Some of you can't get laid because you're fat and awful looking. Girl's hate me for different reasons...

some of you can't get laid because you're fat and awful looking. Girl's hate me for different reasons. I look pretty good but I'm just a nihilist. I hate just about everything. how did I get so prickly and awful Sup Forums? surely I wasn't born this way?!

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All women are prostitutes, it's the price you need to negotiate with. Remember this.

You should try going out into the woods, dig a grave, dress up as a girl, lay in the grave, pretend to hang yourself. Helped me

nobody is user. we get this way because the world doesn't make sense

if I could include an open minded prostitute with his suggestion we got a night of real lulz Sup Forumsois

Makes total sense to me.

I got it from my parents. They're so fucking negative all the time and I think it rubbed off on me. How to combat this?

you're lying or just a moron

Hate everything or just can't get enjoyment in life anymore?

There's always something one enjoys doing. Find it.

Nope. The world makes sense to me.

honestly is heroin any good? I've heard some stories

fucking how?

OP, it's easy to get laid. Anyone can get a woman and fuck the night away. Women are easy, just know their game. There's a deeper issue you need to work on here.

Never was good. You heard wrong.

yah ur full of it user explanation needed

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not OP but all of my hobbies suck, i get bored of them very quickly so my default mode is browsing Sup Forums


You need long term goals then. Work on that. Have a plan for the future.. Ahh fuck, i'm on Sup Forums , why do I take this all seriously anyway. No-one here is sane. lol

Everyone pls come to this thread, this is important. Pls don't tell the mods

the answer to your troubles may be there op

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It’s all thought based. You need to get into the habit of dismissing negative thoughts from your mind, in other words, rumination. Also, never put yourself down either in your head or out loud. It’s simple but powerful. It’s the basis for many psychological treatments. Also, part of most philosophies.

tried a healthy habit b4?

>i'm on Sup Forums ,No-one here is sane.
This guy gets it.

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yah this. I don't expect much past absolute autism psychopathy. as for that other thread go fuck urself sideways faggot

no i haven't, every habit i've ever had has been unhealthy

There are some smart anons on Sup Forums though. I've lurked for a long time, there are smart cookies out there. That doesn't mean they have good advice for a happy, successful life, but they're clever nonetheless

>clever nihlists

that's honestly the only reason I still come here

Strangely enough, me too.

nihilism is the truth and i fucking hate that so many people refuse to own up to the truth

I'm kinda fat myself- 290 lbs., not particularly good looking. But I've ever had a problem getting into relationships. Fiancee tells me it's because I'm tall - 6'6" - and my personality makes me like a giant teddy bear. Weird part is it's typically short tiny girls - like barely over 5 feet and weigh barely over 110 lbs - that flirt with me. My fiancee looks like a dwarf compared to me. She watches wrestling religiously & likes to rough house. I'm half afraid I'm going to break her in half the time when we play fight..

My biggest problem over the years ha been getting out of relationships because my ex's turn into fucking psycho stalkers when I try to end things. From having my truck tires slashed, to the crazy bitch texting & calling non-stop, continually getting my new number from mutual friends when I change phones - sometimes the pussy isn't worth the psychopath it's attached to. Never had false allegations made against me by an ex, thankfully. But after 2 nut job ex's that couldn't handle rejection, became a lil bit better at screening out the crazies.

why is it so obvious yet nobody cn accept it?

> slashed tires

been there


i just write people who don't get it off as stupid and ignorant

that's no fun. you shouldn't tell them....

Fall in love with a girl for the love, not her looks. Stop being a miserable, black pilled Nihilistic douche bag.

Nihilism is a cancer of the soul. Can be cured, but takes effort.

Baaaw why don't I feel anything when I constantly try to feel nothing other than anger. Baaaawww somebody tell me this is hard to figure out.

Fucking great song! Fuck I miss music like this. So sick of the Negro rubbish.

Every loser i know including me, hates everyone and especially women. It's easier to be mad at everything and everyone then making any kind of effort and risk getting hurt.

what would u recommend?

It's great, clean, positive white people music. Back when white people were allowed to be happy and positive.

those were the dayzzz

>I look pretty good but I'm just a nihilist
So you are 16.
You can be here kid, go to a blue board.

Shit man, that's tough when you're put on the spot.

Everyone need purpose. A reason to keep getting up and do things. This current World sucks everything out of us all.

Shut out most of the modern world for starters. Find something you love, fine meaning, purpose. A goal. Work toward it and as you make progress your zest for life and meaning increases.

Sounds corny. I'm drunk at the moment listening to fucking awesome 80's rock. lol.

so much this

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This. I border on 300 lbs myself, around 6 foot 7. My wife's 5 foot 2, weighs 104 lbs. or so. Way it's been explained to me by is that she feels protected and safe around me. That I'd never let anything happen to her. I mean yeah, I'd never let shit happen to her. I dunno why, but every girl I ever dated was really tiny compared to me now that I think about it.

Absolutely. The reason I listen only to 80's to mid 90's music.With some older and classical. The rest is garbage.

yah, listening to trappin in japan, rippin my bong. things could be worse

Just to add. I see so many people out there online in need of some help, some reason for living or meaning. So sad really.

