think the artist in question is amazing because his anti-american sentiments are so realistic

i mean he's depicting a year over a hundred years in the future where america's only problem is it admits imperialism, yet, no problem really, it just keep winning to the point where simply not allowing the villain of 2nd gig to escape to the AE in the end is heroic, to the point where they get fucked with by the CIA still on one episode even in the year 2250+, like, to the point where they're forced to accept an obvious CIA agent along with them for political reasons and he has a shit-eating grin when he says his name is like Sochiro Wantanabe which is like the american equivalent of claiming your name is John Smith who lives at 123 Fake Street

like there's no revolution against america, actually the nuclear war was and AMERICA a fucking otherwise utterly japanocentric anime

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mistaken identity.
Btw, dont drive a convoy of suv's in mexico.

White people people brought you the modern world, lowered mortality rates, and raised the standard of living by leaps and bounds. Fuck off you worthless shitstain

it's almost like all your points are totally irrelevant, just reeeeeeee

mormons are often armed, I wonder if they snuck a gun down and shot at them before getting lit the fuck up in an attempted kidnapping.

Luckily only Mormons, nothing of value was lost that day.

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>Second, immigration is not unchecked. It takes fucking years to get residency in the US.
No it doesnt , Right now in Chula Vista all it takes is to hop over a chain link fence and youre in and once your in CA will not throw you out unless you commit a felony.

An ignorant cocksucker appears!

user speaks truth. Turns out avocados are the next marijuana

Why does no-one say this about Israel's wall?

tard learn what ignorant means, then get less triggered, and then kys you fucking moron

because reeeee anti-semitism. Also comparing the two walls is dumb, they're very different. Israel didn't build it just because some tard promised some inbreds a quick solution to a boogeyman they dreamed up

This shit is about to get spicy

So, the underpants aren't magic?

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not really. your not gonna see this in the MSM because it doesn't fit the narrative.

>US bad
>ornj man bad


>mexico bad
>cartel mans bad

It's a hate crime against Mormons.

>your not gonna see this in the MSM
>daily mail fucking article

you tards really are a special kind of inbred. m-m-muh msm won't say shit, he whinges on an article from a major news source. kys

The truth doesn't matter to the fash. In fact, the more outlandish the claim the better. Its a group building exercise.

those gunmen did the world a favor

They're not a protected class you moron.

de cartels is gud boys! dey wun't jus kill wypipo for da fuq ovit! dey in da church, livin for Jaysis! dindu nuffin!

It's okay, they only killed mormons. No people were harmed

>killing mormons
>implying this is a problem

Actually not true at all but keep telling yourself that, Yvgenny.

I wonder who gonna buy dat sweet dope they be sellin

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lets be honest here. you and your ilk are probably masturbating to the pictures of dead children.

>Whites have no sense of caution
That's because when they're only around other white people, they don't need to be cautious. Mix in a lot of niggers or spics and the violence comes.