How is this possible ?

how is this possible ?

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Clearly an alien swarm

we are in a simulation.


We live in a society.

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gas cloud blocking view of stars behind

If you’re looking for a real answer:


Dust Cloud

It's just a gas & dust cloud dense and large enough to be opaque.


massive alien civilization that has perfected the dyson sphere

an elder god is sleeping there.

I'm OP and trust me it's real. it's mind boggling big too it's 700,000,000 lightyears with 60 galaxies only.

Really makes you think

Isn't there a good chunk of our observable universe sphere missing from a supposed super-massive distant black hole pulling the light away fast enough from us ?

The reality hits you once more. I was hoping the reality would at least be more interesting.

Not really, something happened or didnt in that area of space at one point in time resulting in less than typical galaxy clusters...not sure how this is mind boggling at all

Find me another void like that then. I'll wait.

Right? Just a bunch of fuckin dense dust and gas and shit

Literally nerve gas?

what is the big bang, what is heasenberg, and what is expansion?

god laffed and farded and shidded his univarse.

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Klingons from around Uranus

>Being this ignorant of cosmic anomalies.

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Boötes void?


But it still doesn't answer all of them I guess, scientists know how to identify wether those things are dark nebulas or voids, and there are some really fucking big voids over there, there's one that relatively to the observable universe has about the proportion of mars compared to the Sun, and that's fucken huge if you know to what size that would translate into.

It's called gravity


Btw, here's some basic size infographics, for newbs

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It's the Böotes Void. There is stuff in it, mind you. It's just so comparatively few things so far away that the rest of the universe drowns it out.
It's called a supervoid!

If my Mom were able to "kick" Canis Majoris, would it just disperse?

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and would she burn her foot? Or does that depend on her velocity relative to CM's?
I'm so very confused user

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ramdom shit. You'll see there is others

I was hoping there would be some interdimensional rift and shit. Of course it's just a trick of light.

You've seen the God's eye nebula, well thats God's anus.

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Considering the fact that at that size her mass is enormous as well as her stored energy if she was to stay alive i'd say she has a good chance at dispersing it.
Theoretically she'd be many times hotter than she would be on earth.
Would she be hotter than a star though?
Also would she get burned or would her changes to make her that size give her some kind of immunity due to her own stored energy and heat?

That picture is a nebula. The bootes void isn't visible and is likely caused by early fluctuations.


basically its a cloaked arcturian spaceship guarding our solar sytem from imminent invasion.

Thinking this is a volume devoid of stars is so retarded on so many levels. Its a fucking gas cloud

>Theoretically she'd be many times hotter than she would be on earth.
But would she be hot enough to be fuckable?

It's Barnard 68, a molecular cloud.

>Size of the universe
>Being surprised when weird shit shows up every now and then
Pick one

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Thinking it's impossible for actual voids exist is so retarded on so many levels, scientists know the difference between a fucking gas cloud and a void, and there fucking are voids

>retarded on so many levels
>Its a fucking gas cloud
I see what you did there. Good bait

nice bait user

How big do you think the universe is? Infinite?
Last time I've seen it was finite, but relatively if the observable universe was about the size of a lamp, the entire non-observable universe would be the size of Mars.

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and I supposed believe this? get out of here

Yes, faggot.

Infinite isn't a size or measurement but otherwise agreed

>Ask your mom, it looks like her Black hole.

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Depends on how big she's gotten

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Non scientist here

maybe its a tear in the fabric of space

theoretically she could simply be a large planetoid (she needn't be a star).

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People just like to believe they know to make themselves look smarter to other dumb ass people.

Humanity doesn't know shit and it's all theories at best. You'll be long dead and even then people won't really have a fucking clue as to why and how. So go on about your life cunts.

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Bro......calm down

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Wow. Projecting much?

How's highschool?

There's a lot of stuff we have no comprehension of

could be alien life has harnessed the energy of that section in space and no light can get here due to their efficient energy gathering.

Truth is we'll never know. Get over it

How the fuck do things like this exist?


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>Astronomy has unanswered questions
>Therefor you shouldn't discuss astronomy and doing so makes you dumb
>Also I'm angry for some reason
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Thank god someone here has a head on their shoulders

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Her own gravity would crush her into a 50 solar mass ball of fat and bone that would implode/explode forming a type 1 f (f for fat) supernova then a black hole.

jews stole the stars for profits, obviously


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"Observable" is only because it hasn't existed long enough for light to make its way here yet.

nebulas aren't hundreds of millions of light years across though. no one knows why the voids are there, some think it's a type III civilisation that has built dyson spheres around all the stars in thousands of galaxies

>Steals literally everything in reach down to a molecular level
>Is black

Checks out.

Never reading any book makes people ask these moronic questions.

>not sure how this is mind boggling at all
go back to playing in the sandbox where you belong

That's a picture of barnard 68. It will be a star in the next 500000 years or so. There are monstrously sized voids though

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I dropped my phone and now there are a ton of dead spots along the cracks. Have you dropped space lately?

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Am I going to need a new microwave?

>claiming to know that no one knows

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the void.
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