Lounge thread

Lounge thread

Wanna see things from someone else's perspective, unload after a long day, or just need an ear? Come to the lounge. We're open.

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Can we smoke in the lounge?

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Yeah, just stick to the smoking section.

Free cigars, by the way.

This is the type of lounge i would want in my mountain cabin

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That's a nice little lounge, user.

Where would you keep the brandy?

On my way home from my daily adventures I drive down a street, predominantly used for prostitutes. Nothing special. Except tonight, I'm pretty sure I saw my ex walking up and down. Now I hope it wasn't her, but alas, the locale and the resemblance were there. Dunno how to feel. It's like a fireman came in your mouth.

>It's like a fireman came in your mouth.
Do what?

Was your ex someone you could see becoming a prostitute, and do you still keep in contact with her?

Is there a limit to what we can smoke? Hookah, pipe, cigarettes, vapes etc? Also I’m talking tobacco not anything else

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Nice quads, user.

Tobacco and pot, but they have their own sections, and one integrated.

So long as you aren't doing crack or something you should be fine. Have a smoke, have a drink, relax and unwind.

She was a whore when I met her, whore when I left. Shows how bad it is when she was a family members ex, not just a random encounter. No I don't keep in contact with her, too much bad blood.

Well good for you, seems like to much trouble.

If she's really out there on the corner, there isn't much to do. Just go on and try to do good things, and maybe pray that she turns herself around.

Yeah, buddy. Life has weird ways.

Strange things happen all the time. It's a weird world, and that won't ever stop.

Anyway, before we need to rent a room for the night let someone else vent.

id get a whiskey cabinet and put it somewhere nice

>Whiskey cabinet.


The whiskey cabinet has always been and will always be the cornerstone of a nice lounge. Make sure it's a nice one.

They're both great, and they pair well. Why not?

My job is shit, I didn't go yesterday and I don't plan on going today neither, It's a shitty software company with a shit process and shit code base and shitty coworkers, but I need the money which it isn't much and just barely enough, I just didn't pictured myself like this at 25, maybe I was or still am naive.

I don't care about living or dying, but sadly my death and decisions would destroy my family and I just don't want to bring more suffering to this world.

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Both Brandy and Whiskey is good, you could just get a nice cabinet with some separated rooms for brandy and whiskey

You ever thought about working with your hands, user?

Yeah, I've done construction work a few times the pay ain't much but I just feel different like I'm actually doing something.

But I cannot live on construction work I have to pay the bills.

I was gonna suggest trying out trade school. It's fairly short and cheap, and depending on what you go in for you can usually pull $20 - $35 no problem.

I don't know what you make in coding but I'm sure even making the same amount with different work would be a step up. Personally I'm trying to be a mechanic, but you'll find stuff for construction, welding, plumbing, HVAC, electrical work, whatever.

bro i know. i'm on my second job, my first was a contracting gig. that first company was a small blockchain startup, and it was a fucking MESS
i was just appalled, because everyone was educated and had good resumes, but they were so sloppy and they mismanaged everything. within 3 months of me moving on, i think the company has dissolved

i'm now with a bigger company (~50 people, ~10 of which are engineers) and it is night and day. There are two guys on the back-end that are lazy and sloppy, but the manager of the front-end team and the VP of engineering are good at calling them out on it and telling them to shape up.

stick with it, and go with a bigger company next time. bigger companies are so much more organized, because they have to be.

Thanks user, papa bless.

I try to help where I can.

Right! Appalled is exactly how I feel, it is my first "official" job and the company has been for around 20 years with now 50-60 coders but the code is utter shit and the process in insufferable.

And I don't just say it because I think so, they only use basic control flow with shit tons of nested ifs, they rarely use OOP even though the language allows it to, they have files with up to 70K lines of code and functions with thousands that do many things. Everybody codes however they want however they can, so there's so much inconsistency with what is what.

But I'll get my shit together, stick with it for at least 6 months and move one.

You sound like my brother in law. Guy's super into computers and coding, going to college for it and I think he's looking for a job in it too. Every time he talks about coding it's like someone's speaking to me in a language that's vaguely familiar, but still remains out of my grasp.

OOP is key. if you're a junior, a senior should be reviewing your PRs and pointing out how you could make the code more object-oriented.

seniors are good coming up with ways to modularize things. if you can show that as a junior, you'll be head and shoulders above the competition.

if there are 60 coders - not just employees of the whole company, but coders specifically, that is a lot. that's a big company. a company that big has no right to be disorganized.

70k lines of code is ridiculous, too many nested ifs is impossible for humans to follow. you should tell the team, if you haven't already, that they need to break things apart and modularize, use more helpers functions, etc.

also, merge conflicts in a file with 70k lines of code is probably a fucking nightmare. if you bring this up to them, whether they resist or not, you'll have an important story to tell your next job. they will always ask why you were leaving your previous job and if you can say "I knew they were doing things inefficiently and they were unwilling to change, and that's not an environment i can learn in and thrive in", that shows you're on top of things.

the only messy thing in terms of code i've seen in my codebase at my current job is a very deeply-nested ternary. It's a dumb thing to do, but it was written back when the current manager of the front-end team was the only FE engineer and when the company was still young. now, as the team gets bigger, I can see the code is getting cleaner, partly because we need it to be clean as other people jump onto your code later.

How many firemen have came in your mouth??