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cringed at the OP, he thinks this is reddit


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There’s like 5 of these threads up right now. What the fuck do you have to make another one.

because OP is a faggot

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what fuck

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Not really struggling when being hung. Totally not stages bro

Ok I'm mad now.

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Is this you redpilled you lose?

Holy fuckin' epic content detected!!! So good

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I love this porno.

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Not a man
Not white

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Fake and gay

funny how google stops recommending search suggestions as soon as you put in that 'j' lmao

if only

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>When you steal from RLM to make a joke

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Men need to stop being so weak. They need to woman up.

I know it's fake but that didn't stop me from masturbating to it

Welp looks like i gotta join them

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just lost 'no nut november,; thanks.

not humour but just passed

get of this site you preschoolers

>Haha I replied to everyone and didn't contribute to the thread at all haha I'm so superior what are you gonna do now plebs!?

t.complete mongoloid retard

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your life

OK boomer

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this thread is all redditfags lmfao

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I came

black people are fun yy

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drinking brain fluid

JD seems pretty cool, i wonder if he smoek


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is that possible??
can u even imagine what the rock is cooking at that bawitdaba moment with some comedian?

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Nah hes right, your shit is toddler trash

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Pretty sure those two are dead

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You say that, and then you post this juvenile and unfunny shit.

Also, I'm willing to bet you might just be samefag

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Kill your family then yourself you utter piece of shit.

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and again we can see how fucking retarded muricans are. Let gravity do the job ffs, throw her out a window with the rope around the neck. idiots


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>I'd be willing to bet
No you're the faggot that always loses bets and never pays up if you sling that term around as casually as you do. No wonder people spam junk here all the time

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Yeah, don't let her suffer or anything! Fucking stupid cunt.

>No wonder people spam junk here all the time
Related how?

Anyway, if I'm gonna lose go ahead and show me you aren't samefag.

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Fake and gay

Lol, you can see there is not roof to that ceiling as it was never put on because it is a typical "stage set", and you can also see the rope goes far behind her all the way down to the middle of her back to attach to the body harness she is held from (not the neck), as well as the fact that there is zero rope tension at the neck or else her body would be hinged at the neck and she would not be able to hold her head up.

This is Jessie Smollett-quality material And why the fuck has he not been prosecuted yet?

Deepwater jew?

Best Jokey Every

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Yes. Deepwater jew.

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>'heat is die'

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What is a deepwater jew?

Very rare.

There isn't a single post in this thread that's even remotely funny.

How about this

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Kek’d and now redpilled

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I recognize that gay blowjob

Deepwater Jew gets me every time

That’s horrible and whoms’tever did this should be ashamed of themself