Age restrictions are violations of basic human rights and will be abolished during our lifetime

Age restrictions are violations of basic human rights and will be abolished during our lifetime.

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Stfu retard

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So, 8 year olds can buy firearms, liquor, and drive? hmm...

human rights are a construct. it violates nothing

Not a chance. Child labor will never become a thing, neither will children signing contracts, getting credit, driving, voting, alcohol use, child soldiers, etc.

Just ridiculous at it's face

Truth hurts bitch.

>basic human rights
the only rights you have are the ones the government allows you to have.

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I mean its not that different from a lot of the dumb fucks who arm themselves now tbh.


At that age, they’re only old enough for sex.

We’re talking about sex. None of that other shit. Try to stay on topic user.

Your moms lame.

abusing children and old people aren't a basic human right. kys since you can't go back to tmblr

So, their not old enough for any adult responsibility, except the one which causes 'you' to commit a felony, Just to get this straight.

Shoulda tucked and rolled.

STFU OP. You only want that because no woman your age would fuck you because youre ugly and fat which leads you to prey on children because children are retarded.

Children can't make an informed decision to consent without fully appreciating the consequences of their actions. If an adult exploits that weakness, they should be castrated.

Even tho we all know you're not serious, give is a point why it should be legal first of all.
I'll just say that it is illegal for the same reasons it's fucked up to fuck a dog

Yep. Also, it’s “they’re”. Not “their”. Learn the deference dumbass.

You gonna give us a reason why it should, first of all?

They absolutely can, sweetheart. And the fact they can shatters your world so much you get mad on an anonymous forums to write your weak rebutal.

Future replies will be ignored

>they can shatters your world
>an anonymous forums
You can't even make an informed decision on how to spell ffs.

Does this mean that sex with a dumb person of any age is prohibited?

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He can't even argument and went straight to nazi grammar.

No, we actually ARE talking about all that other stuff. Blurring the line on legal rights and responsibilities for children in any area sets a bad precedent for other stuff.

polite submission and respect.

Say's the guy who failed auto correct

Wow. Could you be anymore of a racist?

Fair point tbh

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One is autocorrect. The other was on purpose. Sad I have to explain that.

yes, i could, nigger.

Fail harder faggot

Did you just assume my gender?

Are you really asking me to explain the difference between they’re and their? Holy fuck. Bwahahahaha.

>cant get out of any living situation without court order
>this causes murders
>also rape
>nobody gets it
>modern world mirrors medieval one

I could be persuaded to believe this, but what are your reasons?

>a pedo

Oh, well…… yuck I guess? face it teenage girls don't want your fat ass

ITT: Pedos argue their varying ideas of how they’d get away with having sex with people that aren’t mature enough to have sex

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what happens when the child grows older then 18 or 25? does the pedo just dump her?

Says the failure. Now get even more, you little snowflake.

Good thing i don't respect human rights, now fuck off.

So they’re not old enough for sex, but old enough to study social studies? Wow. That’s inconsistent.

Get more triggered you failure, you fucked up.

not gonna chime in to this b8 circlejerk, just end it op

>He can't even argument
Retard confirmed, all subsequent arguments can be ignored.

The same thing when you date legal teen chicks and they get to their 30s and 40s. Some remain together, others find new, younger models again.

>defending being a pedo

Might as well just take a toaster bath, OP.










Cause social studies compares to sex how?
>if you're old enough for 8th grade Math you're old enough for me to fuck

Just say you want to fuck 7 year old boys and go.

Yeah OP nobody cares if you are 10 and wanna bang other 10 year olds.
When is your bedtime champ?

In short you're a pedo who want to fuck boys. Ok. We get it.

Yeah usually. By the time they're 18 the pedo has already moved on to another child. They usually abandon them around 16 or so. Often times they use their previous victim to lure in their next victim.

In an ideal world, I'd agree. In an unideal world, I'd agree. In this one, legally, I don't think I'm allowed to agree...

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>he actually thinks Im the op





What a retarded worldview. Kill yourself.

some especially the older generations actually got married in their early twenties for life but then again that's before our civilization began to fall apart. It's not "love" your after its lust you faggot.

based and insanepilled

>being able to remember history means you can take an entire adult dick

You confuse me user

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Love is more than a lust, retard. The fact you make assumptions like that speaks volumes about what you are. Future replies will be ignored.

>Future replies will be ignored

BTFO pedo, i was saying all you care about is LUST and now your running scared cause you can't even defend your degenerate lifestyle.

Because humans are reeeeeal good at respecting people's human rights.

look at this rich nigger with Sup Forums pass

Based and cunnypilled


you jealous, boi?

Not that guy, but if you really loved those kids wouldn't you want what's best for them? Its been pretty consistently proven that early sexualization, especially sexualization pushed by adults, is extremely detrimental to a child's well being.

>consistently proven
By anti-pedo haters, in exactly, to the last letter same way as anti-faggots "scientits" did against homosexuality 100 years ago. Lurk more. Bait more. Future replies will be ignored.

yeah, well.

