Filipina Thread

Filipina Thread

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Give me some filipina bitches



I went to the Philippines once and they all look like pic related but with large ass moles

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Fuck you talkin bout. I went there and they all look good. They love my bbc as well.

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I had a friend who was half-flip, half-kraut. He was fucking crazy.

Heres your average flip model

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More of her plz

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Uugggh shes so tiny and cute

Half flip gf

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Niceeee moreee

Cute feet and ass~

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How sexy is it when that ass jiggles from being fucked from the back?~

The best

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What's your favorite thing to do with her? :3 and the cutest thing she does sexually?

Force her to watch lesbian porn while I fuck her. Make her admit to being my dyke slut. She squeaks when she cums.

Thats cute! need more pics

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Mmmm your gf looks easy to throw around. Get her squeaks make it so hot to cum to

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Mmmm just exposing your gf for all of us to see I love it~

banged two filipinas before. theyre like latinas except asian. personally not my type. but respectable nonetheless, i like lighter skin girls like punjabi, iranian and east asians

funniest thing about one of the flip girls was she was hyper aware of the "asian girl-white guy" thing and would talk about how she felt other asians judged her for being with me when we'd hangout. but she'd drip for the cock and was horny as fuck.