Post a picture of your body user. Let's see what everyone here really looks like

Post a picture of your body user. Let's see what everyone here really looks like.

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Perfectly timed thread. Looking fairly solid OP.... So I need a little insight from femanons, older preferably. I was talking with a rather business savvy stripper the other day and since I've fallen on hard times, she suggested I should sell myself to older women, kinda.

Random I know, but Its not like I can ask anyone else. Think I could net money? I do have a way with older women.

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Only photo I have right now...

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The hardest part would be finding the clientele. Your body would be good enough to keep them happy.

I'm suffering from a bit of dad bod. I need to hit the gym again. (OP)

Dad Bod.

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Is that a gun in your pocket or.... Not looking bad

Respectable all the same. Hard to find the time right? Same for me but I'm fortunate my work keeps me in shapeish. Got potential

>The hardest part would be finding the clientele.

Well I was thinking dating apps. It's just the wordy part, how do I put it across I'm selling it? It's not like selling gear. Anons any tips?


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Top effort, really shouldn't have any trouble user. You should be proud of yourself.

It's hard to say. It's also difficult because women can pretty much get laid whenever they want. They just have to drop their standards. I would focus on trying to appear high end, be something they couldn't get otherwise.

Chubby guy with mantitties

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Got abit of weight on my gut, that I'm trying to get rid of.

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Heh just noticed the filename
Guess you all know I'm a fag lol

Oh sure yeah I get that, I don't think that's going to be too much of a problem. Really I'm hoping to sell 'company'. So my markets going to be a bit less low brow. But any works business.

I'll have a few more tins and mull it.

Keep going mate, your looking good but drop a few more. I know it's hard being that tall, but just a few pounds more and you will be on point.

I can see the URL.

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U want more pics?

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Mmmm would love to peel back that foreskin with my lips and lick your head.

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Well this got gay fast. I was hoping at least one femanon would post before a guy started talking about sucking another guy's dick.

You're too kind

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What did you honestly expect

Holy fuck this thread is gayness to the max

tfw no trap bf

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This thread is the equivalent of finding a bunch of hobos fucking in the back of an abandoned van.

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Nah, nah. Has nothing on the actual surprise of finding a bunch of hobo's fucking. Smack head sex is fairly boring.

Though you are all looking great. You all don't need to worry. Feel good about yourselves guys, killing it.

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