You know what to do

You know what to do

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I love to fuck and get fucked by trannies but I'm not gay, I tried to hook up with a guy and it's not my thing

I've been feeling very lonely.
I wanna get on VC and just chill, be all cutesy and giggly, do fucking cuddly e-girl noises (can't describe it any other way) with an e-boy.

Everyone I've added on discord threads is a mega shut in that can't VC cause their mom might wake up.

idk, that's honestly my deepest secret right now.

You sound fucking adorable and sweet. Sucks you can’t find any boys to talk to that aren’t neets. I’d talk, but I’m at work.

Fucked my best friend in the butt and a family friend OD'd that same night so my feral sheltered cage child brain thought god was smiting me for sodomy.

I'm here for the cont. of this:

Have a single mom and one sister. Sister is three years older than me. We shared a room in a crappy flat. Didn't think it was crappy at the time.
My mom spends her afternoons drinking or knocking back pain meds, this is pretty much the norm through school. I don't remember her really having boyfriends until Dave. He seemed nice at first. Bought us toys and take out pizza. He could cook as well, mom didnt drink as much but the two of them would do drugs or things. Thin walls so you could hear them fucking even if I wasn't sure what it was at the time.
>one night wake up hear noises
>rooms dark cant really see anything yet
>"Sally, that you?"
>"go back to sleep user."
I was confused, that was Daves voice
>Eyes adjust to the dark, start ot make out shapes. My bed is on one wall opposite my sisters against the other wall. Big shadow over my sister but not moving. Think he's looking at my side
"This isn't your room?" I am sleepy and tired and confused
>"Its okay user" said Sally "He's just giving me a kiss to help me sleep. Now he's going"
>Dave gets up "Yea, Sleep well user" he comes over and kisses me too. On the lips. He was rough and scratchy. I wasnt ready and just froze as he held his lips to mine. then he rubbed my head and went out the room.
>I lay there not saying anything for ages. Then I got out of bed and prodded my sister.
>"you awake?" I whispered
>"Go back to bed"
>"Can we share tonight?"
>she lifts the covers slightly and I scooch close besider her, then I can feel her bare skin as I go to hug her
>"Where's your pjamas?"
>"Its really warm, can you hug me user?"
>So I hugged her, I was confused and she cried a little but hugged my arm tight. And we slept.

Next morning was like normal. We got breakfast and Dave dropped us of at school. Nothing really happened till the weekend. Mum asked Dave for groceries and he took me along to help.
While in Daves truck we didn't really talk at all. Just a silent drive to the store. Walk around picking up things (him picking me just following behind) and then back in the truck heading home. Then on the drive he spoke:
>"So user, how's school?"
>"its fine"
>"Good, so your Mom is real nice"
>"She is"
>"and your sister.."
>"you made her sad" I'm just matter of fact about it. She was sad, he did it.
>Silence for a few minutes. We don't take the exit for our street and keep driving
>"She was happy at the time.."
>"then why did she cry?"
>"its for gorwn ups to know"
>"im pretty grown up. I'm nearly 10"
>he laughed
>"I suppose you are user. So you don't want your sister to cry?"
>"well then, how about i make you happy instead of your sister?"
>Im a bit confused what he means, "You will leave her alone?"
>"my hand to God"
>"What do I do?"
>"Well, I don't know yet. but you need to keep this secret. Grown ups keep secrets. But if you keep it I'll never bother your sister again"
>"she wont cry?"
>"I swear to God Himself"
>"Okay, but break your promise and ill tell mom you made her cry"
>He laughed again, "Sure you tell your mom. That house is pretty small I guess. You want some ice cream. I got your favourite. Mint choc chip".
>Then my mind was on ice cream that evening. We got home had fajitas and mom wasn't happy I had a tub to myself. I was sick. So very sick. Worth it.

I fongered the snow white's 88 nieces back in burgers

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Have a hot wife who is incredibly loyal and kind, but I couldn't help but to fuck this fat chick who came around my work.

Pussy was slightly musty like sweat but so tight. Felt like a death grip from the hulk. Might do it again.

