Trump is bad president

Trump is bad president

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but he ain't the one that wants to fuck that little girl

ANTIFA is an anarcho-fascist terrorist organization

communists aren't people

We all have our opinion, good for you for sharing yours.

ahaha. trump is a pedo.
reeee antifa get out faggot

and what does this fact have to do with trump being a lousy presi?


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i'd ask you why you as a foreigner living in europe care?

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d-d-deflect reeee. answer the question tard.

no bjorn

>you have a pie face
and then he send her to die in the desert

more of this shit lol

just look up antifa in bing. you can't use google because google censors anything that makes their little fascist brigades look bad.

the majority of the images are these unwashed hippies that look like you can contract HIV by just talking to them.

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m-m-muh google censors images reeee antifa are fascist. faggot are you a parody or just inbred af?

go bjorn somewhere else

sorry tard, Sup Forums is not your safe space, fuck off back to Sup Forums if you're gonna cry

hey fuck you I like to make fun of antifa too, do you want those cucks to rush and kill you soon?

lol maybe if you come at it from a different angle you won't seem so triggered

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one side is murdering, it isn't antifa. oh no. it's some alt-reich pussies with cars

not enough antifas are getting removed if you ask me.

Yeah i'd be pretty fine if more of them simply disappeared. Fairly positive the world would be fine with less bitchy whining adults that refuse to grow up around.

no one did, do you always deflect with non sequitur when triggered?
ahaha samefag much?
>Fairly positive the world would be
read: in my tard fantasies

There a reason youre defending a bunch of fascist terrorists so hard?

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What are they doing? Guarding a McDonald's?

he's a bored foreigner. probably norwegian or swedish.

it was a riot

they demanded free insulin for life from CVS and threatened to die in front of their door step.

this is literally what 99% of antifa "females" look like

ahaha you faggots are funny. just sitting here all triggered coping in your little support group, guess if you lack the brain to make a point it's all you've really got. pathetic ;^)

baseless conjecture because triggered and dumb says what?

still not explaining your obsession with them. I guess if youre a wehraboo who loved brown shirts or the useless idiots from other totalitarian regimes but i can't see any other reasons.

certainly you know they aren't good people nobody is ridiculous enough to think antifa is good people

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Eat it, bitch.

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my obsession? kek get over yourself tard, it was you faggots who started reeeing about antifa.
>certainly you know they aren't good people nobody is ridiculous enough to think antifa is good people
you're the ridiculous one you fucking tard. antifa > alt-reich bitches all day every day. come back when antifa has a body count and then maybe you're m-m-muh both sides whinge will have a slight bit of validity

such an angry response to an honest question. I guess you just can't be talked to

>j-j-just asking questions reeeee
oh cute, you're trying this now since you're too inbred to engage with at all. faggot kys you're done. ;^)

more anger and rage. how sad

get new dialogue NPC I've read this shit hundreds of times. ;^) get btfo tard

you can't do more than respond angrily but you're calling others NPC's

>alt-reich bitch on the internet 101: claim people are angry to mask your tears, go get new orders.

so why defend antifa then?

By literally every metric of fascism antifa are In fact fascists.

normal people realize this but for some reason the NPC's can't grasp it.

I guess because they call themselves the good guys while burning down peoples property.

>comes into not antifa thread
>sperges about antifa
>gets called out for being a desperate fucking loser always bringing up antifa in unrelated threads when triggered
>b-b-but why defend antifa wahhhh
oh your life

hugs and coping, you're cute together. more baseless tard reees. btfo? btfo.

this doesn't have anything to do with antifa themselves. Why defend the group ANTIFA?

If you can't see that both the alt right and antifa are completely unacceptable ideologies and methodologies you're not better than the alt right. You're just alt light.


the amount of sperg anger in your posts is near palpable

I'm not here to cope or hug anyone. I'm here to make you look stupid.

why come into unrelated threads and sperge then get all pissy when your 'questions' are ignored as just some triggered loser deflecting? get new dialogue tard you lot are boring, we've read your reees faggot

>I'm here to make you look stupid.
he doesn't need your help with that

>antifa not mentioned before tard reees
>wah thread against my hero reee
try harder

so why defend antifa then?

cute ;) tards you wish. go deflect and reee in other threads, you're on the clock you know

Elders should react to my birth video

guy complains about npcs while mindlessly repeating himself. The irony is lost on him, further proving his empty headed prattling.

you can't seem to communicate in an even keeled manner. If you just have no reason to defend antifa but do so anyway without thinking then i posit youre the true NPC in all of this.

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...well yeah. we haven't had a good one in like 35 years

hey hey

i knew someone would eventually post the trump long tie stuff. I keep forgetting to save it but its pretty easy to get kids to post it for me.

m-m-muh antifa. change the record faggot it's not working ;^)
npc tried reeee antifa for the 100x time: it wasn't very effective. you think they would've gave you more options.

You realize Trump and his band of inbred, uneducated supporters are so terrible their existence literally led to the creation of ANTIFA, right? That the "tolerant left" had no choice but to form their own extremist group before the right wing retards literally murdered everyone because "muh country, muh guns, muh racial purity, muh small virgin penis, muh mental illness"

still no explanation

just more angry ranting

post the rest monkey

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I'm not on anybody's clock. Why are you so spoken to by the antifa side while ago repulsed by the opposite? Do you actually believe there's a moral high ground to be had? Both use violence when it suits them, which is unacceptable in any situation other than self defence.

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yeah yeah you got me "reee". now post the rest

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>Trump is bad president

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>Why are you so spoken to by the antifa side >while ago repulsed by the opposite
wut? tard tag someone half competent in. gimme a call when antifa has a body count, but not in an unrelated thread because you're triggered.

So it's ok when the left does it is what I'm getting from that.

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>gimme a call when antifa has a body count

ahaha faggot get out. If you're grasping this hard you've got nothing to offer at all. kys we don't deserve you

nigga if you're gonna complain about my typos while misspelling the word what you lose face to your own insult

Hahaha wtf is wrong with that guys face!?! What's the story? Anyone got a link plox!?

being this blind to the truth.


he's an old child molester meme from Sup Forums of yore. google Brian Peppers

deliberate use of internet slang is the same as not knowing their, there and they're. okay faggot

So tell me how is he worse than that nig obama?

>the truth.
citation needed. keep grasping, total desperation.

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I know user... I was trying to be a fag and bait post to derail this gay thread. But you're to cool user.... you were just, to damn cool.

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you tards deflected to reee about antifa and you can't even stick to that. Sup Forumscels out in force

this shti is literally fucking scifi fucking sperg bitch post real information

Absolutely obsessed with ANTIFA


lol this has nothing to do what he posted.
The left definitely cant compete

This guy actually believes communism can work and then tells someone ELSE to kill themself

modern communists are so lazy that they want the revolution to just start and finish itself

Ahaha tard can't read then argues against own dumb tard fantasy.
Glad you're here to pat the moron on the back though, nice to see you stick together

silly little communist with hurt feels