- child labor was a thing earlier, and still is in the countries with developing industry
- children already can sign contracts; but for the contracts to be legally binding, it must be evident that the child was capable to understand the terms of contract, so the authorization of a legal guardian is required
- it is rare, but children can even get a driving licence, at least here (eurofag), but the conditions are way stricter than with adults and in most cases it's not needed anyway
- voting is a legal action, so it is only responsible that children can't do it (the "legal guardian" does not apply, as voting should be anonymous)
- as for alcohol use, ethanol harms a developing organism more, so it's responsible to not give it to people under 20; the same with weed
- child soldiers are a thing whenever/wherever an actual war starts

- and as for sex, in a contemporary world, it's not the age itself, that is the problem, but the age gap, as younger children can be easily manipulated by an older person. As long as we're talking "just sex between equals", there should be no limits.
But when it comes to "sex of an adult with a child", it should be never be legal. Not because of the sex itself, but because there is no way of proving the child really wanted it and was not manipulated (just as with underage voting) and because there is a far greater risk of permanent psychological damage (just as with underage drinking).

Sup Forums come and bully my younger sister, I think she might be a furry.


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your just a horny brainlet that dosn't even deserve to be fertile let alone anywhere near children. why don't you even attempt to defend your disgusting lifestyle if you not in the wrong?

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for example what happens when they turn 18? its not love if you dump them is it?

Because I'm not that user you were talking to and because I don't have to - he already did. You're an idiot. Have a nice day.

The revolution is coming.

You mean doctors? There's a whole medical profession that has to deal with the fallout of these kids getting fucked at a young age. Kids turn out like Bella Thorne and Miley Cyrus when adults fuck them at a young age.

You should be considered an adult at 14-16 don’t care what year we choose between those 3 but it should be all or nothing

>The revolution is coming.
now that's cringe mother fucker.

and who is going to support your revolution? Other child fuckers?

No, really. Kill yourself.

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>Future replies will be ignored.
The ultimate version of "I give up, hiding in my corner now"

16 year olds are in no way adults. Have you dealt with any 16 year olds since you became an adult? They're fucking children. They have no concept of consequences, they have no impulse control, they are almost completely incapable of make sound life choices.

You wish, sweetie. You pose no threat to us. Our numbers are growing every day and ultimately we will shift the narrative to our side. Just like we did with the same-sex marriage. Remember the Supreme Court ruling in 2015? You better read on it, darling. The revolution is already here.

based and cunnypilled illuminati

Not my problem historically they were adults dealing with much bigger issues than even 25 year olds today

To be honest with you I don’t even care if we make everyone 21 but it should be everything

Either you are an adult or not, I’m inclined to think just making it 16 across the board would be fine

However I also don’t think popular sovereignty is a good system and would gladly also restrict voting rights for 80% of the population

Think about it user.

Lolis are gorgeous, but do you really wanna ha e a needy little brat as a girlfriend, having to play Daddy, having someone that you could never really discuss the deepest frustrations of your life because they just haven't had enough life experience to grasp what you're getting to convey

Lolis are best left as a fantasy

Logic. Kids are fucking annoying and stupid.

Children are amazingly smart and you can discuss with them all sorts of topics on various depth level. Give them a chance and they will surprise you. I'm not saying every loli is like that, but plenty are.

You're an idiot. Future replies will be ignored.

>Our numbers are growing every day
>Just like we did with the same-sex marriage.
Ah I see what this is, you're trying to assert that you're tapped into left wing radicalism and that the lefties have taken up your cause as right and just.

Which is the whole point of this. To make people think that the Left and LGBT groups support pedophilia like they do gay marriage. Which fortunately for the children of the world this is not the case, as the whole argument for gay marriage is two consenting adults should be able to get married if they choose. Key words being "Consenting Adults." But since you're not actually here to champion the cause of pedos, then we can all rest easy that nobody is going to legalize it anytime soon.

No, historically they were still fucking children who made incredibly stupid decisions and often died because of it.

>Future replies will be ignored
Yo we know you give up user, you don't have to say it on every post

>Children are amazingly smart
Ok now we know he trolling lmao
Kids are fucking stupid user.


Age restrictions are going away during your lifetime, user. The best you can do is to slowly accept it. There is no power on Earth that can stop the LGBTQ momentum. Not even your retarded orange president. Accept this, surrender, and you will have a better life. You know it's coming. You know LGBTQ people won't stop with trans and homos. The revolution is here.

Future replies will be ignored, I noticed you just mumble the same nonsense over and over again.

>allows you

Yikes. Better have some long talks with children before being so stupid, user. Future replies will be ignored.

Dubs don't lie, as a boy I had the thoughts of a boy, and when I became a man I thought like a man...

>He can't even argument

>Children are amazingly smart and you can discuss with them all sorts of topics on various depth level.
Yeah a kid can be real smart about a lot of stuff and then turn right around and stick a fucking fork in a light socket. Kids learn quick but they have no experience to draw from. Without that experience or knowledge of consequences its incredibly easy to manipulate a child if you're unethical about it.

Yeah right. Peoples ingrained visceral reaction to wanting to fucking murder anyone who touches a kid is somehow going to disappear in one lifetime.
Even in jail, compared to murderers and violent rapist, kid molesters are still seen are the real villains.
What are you smoking user.
Ain't nobody letting us near qts anytime close to our lifetimes.

You sound triggered. Future replies will be ignored and masturbated over

>Future replies will be ignored.
Stop making promises you aren't gonna keep user.
And no, kids are fucking stupid. You must be one.

Don't underestimate children. You sound like person who never interacted with well-behaved kids in his life. That is unacceptable for this debate.