I secretly want my girl to get fuck my other guys. Not a full blown cuck because I hate humiliation It's just the idea of her getting fucked by other guys is really hot for me.

This is going to be quite long

>Be me, 6
>#1 worst city in the south
>Have barely 2 yr old sister
>Mom just married a man, trapping together out of a big old house
>The kitchen in the back has a large open den, and the only door to my parent's bedroom
>I hear crying coming from the bedroom, and open the door
>An image I can still see when I am sober, my sister on the bed crying
>Massive cock dangling in front of her face
>I immediately ran to tell mom, and she fucking denied it
>The man had already had two of his own children, whose mother threatened to involve the police if he didn't leave them.
>Reasoning was he did the same thing to them. This comes into play much later
>Until I was about 9, he involved me
>He would not touch me sexually, but would beat the fuck out of me if I did not molest my sister
>He only stopped when I threatened to kill him in his sleep, ran away and tried to buy a gun to do it
Here is a tip: It may be the south, but a Sig isn't something you sell a 9 year old. A pump action, thats a different story.
>Mother is still in denial
>After getting dropped off by the weapons store owners, they punished me by making me drink a beer and smoke a joint
>Jump ahead to 12 years old

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Kik me and let's talk about it


>Be 12, discover porn
>Erections cause me to get flashes of abuse
>Still do not understand it
>Next door neighbour is a single mother who drinks too much and fucks around
>Kids walking around playing with her dildos
>I tell my story to her son, a year younger than me
>He has practically the same story
>We suck each others cocks and go about the day, playing MW2
>Still getting beaten, sister still getting molested, I caught mom cheating in the kitchen during my sisters fuckin birthday
>He does not make me do anything to her, but makes it known to me I am powerless
This is where the fucked up part comes

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I've been homeless for years now. Occasionally I get to sleep on a friend's couch or floor for a few days or weeks, and I appreciate that hugely, along with getting to use their shower/bathroom, internet etc for as long as I'm able. Only female friends now, the few guys I was friends with when this all started got very white knight-y and I didn't like that. And I haven't really made any new ones along the way.

Any pics? Nudes?

Seeee that's another reason :(
I'm in an awkward timezone. Those who can VC are at work/school when I'm free.

I was 13 when i was abused, the fucked up thing about it is that i enjoyed it then

>be 15
>My sister is still getting raped
>My mother has threatened to kill me several times
>Constantly beaten
>Single male influence is a pedo with no friends and severe anger issues
>Still can't think about girls without the guilt of what I've done torturing me
>Haven't told my friends
>Sister tells mom about her abuse finally
>I come clean
>He denies it
>She believes him, says I am brainwashing my sister to be in love with me
>At this point my idea of love is shattered, mom can't keep a man and always fights with them
>Sister tells school, gets sent to grandparents home
>Same night, mom gets arrested on possession and outstanding warrents
>Left alone in the house with stepfather for 2 months
>Barely went to school, picked up cigarettes, drinking
>Mom gets out, and they use tax money to get me a car, as if that makes up for it all.
>Turn 16. Start using car to carry my friends around and do lots of drugs
>Met a girl and lost my "Willing to participate" virginity
>That trashy emo mall rat kind of group
>Told her to kill herself, let my insecurities and shame really ruin that
>She hates me now
>Tried for another girl and she wasn't interested after the first kiss
>More beatings, over very small shit
>I pack up my bags and band equipment, bring a Sig p226 and a semi auto M4, 6 fat bowls of kush
>Get caught 3 states north, broke for the state line in a kia rio with no gas
>Got sent back
>At this time, my sister tries to kill my grandmother with a hammer, and gets sent to a live in school with nuns
>I turned 18
>Delved deeper into drug use. Trying to OD off acid, getting heavily addicted to morphine and dilaudid, and eventually forcing myself to smoke dmt back to back.
>I OD'd at a party in 2017, mix of dirty coke, white and brown liqour
>It was intentional, my wingman knew so
>Still got revived by an emt in training
>Proceeded to try talking my friend, on meth, into blowing my brains out with a .38 special
>He won't do it, the pussy

tell the story
i'm interested about the feelings after the abuse
what did make you change your mind about what happened?

why is it his job? do it yourself if you find that life is no longer glorious.

