I've probably had like 15 guy roommates and 5 female roommates in my life (I move a lot and have rented a lot of rooms)

I've probably had like 15 guy roommates and 5 female roommates in my life (I move a lot and have rented a lot of rooms)

Why are women so fucking disgusting? You would think it would be the guys, but only the women find ways to leave shit on the toilet seat, piss on the toilet seat (some obese cow im dealing with right now manages to piss on the bottom of the front of the toilet seat because her ass is so massive, aside from grease and shit stains on top). These sluts also have this habit of leaving snot on the shower floor blowing snot rockets every morning.

Why are women so fucking disgusting to live with?

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This obese worthless piece of shit I live with is the most disgusting woman I've ever seen or met, shes 300 pounds all in her ass and I can literally tell how she sits on the toilet (at an angle) based on splatter-patterns, no joke. It just left fresh snot rockets in the shower too. I cannot wait until the day this bitch dies from a heart attack, I hope its soon.

yikes. do not want

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It isn't only fat whores, the last bitch that left a hershey kiss on my toilet seat was probably 120 lbs maxed out. It looked like she got up and sat down with her still shitty asshole on the seat while she put on foundation. The bitch was a walking talking disgusting whore that looked pretty good since she put hours of work into her face every day.

I'm a janitor at a busy store and the ladies toilets are always a fucking hellhole
>They ignore the sign that a male cleaner is working and barge in anyway
>Paper fucking everywhere
>Shit and what I presume is menstrual blood all over seats
>Paper dispensers run out like fucking nothing because they grab wads of it at a time
>Hand soap all over sinks
Don't get me started on the fucking panty liner bins

I work at a store too and the cleaning comes down to me sometimes. Last week in the men's room, there was a used bloody ass tampon in the middle of the floor with a trail of blood 5 feet long. I never puke, but this made me sick. MGTOW

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Were those women crackheads? Cause that shit doesn't sound normal.

No, the crackheads always get evicted 2 days in because they snuck in their homeless boyfriends.

Probably, iv lived with a lot of women and never seen anything this bad

Janitor from Tourist Trap, can confirm.

> 300 pounds all in her ass
Jpeg please

just imagine something that can shit on the back of the toilet seat while pissing on the front of the toilet seat (this isnt the little round toilet seat, its the large oval one).

Also for some reason it tends to sit at an angle. I only know this because I can find the shit splattered on the back and the piss drying on the front and draw a line.

it also waddles. This thing looks like an old ogrish version of amberlynn reid basically

But that doesn't justify leaving a mess and shit

>My wife and I try to be environmentally friendly and re-use trash bags in the bathrooms.
>My wife always tosses panty liners into the bins without wrapping them in toilet paper so they always stick to the bags.
>I don't see it as disgusting as much as being fucking rude (like if I came into the trash instead of wrapping it up in tissue).
>If I shake the contents out the liners don't come out, they stay in there for another week. It's above my pay grade to deal with that shit.

Yeah women are fucking gross when they feel like then can be comfortable. Fucking disgusting. Ill never live with one again until I'm older.

I told it once before and it went into severe denial. I'm pretty sure no jury on earth would believe a rape accusation so I have that going for me.

Disgusting. If you guys make a concerted effort to do that type of thing, then tell her to fucking wrap it up. That's nasty as fuck.

It's not comfortable to be a slob, these whores are just gross slobs.

That why women need to be enslaved - to teach them how to use bathroom

My experience in industry is completely the opposite. The mens facilities were shit-holes (literally in some cases) with broken fixtures in a "fuck you" gesture to the company - I never understood how making your own facilities awful got at the company - the staff used different ones. The womens were the opposite - they'd often bring in flowers to make the place look nice and the cleaners used to report they had virtually nothing to do. The mens, however, needed the Hank Scorpio treatment

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True I suppose, I doubt every woman is like this. Its just all the ones I’ve lived with do at least one thing that’s disgusting, so its hard for me to think otherwise.

>Why are women so fucking disgusting to live with?
Because you are homosex


Sperm and sex are cheap, eggs and pregnancy are expensive. Evolution under these conditions results in women being far more judgemental in thier partners than men. As women are basically always attractive, outside of extreme fuckups, there is no need for them to hold themselves to standards. Men who don't hold themselves to standards don't fuck, while women who don't hold themselves to standards still do. Even when it's not about sex here and now, the evolutionary origins of sexual differences in behaviour will have been.

It isn't faggotry to not have a shit/piss/snot from a nasty 300lb whore fetish like you do

>extreme fuckups

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>implying i have that fetish
>implying every woman is a nasty 300lb

STFU faggot, see /thread

you're a raging faggot with some weird kinks. seek help.

kys retard

idk how you can be this big of a faggot while simultaneously fetishizing a disgusting land whales piss, shit and boogers.

