Skinny girl butts thread

Skinny girl butts thread

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do you want the goods news or the bad news

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Good news


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u gay

Girl i used to know...

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Directions unclear
Skinny girls with skinny butts?
Skinny girls with big butts?
Skinny girls with no butts?

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And here’s her tits for fun

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Fuck how much more do you have of her?

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More omg

Skinny > thicc
Something I can agree on

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No worries, son. You’re on the right path. Keep going

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Oh my god

Fapping hard


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Finally a good girl thread

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thats a boy

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Needs more brapp

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The wife

Congratulations it’s a boy!

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Why do people say this?

But honestly I’d take a trap over a chick any day. 2/3 holes a girl has, none of the attitude and little to no self esteem which makes them down for anything :p

Plus bro it’s pretty hot when you have a passable chick and their dick pops out of their panties :)/)

Forgot pic..

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Fuckin loser

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because it's a trap who posted his butt and cock on b?

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It’s not a boy

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Lmao no

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More of her

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Hell yeah fuck this stupid thicc meme
Sticc is the best especially when they have a flat chest or small tits

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Time for the goods user

ive seen the set. can confirm he has a penis

Fuck off nigger not everything has to be a trap

whatever. have fun fapping to penis
retard alert


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Thats gay then

Not really sure how the whole fat girl thing being okay came to be. Back in the 90s even fat chicks were ridiculed as they should be, rather than enabled and praised. Nobody wants some smelly nigger monkey ass and thighs that get no air flow. If you cant see day light between a girls thighs when her legs are together she needs to hit the gym and put down the taco bell. A generation of docile, pathetic, desperate soyboy cucks have allowed these hambeasts to think they are hot and desirable, because these dudes cant get real pussy so they put fat chicks on a (very sturdy) pedestal. pathetic. Glad to finally see Sup Forumstards praising the healthy skinny chicks who arent anorexic or underage.

OP youre as much of not a faggot as OP can be. Retards on here are literally so pathetic theyll see a healthy thin chick and assume its a trap simply because its not a gargantuan whale. It's truly laughable.


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why did james goldston kill the epstein story?

not everything, but this one is

>OP youre as much of not a faggot as OP can be
He literally posted a picture of a man

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Holy shit it actually is a dude

Would still fuck


You're 100% right but OP pic seems a trap so that's a bit absurd.

Since I started lifting I notice how many girls are too big because they move to little in our rotten sedentary culture. So just cutting to eat is not enough. Eat healthy and move a lot.

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Honestly that’s so hot tho