Nyannyancosplay suddenly materializes inside of the room you're in at the moment, what do you do?

nyannyancosplay suddenly materializes inside of the room you're in at the moment, what do you do?

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Tell him to bend over and spread those cheeks.

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make a sweet sweet love

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Everyone pls come to this thread, this is important. Pls don't tell the mods

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Drink my loose, watery stool.

lick feet

i would slap her in the face as great allah commands me to

ask if i can wear her outfit

>what do you do?
rip off that stupid wig
that wig makes her look like a trap
why would anyone do that?

>"the creator of a board can't ban you, nor even delete your posts"
>look for cp everywhere

this board is so fake
a board with no bans should contain cp

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I'm in my bedroom and I fuck the shit out of her for an entire day straight nothing but fucking and cumming. Bed soaked in cum, eventually shit everywhere

So, srs question, actual ignorant out of the loop question hoping for no troll answers...
Is the person in OP's pic actually a trap, or a biologically female human?

That’s a question for the ages, friend

Girl. There's a pretty informative and actually funny interview with her on youtube.

Reread rules again illiterate retard. They only delete CP and nothing else

It's a girl. She spoke about it eventually, she's just very athletic. Shame really, the trap lovers ruined it.

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>what do you do?

1. Check for penis.
2. Fuck like crazy, regardless of whether penis or not.

rape the shit out off her

Prove he is a she. Prove there is no dick!