>The ex tells him to hand the revolver to me so I can do it myself
>He does, but i am met with an unloaded weapon
>Proceeded to smoke the blunt out of the barrel
>I am 20 now, almost 21
>For two years I have psychologically and physically tortured myself
>I have ruined every relationship I have ever been in
>I do not deserve happiness or peace
>I could have stopped it then
>I could have killed him when I had the chance
>Now my sister is insane
>I am insane, wracked with guilt and shame
>I still live with them
>I have no friends, or job anymore
>No where else to go
No matter how many times I have tried to escape I can't
Death will not release me from this reality
Every time I leave I get drawn back in
The only people who know any of this are my closest friend, who I barely see, and another friend who now probably hates me
I have no idea what to do
My mind is constantly feeding me violent thoughts
in a year, the nun place will release my sister and I know she intends to kill my parents
I feel like i should let her when it comes to me
Oh yeah a police investigation happened, they found nothing, and through violence i was forced to keep my mouth shut until they came up with no evidence
He is a free man, still has child porn on his PC.
I have no idea what to do
if I kill them I have to suicide by cop
If i alert the feds to the presence of child pornography on his computer, he might get time, but what about for the physical acts he committed? Then what will I do, keep my barely stable mother alive while I wait for my sister to come take us to hell?
I am fucked up in the head
Nothing will fix it
I have nowhere to go
My life will end before the next year begins

This happened when i was 12 . my mom had jus died and me and my dad were hopless. We couldnt wash, cook or clean or anything. So he got a maid to work for us. The maid had a son who was 9. One day we are in my room playing video games with the door closed. While we are playing he tells me a story about this guy who fucked his mom last night. i was suprised by the details he told me. Like natural the story made my dick hard and it was noticiable inthe shorts i was wearing. He touched my dick and without a word put his hand in my pants and took it out. He then said you have the same problem like daddy use to have. He then said this is how he taught me to fix it. And he shoved my dick into his mouth. Suprisingly he knew how to suck dick. I came in his mouth but he noticed my dick was still hard. He pulled his pants down bent over and said your still hard like daddy put in here he pointed to his butthole. He told me i needed to spit on it first so i did. Shoved my dick in and it felt good heard hum moan and i began thrusting. The more i thrusted the more he moaned Hes moaning was great and i came in his ass hole. When we were done he smiled at me and said your happy just like daddy. Im older knw and i realized this kid was molsted by his dad and didnt have a clue of what he was doing at the time.

We'd talked about it before, deciding that one of us has to kill the other when the time comes. He actually brought that up to me the other day, he is in bad with a baby mama. Wants to suicide by cop with me. Also I tried, many times and minimal success

Whats your discord

How do you support yourself? Where does your money come from?

I have held min wage jobs off and on, but right now I have no money, no job. Mom works at a rapidly dying pizza joint, spending all her money on enough weed and smokes to get us through, while i think my stepdad is paying all the bills. We actually have 9 days now before we are evicted, and still neither have helped me in pursuing a new place to live. I am a dropout, and don't have the money, knowledge, or time to take the GED now. Really wasted a lot of time. I'll likely be homeless next week

For the past year I've been pretty overcome by a pervasive sense of dread. I turned 22 recently and can't escape the idea that, relatively speaking, I've already experiences most of my life, as each time period in the future is a shorter and shorter proportion of my overall life. I can barely sleep over it, and am increasingly feeling like my best years are slipping out of my hands. I'm finishing my masters come next year, but others have accomplished so much more in this precious time.

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dude.. just get a bus ticket out of state. Ride the bus as far as you can. Go knock on the door of a baptist church. Tell them your story. They will take care of you.

For God's sake get a hold of yourself. Snap out of your resigned self pity for a moment because the final card hasn't been played just yet. Come her release you need to take your sister and get away from your terrible home with her. Whining has its place when you are utterly backed up against the wall, but right now you still have a play to make.

