Why is doing drugs better than sex? is it because im a sociopath, or just a junky?

why is doing drugs better than sex? is it because im a sociopath, or just a junky?

>prove me wrong
>you can't
>only way to truly be happy in clown world

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why cant one be both? also why are drugs so shitty nowadays? any Anons around for queloods?

man I wish,heard about those

Dont sleep with fake people.

If you think sex is shit, you haven't slept with the right person

I wanted to try out LSD soon, any advice?

a lot of sociopaths dont realize they are for a long time. if you ever question it you should check for symptoms and not take medicine unless it becomes something that other people notice too

dont drink the whole bottle.
>inb4 i drank the whole bottle
>>inb4 what bottle, what is driank

Do it. Setting and surroundings is everything

hopefully wireheading becomes available soon

Sex is the best feeling in the world. I'm guessing you're out of shape OP?

Always wanted to try loods.
To bad they're practically extinct.

They're called quaaludes you rubes

Big true. I’ve been off pills for half a year and guess what I found today. Half a pack of Dihydrocodein.

>Clean room
>Eat big meal 4 hours ahead
>Take magnesium supplement 2 hours ahead
>+ Bonus points if you take multi vitamin as well
>Keep in mind you'll be high for 8-12 hours
>You're in control of your trip, if you've never done psyches before it's important to keep this in mind
>The trip will end
>Enjoy the visuals and rolling like feeling
Buy pedialite or gatorade at minimum and take min 100uq, 150 max for first trip.
300+ Uq is a lot of fun though.

>pedialite or gatorade
Can't you just drink water with salt in it? I hate fucking Gatorade

Trust me drink pedialyte, it's balanced with all the right amount of salts, vitamins, etc; Specifically designed to help dehydration.

Just drink it faggot, i'm trying to help you.

Drugs alter the mind without any real work from you, no question.
Sex which you seek requires the proper mindset, not just a quick inhale or what have you

Ive done neither. :^)

You're not special user, congrats.
Now go to another thread and throw out a whimpering call for attention.

It's spelled "qaaludes" you fucking retard

isn't the whole point if this site getting attention? would you want your posts ignored? bet you didn't think that one through did ya?

Actually pity you user.

why, please go on?

sex is just so one sided anyway, jacking off really isn't that different. drugs are awesome

There is no point, just know that someone out there pities you.

Wow you pity him good shot... burn

Yet you're responding for him

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>says he pities user
>thinks he won argument but really it was just boring so he left
>inb4 he come back and calls you a fag
lol not really


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Smoke meth in chastity and fuck yourself with a huge dildo while watching BBC porn. Trust me, you'll never cum so hard in your life.

a third option is fag

>loses argument
>accuse other Anons of samefagging
>typical faggotry

he really looks stupid now

not for me you fucking degenerate

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What the fuck are you even talking about

Jokes on you naggotfigger
All is one
There is no such thing as death
I am you
I am him
I am God, the dirt, the air, the dying stars
You want pity? Dig that pit
take a shoval
dig out your shit
put it in a hole
live in it

fukken kek ok jesus

even though I'm just a pot head I sort of feel like im just better off. as I said drugs>roasties. its a commitment you get something out of at least

I am my own son?
You can find me in a Tomato
Neutral Milk Hotel

wrong he had a flowing mane, his baldness was attributed to his lack of controlled land


woah I had some real weird stuff going on the last few minutes in my head I thought I was crazy and caught in an existential thought loop...that was very strong weed this time

Get some help man

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Consuming like a tablespoon of cinnamon mixed with lemon juice will active the DMT in your brain and you will trip

There is no One

No you, no him, no god.

fucking jew-nazi heterochromial octraheedrones
I am so alone

My head is FUCKING SCREAMING YEEEEEAAAAAAAAH its like BIG small BIG small back and forth in front of me but I CANT MAKE OUT THE IMAAAAGE

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getting a dealer and the social connections to good drugs is also the social element of seeking it out nigger. Besides pussy does absolutely nothing unless you wanna adhere to the frivolous day in day out monotony of this western world by settling down.

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based aand nixonpilled

Because when women got their equality nobody was expecting how boring they would actually be

Yeah pretty much.

liquide door man has a toxic masculinity probeeem

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You'd rather drink salt water than gatorade? Somethin wrong with you

nah i just thought based nixon was a decent dude to post. Tbh toxic masculinity does the worlds no favors unless the niggers whom say it actually practiced it, and hey its a hell of alot better than the global emasculation of our children atm.

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that's a comically large dab. also fucking dabbing, that shit is really bad for your lungs.

not as bad as living in new york

is smoking a half Oz to a full oz of AAAA kush along with shatter and hash and concentrate oils every week bad?

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18 btw

I smoke an oz a week, as well as 3-4 1g carts of oils.
It is killing my lungs, coughing etc when i'm not smoking.
I objectively worse in terms of health and I feel it happening.

I'd suggest to stop smoking if you can early, as it's really ruined my health.

naw ur good user just avoid lsd

yea dude i relate. But yea i stopped smoking the carts now and i feell a bit better. I have been getting headaches and i have like no appetite when im sober for the start of it until i smonk something. Btw dont you hate it when your tolerance is so fucked that your only really high for 15-30min?

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I get nauseous like I want to throw up when I don't smoke. I hate tolerance and t breaks. As 1-2 months only reset my T for about a week.

Honestly I have no other advice other than to quit smoking, but you're an adult and eventually it will catch up with you.
Hope the headaches stop because that doesn't sound normal from my end.