Then get a male roomate if thats what you like

Fucking homosexuals, FFS

>impling that you dont want to have woman's shit in bathroom makes you gay

this is most likely some disgusting bitch that shits all over the toilet

I feel you op. Theres currently 3 giant clothespiles in my house in 3 different rooms. When they have time to do laundry they sit on their phones or watch movies instead. Dont get me started on the kitchen and bathrooms


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Yep. Used to janitor at Wal-Mart. Same shit. Paper everywhere, used tampons, god-awful funk that put the men's to shame.

Elizabeth Warren will never be president, racist. No matter how badly you want it.

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i feel u OP...
I bet she doesnt have a dick?

ive found girls that have dicks are more normal, and are better roomies than the ones who dont....
Plus you feel u have more in common, and they let you suck n fuck their dicks, which is not possible with other women

I’ve worked in bars for most of my life, can confirm women’s bathrooms at the end of the night are a fucking train wreck. Not to say that the men’s room was always perfect but 99/100 times the women’s room was so much worse

lol no. I had a couple faggots here and he would invite his boyfriend over and left him here during the day, then him and his boyfriend would leave a mess everywhere and one time they stole my butter. They used a slice of the butter (a brand new stick) and left the rest in the sink.

Also the last thing I need is pic related. It would be as annoying as having to dodge shit, piss and boogers in the bathroom.

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hahahah what a faggot

I see you're pushing this crap in multiple threads now - the very epitome of desperation

If those faggots would have lasted longer than 3 days im sure I would have been hearing about the fag agenda 24/7


alex jones is a faggot that watches trans porn and rants about conspiracy theories all day, he might as well go work for CNN.

its literally paid propaganda. it's all over Sup Forums and has been for like 1-2 months.

they're pretending to be what they think "we" are.

At least one of em was OPs mum.

If my mom was a piece of shit like 70% of the women I've known I probably would be gay.

How can this happen frequently? I don't get it... if there is shit on the toilet seat and you notice it, you go to your roommate and ask her why the fuck is there shit on the toilet seat? Ask her to clean the toilet. Tell her you have never seen such a disgusting behavior. Why would it happen again? Same thing with the snot. You say it once and it wont happen again or am i wrong?

OP needs a flat without roommates.

I also experienced that the flats of girls were often a mess. They lack discipline. The flats of male people I visited were often very tidy, sometimes they were not perfectly in order, but never disgusting. Strange.

I found girls gross too when I was in first grade. That passes when you get older, don't worry.

I can't believe anyone takes notice of a stream of racist consciousness topped off with a Ray Pist failed meme picture. Someone is wasting their money

Once I cleaned the flat of my ex. Took hours. But then everything was in order an clean. She needes only three days to fuck it up. completely, again. I am still amazed how this is even possible.

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Few years ago I rented a room in London and there was this 2 dirty chicks always leaving bathroom in a total mess, so one day I peed all over toilet the toilet seat and one of them sat on it she had my piss all over her ass and oh boy she was so pissed going from room to room ranting, stupid bitch and all I did is laugh so hard.

That's what I thought, but it went into full denial. I even told her "I can tell you sit at this angle when you sit on the toilet, how do you think I know that?"

Then she went into this shit about "Ill clean it once every 2 weeks, which is normal"

This bitch waddles, it's literally going to do everything possible to be in denial until the end of time.

It's been warned multiple times, im going to evict it today and wait for it's lawyer to start threatening me with the discrimination lawsuit.

Guys I hate niggers... I really hate niggers.

The phrase "a place for every thing, and every thing in its place" hasn't found its place in their heads yet. Probably because it got used once and then they forgot to put it back.

Lived with 2 other guys and one girl. Somehow that fucking chick managed to have a big nugget of shit fall out of the toilet. Right there beside the toilet.... shit nugget. How the fuck does that even happen?

Good for you. Now toddle off, it must be time to go beddy-byes

and....... im sure the worthless fuck toy left the shit there and denied the entire thing.

>be me long ago
>room8 is a qt
>always sneek in to fap while sniffin her undies
>bathroom is always clean and smells like flowers

tldr; OP is fagget as always

>implying there are no disgusting 300 lbs dudes out there

If there is some shit stuck to your ass hairs, you stand up too fast and your asshair is long enought to act like a shit nugget pendulum the shit projectile in question can get accelerated in any direction.

Comfort leads to slobbiness.
As a general rule, anything that feels good screws you or someone else.

I bed she denied the whole thing

I mean it I really hate niggers. Guy I really hate niggers :( I can't help it. Killing niggers is so much fun. Ripping their ugly nigger heads off and shitting in their throat holes is my favorite hobby. Man fuck niggers :/

"Shit nugget pendulum"
Disgusting but still cracked me up, good one user

go be a democrat somewhere else

Go cope harder faggot. Alex Jones wants cock sleeve back. Jewboi

Niggers are worthless

You've obviously been brainwashed by jews.