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Don't have a kik

I already did that
1. I have no money
2. can not get a job in my area, despite my constant efforts. I am in no way a lazy person

I ended up running to denver
Had a friend of my mom to stay with
Got a job selling Trump to the elderly, telemarketing
Lived the summer sleeping on the floor of a filthy motel
First night this 38 year old man I met once when he bought drugs off my mother decided he could not hold his nut and busted it two feet away from me.
We had a decent amount in common, loved of trailer park boys and smoking heavy
He was a neo nazi tho
Like aggressively racist. I managed to get my own room for the last couple months, but lost the job
Ended up in the hospital because my organs are fucked, never had health insurance, and if i did I never got taken to the hospital
"Man up or take a pill" was the common saying
Grandparents, who funded the escape, begged me to come home, so I did
Helped support them with a dishwashing job my friend got me but immediately got rehooked on pain medication
At this point I am considering just walking the coast to the mexican border, then making my way to south america

I do not pity myself
I hate pity
What i do to myself is deserved for my actions, regardless of whether i understood or had a choice in what I was did to my sister. I have no idea what kind of person she is now, but I likely will not be able to confront her. Also, if I can not support myself how am I supposed to support her? I came to this thread to tell my story, not to get pity or judgement from strangers. That comes from whatever god is up there. Tell me, what play do you think I have to make?

Do it again with your sister and don’t come back. Go to a church and tell them your story. Not a Catholic Church. A Baptist church. They will actually help you instead of take advantage of you.

You can choose to do this. Yet you are reluctant. There are other forces at work here. They are trying to keep you from going. You are still alive for a reason.


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Firstly, if i have no place to stay I can't get the job to make the money i need to get us away from here
Secondly, religion has played a massive part in our abuse, and I doubt she'll want to go to any church after living in one for so long
Third, No one keeps in touch with her. I know nothing besides the fact that is insane enough to attack a nun over a snack cake, so I doubt she'd let me live. She herself likely does not understand anything except for the pain that men have caused her.
If there were forces trying to keep me from leaving I'd have a place to live, a job, and human contact to keep me distracted. I am still alive because my sentence is not up, my soul requires more torture. I can't choose to act on your plan. I can't support 1 human being, so how is 2 gonna go. She won't go with me to a church. She can't stay with my grandparents or parents so I have no idea where she will even go from there, nor do I know which religious institution she is housed in, just the general area. And this is all based on the idea that she does not try to kill me the second she sees me. The kind of girl to tie a shoelace around a kittens neck and hang it from a doorknob, making him "bungee jump" is a teenage girl who has been tortured and tried to slaughter her own grandmother before even becoming a teenager because she blocked creepypasta on her tablet the kind of human I should take to a church, or confront at all?

My point here is that I have made no positive contributions to this world. I carry guilt and shame I do not understand. There is no reason for me to keep going but it wont let me die no matter how hard i try

Confront your sister honestly and together get far away. You will be able to find a way to support yourself when it comes to it.

I frequent Sup Forums just to see if within any of threads someone is sharing my nudes.
This has yet to happen.

You don't understand that I won't be able to do that
The idea of living with and supporting someone I hardly know, but have memories of abusing
The fact that she knows I did nothing, and won't understand why
Yes sure bud I should convince her to run away with me, the brother who hurt her and never apologized or fought for her
A 20 year old with no idea how to do my taxes, or survive as an adult
Whose only examples of acting like an adult were two 40 year old children, a grandfather who played video games all day and a grandmother who eats pills like pacman
If I am out on my own, or with my best friend, also in a situation he wants to escape from, it is only my life at stake. His too, but he would be willing.
I'd be dragging her into the adult world before she even turns 18, dragging her into my addictions, my vices
I'd be putting her life in my hands, and it didn't go too well last time

Your advice is to take my sister on my path of self destruction in pursuance of attonement

Great idea
Why don't you tell me your secrets since I just delved deep enough for you to find out who I am

>be me at 13
>super horny, my dick grew a lot faster than the rest of my body
>one day sitting at computer, I decide to whip my dick out
>I lean forward
>I can put my own dick in my mouth
>Give myself blowjobs until around 16 when I became too tall to reach my own dick with my mouth

>jack off to this picture
>cum buckets

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I have posted about this before,but I enjoy sharing, and it may also turn other on, so why not.
I regularly jerk off imagining how my ex was banged by several guys whilst she claimed to have been passed out drunk. It was obvious from how she (still drunkenly claimed) was when woke up she had been used, but since at the time I didn't fully believe she didn't willingly participate, I made sure she got in that kind of state twice more and got some petty revenge. Can give the stories if wanted.

