Wanna see more?

wanna see more?

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No you ugly faggot

oh... ok then

A pic of your pussy

let's see dat weiner




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beautiful cock

Yes please.

Spread boi hole please

Do you have the suicide pics?

A pic of your erection...

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well, i'm still alive...

Morning wood here, don't be cruel . Help me out with a butt pic

A pic of your balls...

finger yourself till you leak cum

Oh my god, i just want to rub you and jerk you while sucking you... would you let me do that... ?

Yes, a pic of your precum...

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Really cute!! I'd like to see more :-)
May I join in? Here's a pic of me

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another tummy pic

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Your cock looks very suckable!

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I wouldn't mind seeing both of us shooting our loads onto it :-)

Thank you, thought I would be edging forever

Lol, I'd love to help you out with that

do you have discord

No I don't, I keep pretty much to myself

ah ok. wanted to talk to another trap

Yoi know, I've been thinking I really need to branch out and talk to more as well

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Where did you go hun?

I like you, what a gorgeous ass you have there

Thank you!!!

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Nice cock too, smooth bodies are the best your easy 10/10

I meant you're easy 10/10 Its not easy writing with one hand

You are very sweet, thank you! Makes the effort worth it!

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I hope your other hand is on that cock of yours...may I see?

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Yes it is, but only on kik sexy boi

I hope you have kik sexy boi, I am waiting there for you. Name is cridlesart

>no boipussy
no thanks