Ass’s and Butts thread

Ass’s and Butts thread

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Nice work user. More??

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love the temp tattoo but her ass needs exfoliating, bad.

Friend of mine

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Hot tattooed bitch that does cam shows

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Keep it up

Found on a thread yesterday

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Good find user

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There’s more, the whole thread was ass shots and her pussy.

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Who else just loves girl farts. Any good stories?

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My sister used to think i hated it when shefarted in my face i loved that shit it usedto get me hard!

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What kind of context did she do it in? Was she clothed? How was her burping skills?

My ex gf

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kik anyone?

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She would be like i going to fart in face next time. I would tell her she better not or i will fuck her up then she would sit on my face play wresting i would grab her thighs making sure she cant move. I know she seen my hard cock while it was happing too.


Nice juicy ass got my cock hard
Want to see?

yes. post urs?

Damn. Does this still go on? You should investigate this matter further. Tell her to stick a bike pump in her ass and fill herself full of air to really step her fart game up

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add me, amullzor


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Is she going to watch me stroke my cock?

Morr?? Ass and feet?

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Cum love daddy

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My gf bent over

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Farts sound the best from this position right here
What a beautiful asshole

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She's like the chubby version of my gif. More? Tits?

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Good taste in cheeks

Latin, Asian, or Arab? Can't tell. Keep em coming though


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How are her farts? Indian women are usually very windy

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Uh oh stinky

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Let me ask a question ... is it a weird kink or fetish to want your gf to show her tits to strangers are like : parties , festivals , ect. Anywhere there may be some under the influence guys to kinda look at her up and down like a slut and try and touch her.

Just a find.. Ned more though

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Agreed user

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Anyone trade oc on kik?

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