Radford university

Radford university

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If u got stories or know anyone hit my at Kik ricroyrice
Carly m
Ashley b

Carly m

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What happened at Radford? I talk with Ashley from time to time hmm

You got any stories on her

Nothing happened just girls from there be wild and there stories are always interesting plus I’m sure nudes be floating around

Not really, we hit it off at a party once and fucked a few times but i moved away, she gets wild when she is drunk though lol

Ah, for sure. Ashley can be a crazy drunk lol

U got Kik?

Yeah. You OP? I can msg that kik if you like

Someone said she got tag teamed but idk if that’s entirely true

That’s mine

Hell yea can swap stories and I got some pics of girls who went there to

Could be true. As I said when she gets drunk she is crazy. We first met she got drunk and blew me haha, kinda how it all started.

Oh shit that’s what’s up

She did not even remember it the next day lol.



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Who is that

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Post this in the college section.

Where’s that at

No idea how to get to that

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That pic looks real familiar

Lets just say its an ass you never forget

Who’s though