I'm a trans individual who has been on Sup Forums for years...

I'm a trans individual who has been on Sup Forums for years. I've yet to see any definitive proof that anything which is largely accepted by the trans community is bad for them, and I'm here to address these issues.

Let's get a hot topic out of the way first: gender reassignment surgery is as necessary for individuals experiencing severe gender dysphoria as chemo would be for a cancer patient. Yes, some people still unfortunately kill themselves. But, every single person who undergoes surgery who doesnt is a person whose life is saved. It is not cosmetic, it is life saving.

Secondly, estrogen is not bad for your mind or body in any way as an assigned-at-birth male. There is zero scientific evidence that it is. This is baseless and only serves to scare people away from taking the medicine they need

Third: it can be "too late to change". I am 37 and I only began hrt 5 years ago. Within two years I was visually passing and now my voice sounds indistinguishable from any other woman's.

Finally, that it is bad for children to transition. Most children have no issue with this and think it's cool to know a trans individual. And giving children estrogen does in fact make it easier on them psychologically to go through their lives as a woman. There is zero evidence that any child has experienced adverse effects growing up compared to non-trans children.

I will talk to anyone about any of these things. I'm just sick of seeing baseless bullshit spewed about us on this board. Seeing that stuff early on in my transition made me think about some things I never want to think about again. And anyone who posts pictures of girls who are having trouble passing is participating in psychological abuse.

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No it's still bad for kids whose body hasn't gone through puberty yet. Your opinion doesn't fucking matter when you support child abuse.

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>Go to Sup Forums
>Try to lecture people on trans shit
I didn't even read but I can tell that you're trying too hard to forward an unhealthy agenda. Be yourself, be happy that we're all being ourselves. People have a sexual preference and not everybody is comfortable with fucking someone with a dick who claims to be a girl. Either you start accepting that people are different and mind your own fucking business or you get the fuck out of here. Pic related

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Do what ever the fuck you want, just leave children alone. Stop encouraging children to transition.if a child is too young to consent to sex, they're too young to consent to transitioning. Frankly encouraging minors to transition is a form of sexual abuse.

>go on Sup Forums
>try to advocate trans rights
>everyone is calling for trans genocide

I never thought in my life that Sup Forums would be SEXIST???? I am truly shocked

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im trans and we are not human
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If you're depressed as someone who feels not the gender you were born with you'll feel depressed as someone who is trans.

If you find a community that loves and accepts you for who you are you can learn to use that to overcome depression.

The pills aren't what fixes you, it's the community. That's why the trans community needs to block out any dissenting voices. And that's why we're there, because we know that these trans individuals value themselves by their looks, their labels, and on the opinion of others. To transfags you'll always be too masculine, too fat, too old, too flat, too empty inside because such a thing exists to you.

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