7th reply shall be dubs

7th reply shall be dubs

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Everyone pls come to this thread, this is important. Pls don't tell the mods

7th reply will be singles and 5

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Maybe yes, maybe not

I reject your prophecy

I don't think so

You don't say...

Holy shit

No fucking way

Alright, everyone out.

Whole lot of samefag in this thread

nice script

This will be trips trust

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It's the end of the world.

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>here, lemme start counting replies including the OP

Dubs, close enough

I swear on everything that i love,i have no script.
It was purely the grace of Kek.

Dubs, but no OP doesn't count, it's only replies

>this is now a dubs thread

Like this ??

No, like this.

The prophecy is fulfilled

praise kek!

You mean this?

He has risen

next post shall be dubs

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We now need the devils 666's to seal the fate and bring forth the Canadian Devil

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Anal sex

No u

But the prophecy is Christ destroying Satan so that won't be necessary