It's actually pretty common to see shorter chicks pursue tall dudes, tbh. Think it's probably something to do with biology. Bigger guys are seen as good providers, physically able to defend the family and good strong genes for breeding. Most the big dudes I know have pretty short wives in comparison. At first it seems like an odd pair, but then it makes sense from a biological standpoint.

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Check this shit out, nigger.

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Yeah, it's called hypergamy. Primarily biological in nature. You can be dogface ugly, but if you're tall, not overly obese, decent personal hygiene - you'll never have a problem hooking up with decent looking women.

So anyway, as for the girls. Stuff 'em. Find purpose and meaning in your own life, make something of yourself and the girls will come to you. Then you can choose the best of them .

I'll watch, but predicting it will make little difference

You have to make the change. All you can get from here, books or videos is advice. You need to actually make that change. No-one else can do it for you.

How can you predict anything?

why the fuck are you retards talking about females as if they're a worthy goal? just forget about them entirely, don't even take them into consideration, and not in a bullshit "hehe if i disregard women they'll come flocking to me" sort of way, don't be so fucking pussy whipped

I'm a nihilist and it's made me more compassionate towards others. Life sucks and it's made worse by being meaningless. It's like that for everyone. Life sucks for everyone. There's no point or benefit in being a dick because existence by itself is enough.

Find this book OP. It's old now but changed my life. The principals in it are a real secret to life. Truth. !

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>existence by itself is enough

well no apparently it isn't enough because plenty of people still act like everything is fucking fine and dandy, when it's anything but. people need to be forced to suffer, immensely, so that they will have no choice but to admit how bad life can be.

granted, its hard, but some things are just obvious

LOL I've read this. how did it change ur life user? seemed like obvious concepts to me

you're fucking retarded, how can a book change your life? "muh secret information" shut the fuck up faggot

Why are so many people so lost? No purpose, no meaning, no reason.

Do as you will. I've turned my life around. From suicidal to a millionaire and happy in life with a great family and retired early..

I don't have anything to prove, if people want some advice, I'll give it. don't have to accept it.

then you're not a nihilist.

because life is meaningless horse shit

don't accuse me of having empathy, nigger, I just notice things. theres a difference

I'm sure some people want you all tho think that.

Best man ever

Pretty much the same as my brother. He's around 300 lbs an well over 6 foot. His wife is a short Hispanic prob only weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. He's an easy goin gentle giant-type and dated a lot of cute women over the years. Guess the biology deal explains why.

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you don't know what a nihilist is if you think it means not having empathy.

having empathy makes true nihilism impossible

Listen to Joel Osteen. He's a prick but the ideas are fundamentally sound. Minus most of the God stuff it's really not terrible advice that he gives.

true nihilism is always impossible
nihilism is non-existence
every second is proof of nihilism's futility

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>joel olsteen

lol there's still christfags on Sup Forums hanging with prostitutes and tax collectors like the saviour

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If belief in God make one happy and gives you purpose and meaning and shields you from the modern crap. isn't that a good thing?

only until it makes you insane

>isn't that a good thing?

no because it's a delusion

Why would it make you insane?

Life is a delusion. Why not be happy?

A belief in God can not make one happy. It will always be an inhibition on full attainment of happiness, because it is a lie.

>god please help?
>never shows up
>belief system challenged
>he was never there

We could go down this rabbit hole for awhile user...

No, it you know it to be true, than you will be happy and fulfilled. No-one can tell you it's a lie or a delusion.

That's not how it works.

This "woe is me" and "the world is the worst" is just narcissism in disguise.

Use some of this.

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fucking cuck ass bitch. life isn't a delusion, it's perfectly real, it's just that many people are delusional about what life really is. life isn't a good thing, but that doesn't mean it's a delusion.

you just can't handle the truth nigger. I drink scotch, go use that bleach to scrub your mind

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Nope. You're wrong. Life is beautiful, it has meaning and there is a God.

I'm happy and fulfilled. You're miserable, angry and self destructive.

You make the choice.

No one can convince you. You have to be honest enough to see it for yourself. God is the answer to an invalid question. There is no "origin" of existence, as "origin" is a concept that denotes events, which denotes existence. You cannot have an "origin" without "something." So "God" is what you tell yourself when you get to a question about reality that you cannot answer, which fills you with fear. You use God as a branch to hold onto to not be swept away by madness. But an honest man will know what he's doing. The only TRUE answer is "I don't know." At least then you can start the journey to figuring out that the question itself is retarded. Theists never make it to that point. They just keep living off an asinine premise, and never attain happiness as a result.

what a delusional cunt

>the great whatisit?
>are they the same

many different arguments here. I think putting personage on it honestly ruins the whole thing

>They just keep living off an asinine premise, and never attain happiness as a result.

lol fucking losers

I know there is a God. That's all there is to it.

If you prefer to be miserable and angry, then that's fine too. Why not end your life now?

I'm enjoying my life with God in it and it's getting better all the time.

Life can be beautiful, it does have meaning.

There is no God, and he is not truly happy or fulfilled. He only experiences a hollow image of it.

He made the choice to stop thinking. You don't have to. Actually, you both make very similar mistakes. He just made one earlier than you did.

In your opinion, but i'm the one who is happy. Has meaning in life and a purpose.

You on the other hand?

nah dude you're delusional, god's existence is irrelevant and isn't a valid source of fulfillment

your happiness is pointless tho, you don't have a purpose, nobody does