>you know what to do
gay eRP is what you do in all of these threads

i can self suck but it always feels like sucking a dick more than getting my dick sucked. not gonna lie though i do enjoy the twitching and warm spurts of my own orgasm being fired down my throat

I watch facesitting porn with a 5 foot teddy bear sat on my face.
I sometimes wipe my own ass with a tissue and put it between the bear’s ass and my face for added realism.

I want to fuck the butt beer boy

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Not to be rude at all, and I really hope you aren't offended, but you sound like a whiny little bitch. You've got a negative attitude. Money for a bus ticket is not hard to come up with. Panhandling is always an option. You should be out right now trying to scrape some money together instead of wasting time on Sup Forums some more. If you feel so Goddamn bad about what happened in your life (which is not your fault, even though you'll always believe it was) then take the other anons advice and take your sister with you. Make it your life's goal to take care of her, and repay this unowed debt.

Alternatively, if taking your sister is not an option, do the same exact Goddamn thing, but spend free time volunteering, doing charity, etc.


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To add to this more: you have to start somewhere. And really, whining about simple bitch shit like taxes? Fucking turbo tax exists. Go to a Goddamn H&R block. You have a fucking computer with access to the biggest library of knowledge in, potentially, the entire fucking universe. Use it you spineless fucking pussy.

fucking edge lord get over it

holy shit dude you are a fucking faggot. fuckin edge edge edge. srsly fuck you.

you are such a fucking faggot I hope you succeed in offing yourself. God reading this shit disgusts me. You are a little bitch and deserve to get raped by niggers for the rest of eternity. People like you make me wish there was a god so they could send your stupid pedo edgelord ass to hell. You fucking love the attention you get from being soooo fucking edgy. I bet your whole story is fake. fuucking fagggggoootttt

yes these are all same fag and legit reactions the more i read your stupid fucking posts, i'm gonna go smoke a cig and hope you fucking offed yourself

So... you're a full-time parasite? Why don't you apply for a job and pay your way like the rest of us? Or if you're a female, why don't you settle down with a guy and help him take care of his household?

>Be 2014
>be a Syrian
>Family Has some money so we are arranging our way out of the country
>Due to my Dads position with the government we are targeted
>Im up late when a group of FSA roll up to our house, and break in
>Take my Mother, sisters and father hostage.
>I didnt even try to save them I just run, climb out the back
>wander all night to a local millitary/police location
>They already know what happened by the time I get there
>The FSA tortured and raped my whole family

The secret part is I dont even feel guilty I am happy it didn't happen to me. When people ask me about it I just sort of stare blankly and they assume the worst

I got asylum in the USA about a year later.


>both my sister and I got molested as kids
>we grow up to be stable individuals with our own jobs, families, houses, etc.
>neither of us are whiny little faggots about it

You're lazy, Im a highschool drop out 20yo , make a grand a week building sofas. Work and go out and find a job and you won't be fucked

This is actually my first time on Sup Forums in several months, but yeah it was a total waste for me to try getting that off my chest. How can I not have a negative attitude when my only aspirations have been peace, yet every step of the way I am met with hatred and pain. I mean I understand the idea of taking care of her, aspiring to ensure her life is good. What I don't understand is how to do that if I can't do so for myself. It isn't about asking for help. I constantly ask for help. No one will reply.
You want to plant the idea that I can take a sister I barely know, throw her into the adult world, and expect that I can make her life better, while also battling the vices I already carry. Do you actually have any idea on how I should make money? Because I have spent every day this month applying and calling places, to the point im at the edge of the county in terms of businesses that wont hire me. No one panhandles where I live. The homeless kill here. If they don't do that they steal. Even if they didn't, this town is full of people whod sooner lynch a man than feed or clothe him. I can't make money unless I sell drugs and the cops are running that business. the commodotties are clone and meth. I like the idea your'e trying to present but I don't see myself finding anyway to carry that out without dragging us both down into an even worse situation. I don't care about what happens to me. I care about what happens to her because of me.
Taxes was just an example of the idea that I know nothing about being an adult. I pay bills every time I get money but that is about it. I have not been forced to take responsability for much of my actions.
You will die alone, surrounded by piles of your own filth. Every single detail about my story is completely true, if you think it is not because of the format or wording, I can tell you I am insane and stupid as fuck, but not a Liar. You do not know me, yet you project your hate onto me.