>clinging to 1860's political alignments

wtf idiot you are dealing with this by talking about it with annon as if annon is doctor phil.

the key to this situation is that women are generally disgusting pigs who will smear their shit on walls, make small mountains of bloody tampons and block every drain in the place with a mix of snot/hair/grease

UNTIL (and this is the key)

there are real world social consequences for being disgusting because someone of importance to them eg their employer, the hot guy, their friends. Basically anyone they are trying to impress will find that they never make a mess and the cleaners have no work to do.

So when they live with a fat retarded nerd or the toilet is public and no people who matter will find out they are on average a shit monster.

When people of importance to them will find out they are angelic the toilets get flowers deliver to them etc

So annon if this actually isnt some dogshit tier bait you have a couple of choices you can make

A. I want my place nice im sick of their disgusting shit. This is easy enough you need to get social and be like fb friends with some of their important people and just casually tag them in posts about your disgusting house mate (no names needed in fact its better this way as collective disgusting is worse than individual disgusting and you can literally make it look like they are all the one who makes this massive shitstorm)

B. I want to ruin this filthy cunts life. this is more difficult to pull off
but you can start by pretending to send an email to someone by accident, like make a big explicit email to send to your housemate complaining about their disgusting mess with photos and everything then just send it to their boss, mum, dad whoever you can bloody well think of that might give them a hard time about it (they also have to be important to the woman or she simply won't give a fuck)
like create a group or board dedicated to propagating the truth about disgusting cunt x and dedicate your life to its upkeep

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>it hasnt changed
>one senator switching sides isn't the entire party switching sides
>still racist in 2019

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what is we kemosabe?

Sup Forums. according to the news we're all russian nazi's that memed trump into power. they have come up with some weird shit, its really bizarre when you follow this shit for over a decade.

i lost to this, fuck mate i reckon "shit nugget pendulum" deserves a nobel prize

edgelord bot, how interesting

well i do have a large amount of respect and admiration for lord valdimir putin the master of the night and king of the vampires

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I've shared with more people than I can count, literally, I kept a notepad with all their details until it ran out of pages. If I had to guess, I'd say about 150. If you're wondering about what kind of notebook has that few pages, I used up half a page for everyone I interviewed with a few notes about their number and how they ranked vs other interviews for the same room at the same time. This was over nearly 20 years.

The worst/messiest housemates I had, were all women but on average, women were neater and cleaner housemates.
For the kids who sat at the back in stats class; the average cleanliness of my female housemates was higher but the standard deviation was also (much) higher. The extremes were more extreme in female housemates. The messiest housemates and the cleanest housemates were all women.

Males tended to be mildly messy or fairly neat, no real extremes. The more technical guys, mechanics and stuff, tended to be reasonably neat. Comes from putting your tools away I guess. No guys I shared with were super clean but they were often not bad.

The worst two slobs I shared with were both women, one was actually a biologist who quit biology to do law school, she was a bit of an idiot and I don't know how she managed to pass a science degree because she was super religious and thought viral replication was proof there was a god. She was filthy, which was a shame because she was also gorgeous, the hottest woman I've ever had living in my house. Not that I hit on housemates anyway of course. Anyway, filthy, hot, good at studying but actually a bit stupid.

The other was this unemployed 'artist' who couldn't hold down a job more than two weeks before being fired or quitting. She was always a month behind on bills and getting her out of the house was a huge drama and we never got all the money she owed. She left paint all over the carpet in her room and I'm pretty sure didn't clean it once in the four months before we got her out.

the entire russian thing was debunked a long time ago and i remember the day it came out of Hillary's campaign. Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow wouldn't let go of it so they strung everyone along until they could flip it into some Ukranian shit.

There's the Ignobel Prize, it's meant for real science on "stupid" topics that would never win a real Nobel.

>posts apocryphal, first-hand experience
>You've obviously been brainwashed by jews.

Interesting prejudiced 'bot. Must be crafted for Sup Forums

ok boomer

Live in chef with 3 waitresess can confirm
> Shower clogged with hair
> make up everywhere
> clothes everywhere
> tampons in the toilet for fuck sake

used to be a janitor for hobby lobby. have had to scoop literal handfuls of shit out of a toilet cuz women dont know what a courtesy flush is. also everthing you said is nothing but facts bro

i've only had male roommates, but the unmotivated losers were ALWAYS filthy. ALWAYS.

all of them, if they had girlfriends, mistreated them as well. they were also all unintelligent. the whole consellation. i've learned to stay away from lazy, unmotivated people and now you couldn't pay me to live in a ghetto for a million fuckin' dollars.

as for men vs. women, i've accidentally entered the women's bathroom a few times in my day, and the only difference was no urinals. everything else was equivalently clean/dirty, although i have heard bathroom graffiti is very different for men and women.