Former thread:

Former thread:

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Yeah, she's hot. Thanks bro.


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Lucky man. How old is she?


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Lmao what's the story today? No new pics for sure and i bet she is your wife but you post her here all day long.

That picture was literally taken last night kek

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Any clearer pics of her tits?

Love her tits.


comments welcome

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where from ?

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for some reason the marks make her extra sexy

She's nice. Would fuck her all night long. And i'm sure you do.

Any close ups of her pussy?

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Did you actually tie her?

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Would love to spitroast her.

really like to see her online in other websites. post link if u do, i'll show her.

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So no not-in-shower pics?

Anything hardcore? I would love to see how she handles dick.

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Lovely snatch.

post her online

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she knows you post her ?

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yes, likes to see her online naked

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you should do a live thread sometime

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good idea!

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any way of getting a heads up if it happens ?
hot pic!

really need to talk to her first...

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any hc? blowjobs?

need to see her pussy

digging those nips, moar?

got a kik or something ?

yes but waiting to see her online , link

Oh, dear, I love her body so much. Hope you don't mind me jerk off to her pics.


tributes welcome

fucking hot, keep going

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very good, continue



Anymore of her??

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Ever take her for walkies in public on leash? Fucking hot!!

Spread wide and aim your sweet asshole right at the camera.

More of those tits??

Know her bra size? She preggo in the second pic?

Post preggo. 36DD I believe

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Magnificent. She’s built for tit abuse and titfucking

Go take pic of one of her bra's and post it

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Good idea and post size tag also

Ever rope them up? Clothespins? Weights? Oil? Butter? I can go on

Not home this is her bra drawer from not long ago. Didnt take pic of sizes

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Need to see her asshole

No. Shes not into that sort of shit

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Which means you took pictures of her panties also….

Yeah but are you? Greased up tits look amazing

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Per request at the time yes.

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Not the clothes pins/ weights stuff. Clearly wet tits are great as I take shower pics

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Looks like a girl my gf works with

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Any more OP?

I prefer the pics of this girl actually pregnant

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Jeez Louise I need more...

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How'd she feel about you taking the pics? She's gorgeous

I mean she doesn't stop me other than trying to take HC or close up of her pussy

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Lucky. Post pregnancy nursing tits are the best, any better shots of them?

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She deserves her own thread man, those tits and her body is amazing if you keep posting I'll keep downloading for later..."fulfillment"

Have kik?

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No, I don't but she's worth making one for...brb

In the meantime you mind still posting? Her face is also gorgeous

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amazing love the tan lines,bush and even the peach fuzz and the best part is her posing and posting 10/10

I'll say it again, you're a lucky man...any other poses?

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