Why don't you have a girlfriend, user?

Why don't you have a girlfriend, user?

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She just broke up with me yesterday.

I do

I have severe trust issues.

Oh hey same

sucks bro

Confidence problems and Social Anxiety.

because i'm not black

Can't go out or do anything cus of health

Because they're expensive and a drag. I'd rather have booty calls and stay free.

Cock to small

Overweight and bad hygiene

I've been single 3 months happy to be whoring out. Maybe in like 5 months

girls dont laugh at kids getting run over so i cant talk to them

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Im trying really hard man

because I have a small dick

Mostly because my wife won't tolerate it

Not if she doesn't know.

Sometimes I wish I haven't, I fucked up my relationship a few times, didn't know how to maintain it because I have confidence issues and low self esteem

b/c my fiancé left me earlier this year and I am too scar(r)ed to become emotionally attached to anybody else.

I have a wife. Working on getting a girlfriend as well though, we have an open relationship.

>inb4 cuck.
It's the opposite, I fuck other men's wives in front of them. Wifey rarely fucks others but sometimes she does and that's fine.

I do and her butt looks like this girls. she even has a shirt like that. I know its not her though because she has slight varicose veins on the base of her spine above her butt crack

Because I have a wife

No you don't. You're just ugly.

In short you're ugly.

Or maybe ur just ugly


I'm too lazy to put in the effort to get one.

don't need one, my wife has one.

shes getting double dicked by tyrone and Jamaal as we speak, user. how does that make you feel?

Thats hot

>not cuck
the irony

Interesting. I do, but would prefer to be alone. Its extremely difficult for me to become attached and reliant on anyone, so I always end up dating women who are needy or stalking/crushing on me just so they can be happy. Because to me, single, not single, makes no difference in my life and routines.

I have a wife and a girlfriend, dipshit

I do & I have a 2nd phone I've been hiding for shit like this for over a year now. Only matter of time till I get caught & fuck up the best relationship I've ever had

Because I'm a no life sometimes I struggle to keep the conversation and I rather fuck and go

Because I don’t want a stupid bitch that will delete my years worth of video game progress that I’ve also paid a fuck ton of money for. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people’s girlfriends going full retard deleting everything off their gaming console or worse.

too ugly

You need to keep digging, you will be surprised


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because i look like this

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Fucked up my relationship and not interested in anyone else. Guess I’ll just be alone for a while

Show this image to a woman. And you will get your answer.

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no difference.

Do you suck tyrone's cum out of her mouth too? Or you just kiss her normally?

Asks every OP who doesn't have one themselves. We all know you ask this question for yourself. You are seeking to find common place with another user in the world who may have a similar situation to your own. Maybe you're trying to see yourself in another guy in an attempt to figure out why YOU don't have a girlfriend. A means of self reflection.

Cuz I'm too busy this dudes girlfriend.

the real question is: why don't I have more than one? The answer is that living with a woman drastically reduces my opportunities to be immoral. sad times

haven't seen her for the last three months. the guy she's with now is white, we don't have the other kind here. doesn't make a difference though.

It's not a sex thing. It's the vulnerability issue. But you wouldn't get it, niggers usually don't.

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fucking this

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hit the gym and you'll be fine lad

Bcause i have my bitch

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Every attractive girl I know is married to one of my best friends, so I would have to go out and talk to strangers and idunno how the fuck to do that without coming across like a sad creepy loser man.

Because I'm not a degenerate nigger and I'm faithful to my wife.

mah nigga