i died

you are such a fucking edge lord holy shit. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you say shit like "You will die alone, surrounded by piles of your own filth. Every single detail about my story is completely true, if you think it is not because of the format or wording, I can tell you I am insane and stupid as fuck, but not a Liar. You do not know me, yet you project your hate onto me."

i'm obviously some sperg on the internet talking shit. Telling me to kill myself would have been enough. Okay, so if you aren't lying my advice for you is just to be more assertive. If you want something in life you need to actively take steps to do it yourself. The fact of the matter is that
no one wants to help someone who won't help themselves. Asking for help isn't enough. What can YOU do. Even if you feel like the answer is nothing, that's not true. You can always do something. Brain storm. What are you good at?


also, the homeless will leave you alone if you don't go acting like you have something they want. You need to learn to keep a low profile. Figure out why they might target soimeone and do the fucking opposite nigger.

I've let about 20 guys creampie me

At same time?

Jesus christ come be homeless in California its better than that bullshit

No over time. Most at once was 2

Massive gang bang story time?

Raped four women


I do not know what I expected. I came here to tell my story and am met with people who think I am lying. Think I am lazy. Making Sofas? where the fuck do you live? Not one person in my town owns a couch made after 2015, a car even more rare. I guess I thought the people on this site might have matured enough to handle reality, but you'd rather criticize it. It was a waste to come to this thread, you'd all just rather circlejerk to gay porn. At this point I doubt anyone in this thread has ever had anything meaningful happen to them, besides the few that have shared.

How is putting an application into every possible place of business, including ones not hiring, and calling different ones each day not assertive
Should I hold my next potential manager at gunpoint?
Because everything I have ever wanted, I go for. Attack, almost
My balls are fat, it isn't that bud
What am I good at?
I have an abnormal tolerance to abundancies of mixed drugs
I can write well, have written two books, but that shit hasnt been published
I am also a crack shot
those are my three skills
drugging, shooting, writing nonsense
I have been told they are zombies
Fires and the bubonic plague don't sit well with me unless I'm legally allowed to behead people

There's always options, user. Pack some clothes and hitchhike to a bigger city. Walk, if you must. You're gonna be homeless anyway, might as well do it somewhere that you can make money easier. Panhandle like a motherfucker. You'll make several hundred in a day, no problem. Buy a super cheap car. Even if you don't have a license, just use the fucker to live out of. From there you find a job and save all the money you possibly can. After that it's up to you where to go. You have to start somewhere though. And "adult stuff" really isn't a thing outside of paying taxes, bills and learning to be responsible financially (just quit buying shit you can't afford). There is literally nothing holding you back aside from your attitude, and if you get your shit together, you could potentially go on to help many other people. You are the only thing stopping you. Until you accept that, you are ultimately fucked.

Sometimes during a hookup I tell the guy to cum on my panties and I wear them to work the next day

See you make sense. That is my plan, carry on to somewhere else. There are places where I could panhandle and survive. I know how to survive as a homeless person. Just like the simulations, right? I'm used to not eating and walking for hours on end. Like I said, every time I get money, all of it goes toward bills. My drugs habits were stolen drugs, not paid for. My computer setup is literally half a laptop, hooked to a broken monitor, wifi thingy hanging out on a cord. I did not pay for it, it is hand me down. I don't buy anything because I can never afford anything. I can't find a job here, anywhere I look. In a big city, I was able to find a job with no experience in the field and held it for quite a while. My attitude has to do with the idea of trying to take someone I can not support with me on this escape. The fact that everyone here is undermining the impact that kind of abuse can have on someone. I am not stopping me. I literally outlined that I plan to jet to South america, by walking the coast. Probably be able to set up quite well there. I never said there wasn't options. I pointed out the option that was being provided by anons was unviable

My wife wants to let a dog fuck her. Hoping to get a dog in the next couple of months. I've had 2 ex GFS who have had fun with dogs.

justinkimmie on kik if anyone wants to chat

Hot, about the same here, I've fucked around a decent bit because I go to cons often enough, if a guy's cute enough then in it goes pretty much.

