Daily reminder that if you don't look EXACTLY like this guy and are ATLEAST 6'5ft all OR make 7-figures USD...

Daily reminder that if you don't look EXACTLY like this guy and are ATLEAST 6'5ft all OR make 7-figures USD, you will NEVER get laid without an escort. Prove me wrong, you stupid fucking faggots.

>protip; you LITERALLY can't

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I know this is bait, but I'm just over 6 feet tall, I make minimum wage part time, and I fuck my gf all the time. I even have gynecomastia and a fucked up spine. She still loves me anyway, because I make her laugh, dick her down properly, and I don't have aspergers like OP

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Orrrr you could try having better personality

Nice LARP faggots now gtfo my board

Orrrr you could try being less of a cuck

Lol okay virgin

post body and face op

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You make bad threads and you should feel bad about it.

nowhere close to as attractive as that guy and got laid last week

I’m 5’9” and was poor in college. Got laid a lot actually. Just don’t be fat, that’s about all it takes. Even then some women love “bears”

Ok incel

posted as an underageb& when cuckchan started, weeb, watch h, degenerate, game 3+hours daily, anime conventions and renaissance festival fag
>plays minecraft
7" dick
Gf for 10+ years
Hoes to suppliment sex drive
Regularly mindfuck girls into falling in love with me
>seriously this life shit isnt even hard

Oh and now im a

Nice LARP faggots now gtfo my board

You make bad posts and you should feel bad about it

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I just have sex with ugly girls. It’s a win win. I’m 5’4.

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Lucky for me I look like that guy.

Ok giga incel

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Nice LARP faggot now gtfo my board

Prepare to get doxxed faggot

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Wrong! There are plenty of women out there that look like that and you can fuck for free. Just cant be a fat slob and you have to have a personality. You just have to know how to talk!

>you have to have a personality. You just have to know how to talk!

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Basement troglodytes hated him, for he spoke a truth that was beyond their abilities.

There is no personality for your face if you are ugly

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>live in a city with loads of druggies and cons on parole
>find an older chubby chick
>she sees my minimum wage apartment as a step up
>now she's making government money while I do college classes online
It's not hard if you lower your standards down from OMG SUPERMODEL to average.

Op means good looking women

im this faggot, and im not larping.
imagine being such a loser you had to go to Sup Forums to find the only people more lame than yourself
imagine telling an originalfag to get off 'your' board
i was posting shota dick pics before you even considered joining this shit infested waste of an imageboard.
go choke on a dragon dildo and kill yourself

Everyone in this thread is a virgin except maybe two people

Nice LARP faggot now gtfo my board

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Looks like Ken could use a bigger, more curvy Barbie.

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you joke now, but this is the future

I got laid when I was 13 faggot, I barely even remember it at this point

Nice LARP faggot now gtfo my board

Weak troll is weak
t. Neet that just had sex with his sexy azn gf

I look like a retarded potato compared to this bro and I still get laid regularly

This is what's up..
People talking smack like they've been here forever, making a fool of themselves.
Thanks you for your service here oldfag!
Post them shota dicks with pride and have a great day.

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I'm a 5'2ft balding Indian janitor with a micropenis and I fuck Russian supermodels 24/7 stay mad

This is such weak copybait

Or just rape

Nice LARP faggots now gtfo my board

Lol cope

Are you okay OP you seem upset

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I'm 5'6", make less than $50,000 a year, and have been married to a faithful, loving, 10/10 wife for a while now. Maybe try becoming a real respectable and responsible man who a true lady would fall head over heels for, real ladies aren't obsessed with looks and money like sluts are.

>This is OP.
>He tries to bait people.
>He's really angry.
>He wants to get laid.
>He can't
>He tries to bait
>Doesn't work

Well, I've had sex once or twice before getting a gf. Now I've been with her for 7 years. We still have sex regularly. I'm 5.8 tall.
What am I doing right that you're not? Might have something to do with you being fucking degenerate sexist, racist incels that cant blame yourself and your shitty personality.

The ugly fat women with 5 retarded ass kids running around the trailer park kinda proves you wrong

Nice LARP faggots now gtfo my board

These faggots are everywhere man, Sup Forums is just not the same anymore

>my board

Go outside for a while, faggot.

after monitoring this thread, i now appreciate op's dedication to shitty trolling, definitely worth of calling this 'his' board. i went from cringing at his autism, to laughing at and cheering on his assblasted attempt.
dont ever stop sucking dicks op
youre an hero Sup Forums deserves

ok boomer

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i live on the street

Im 6'4 and have gotten laid just lower your standards bud

Nice LARP faggots now gtfo my board

Week larping troll.
try again

You say sluts as if it were an undesirable characteristic