I was one of those anons. The suggestion to take your sister was only because you seem to feel like this is your fault, and you're not going to ditch that attitude, so trying to make up for it is the next best thing. Seeing as it's not an option, I just hope after you find a stable job and place to call home, you spend time actively trying to help people through charity and stuff rather than self loathing. I wish you all the luck in the world, user. Just keep looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. It's there.

Yeah pretty much same. I love how they move when they're cumming and the warm cum in me. Idk why just makes it so much hotter

I ordered sexy red lacey lingerie and a dildo, and I'm going to have some fun this weekend. I can't wait.
(I'm a guy)

okay i believe you. What about signging up for some drug research studies? rofl i know it sounds stupid but it pays pretty good. just google some drug research studies near you and see if you can be a professional lab rat.

random applications are honestly a waste of time. You gotta go to places that you know are hiring and network better. Talk to randos on social media (yeah it fucking sucks balls i hate talking to people) but if you get connections somewhere first you're more likely to get hired.

I had a guy send me a vid of him jacking off til he came. I'm not gay but that was an enjoyable experience. He had a beautiful cock with thick cum. Maybe I'm bi?

You should try wearing panties and jerking off to Katy Perry's live performances.

I live in a shitty little town in TN thats full of drug addicts, hell I do pills everyday meth a couple times a week and smoke every day and I still function as a normal non reject who is respected. Jobs arent hard to get talk to people be friendly stop being in love with your sister and move on with life ya fuck.

was fucking a girl in college that had a long distance bf and I told her id send him a video if she ever tried to cut things off, never had a vid though until later in the relationship

I opened up about my molestation in a pedo thread about half an hour ago. I still have a history of unhealthy relationships with women as an adult.

Tell me more about it user

I'm secretly funding my ex while she is spending it on meth. I help her setup fund raisers and donation jars. Meanwhile, behind her back I'm trying to get my 5 kids back that she moved out to a pedophile's house while still collecting almost a thousand dollars of food stamps on them. State won't step in so I do what I can to help the ones I love

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When I was 18 I was hanging out with my 21 year old sister and her roommate. We got pretty drunk and the best friend admitted she had a crush on me. Sister thought that was funny and kept talking about it and the talk turned to sex. She dared her friend to touch my cock and after a while she reached over and put her hand on the outside of my pants. I was pretty hard already. Sister said "rub it" so she did. Then sister said take it out, so she opened my shorts and took it out and started stroking it. Weird as fuck with sister watcing but diamonds. Sister said why don't you suck it, so slowly best friend bends down and just puts the head in her mouth. There was definitely precum. Then she started slowly bobbing up and down on it until finally she was all out sucking my dick. Sister moved closer to see better and friend took my cock out her mouth and pointed it to sister. Sister didn't hesitate. She went down on me aggressively. They took turns on my cock, back and forth, sucking and throating as best they could. I finally came while best friend was sucking and she started stroking and cum went on her face and sister's face too. I saw sister lick it off. It was weird but after sister went to bed I fucked her roommate. After that night, we never spoke about it. That was several years ago. Would do again in a second. Remembering my sister and how she looked sucking my rock hard cock always gets me hard. And to add to it, both sister and roommate were probably 8/10.

Nah, I don't like her music and I'm a boxer briefs kinda guy.

easy, dont kill ur stepfather or father i dont really care just make sure he cant move, if you have the resolve of killing him then break his legs make sure he cant move, if you pity him to somewhat point make sure he can recover in a 1 month or more time if not just fucking saw them. idk how much of a wimp you are but if you have the gun you have the control. next is either kill him or just bring evidence to police so they can arrest him. i mean ive read something about cp. thats kinda enough to police to get in. the rezt is up to you big boi. you life is already shit, why not just take everyone else with you?

You literally want to masturbate to my shitty life.

I've done it and it is the most amazing experience I've ever had. Ex gf would suck her dog's cock and let him fuck her. I fucking loved watching.

Wearing lacey panties can be very arousing though. I like to do it when I'm jerking off and feeling like being a little sissy.

Thank you
I am not telling you the idea to make her life as good as possible is bad
It's just not something I am capable of at this time
Maybe in the future, if things work out
But not now.
I don't know how to ditch the feeling that it is my fault. There are many things I could have done but didn't, over the smallest fear of physical pain. It is my fault I let these feelings overcome me, ruining every friendship and relationship I have. It is my fault that I am not in a better place right now, I chose to come back to help my grandparents. I don't know what else to do besides self destruct. I have no problem nowadays with spreading happiness to others. I'll put on a smile and pass my blunt to everyone in the room, but I am not concerned with my own well being. And that inability to take responsibility for my own existence is what holds me back. Again, thank you.
My brain has already been fucked will that muddy up any potential results from being a lab rat
Name a psychadelic and I would have done it
Also the apps are not random, one is at a box factory, where 3 of my old friends work. All have vouched for me, i even called and talked to the guy who hired them. He said to leave a message for a guy in HR who is never there. I've been to the building twice a week for a month trying to talk to someone, calling as well. Thats just this one. Hell I was great friends with a manager of a subway, but instead of hiring the dude with fast food and customer service experience, they hired a loud obese black woman who had no idea how to work.
State neighbours, I once went to your city of nashville, slept in my car, robbed a few cars out of a parking garage. did not take long to cross the state 10/10 would do again.
At the same time, I don't want to have to do meth to fit in. Meth is gross and honestly a stupid drug for stupid people. I fit in with others fine, i just pushed certain friends away so I'd stop draining them

Lately I've been feeling kinda lonely too, if you want to talk or anything you can hit me up. I also play games so yeeah, if you're up for that I'm free on the weekends.

You have earned a bonus story
Yes I think I could kill him but I'd honestly rather torture him
Thread his skin with rusty barbed wire, like a baseball, run a current through it, and fuck him up the cock with a spiky dragon dildo, thats enough right? heres the bonus story

The first human life I took was taken when i was 11. I watched a homeless man who slept on boxes behind an acme building sell meth to a couple children. That building is still open, still selling electronics. I took a long stick and beat his skull in with it. Afterword I felt the impact that I could not take what I had done back. This man had infinite memories, was once an infant who could not care for himself. probably had a high school sweetheart he still dreamt about. I turned those memories off like a stuck light switch, bashing it into the off position. I have no idea if I regret it

And you have a problem with that?

No.....well, uh yeah. *unzips

Personally I want my wife to fuck other guys cause I just dont want to fuck anymore. Kinda lost all interest in sex like a year back, but she didnt. Itd just be easier on me if she was getting it from the neighbor and leave me the fuck alone.

>be me
>mid 2000s
>be around 5-6
>hang out with neighbour kids everyday
>have talked with them about sex and stuff
>one day go to a small grove we sometimes hang out in
>start talking about sex and stuff again
>one of us asks if we want to try doing it
>all 3 of us agree that we want to
>everyone pulls down pant and shows dicks to each other
>we touch each other
>at some point decide 2 of us should lay on top of each other and hump
>do this with both of them while one takes pictures with a cellphone
>this happens couple of times later then we just kinda forget about it
pt. 1

>be around 10-11
>discover porn
>tell school buddies about it
>turns out they found out about pretty much at the same time
>one day decide that we'll go and try doing what they're doing in the videos
>go to a grove(again) near school
>we start to whatch porn and fap
>some one asks if we should try out blowjobs
>noone moves an inch so I voluntee
>friend's dick pretty big for our age and tastes bad as hell
>make him cum
>things escalate and we end up doing anal
>do this for almost everyday after and sometimes during school for the next ½ year