What are your thoughts on Greta?

What are your thoughts on Greta?

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She's right. I don't know why people are so weird about her.

She's not right. She a puppet. She's an Aspy kid repeating verbatim nonsense she's been told by her eco-loon hippy parents.

goofy sperg
saying the same old shit except she gets tv appearances and media attention for some reason

she talks a lot but still eats imported fruit and uses electricity like the rest of us

She has aspergers, which makes her see everything in black or white. Either we have perfect climate, or it's a crisis. But she's just an asperger child. The real evil are the people behind the scenes pulling the strings.

>we are living in the beginning
No. This is the advanced stage.

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Powerful, we should all be eating bugs.

She can get my big throbbing clock right now.

Literally all the worlds leading scientists and top intellectuals don't believe in man made climate change, so why should i believe a little girl? Madness

I trust her nearly complete highschool education. Let's start banning straws internationally.

Lol you're gonna get banned by pussy mods for jokes like that

Same tired arguments. She's retarded and someone is else making her do this. Jesus fucking Christ, the only debate you're comfortable taking on is about a teenager. Now who's the retard?

>Ass burders syndrome

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Because muh appeals to emotion.

I wish i could troll this good.

I feel bad for her
just parroting what her parents and handlers tell her

Is this just one sad jerkoff with rotating Greta, AOC and Billie Eilish posts all fucking day or are there a few Sup Forums tards with nothing better to do?

I wish.

where did you boomers get this bug eating meme

You know, she's advocating for regulations on companies that contribute to climate change, not silly shit like banning straws.


I'm the 40+yo GenXer, you flaky little bitch. We built your goddamned internet. We have one foot in the analog and one foot in the digital.
I can skin a deer, rebuild an engine, get a database into third normal form, hack together disparate pieces of back end server technology with a patchwork of PHP, Python, and Perl, and I can do that all by 5PM.
By 9PM I will have already fucked your mom.

I was in a mosh pit while you were being conceived. I can STILL hold my own in the mosh pit even now while your scrawny little ass is standing there, arms folded, nodding gently to the band, or face glued to your phone built via Chinese wage slaves, surfing the internet that MY generation helped build.

And you know what makes me and my generation special?

Nothing. Not a goddamned thing.

Because we were bitching about the boomers before it was #trending. Many of them were the hippies that their own parents and grandparents complained about. They were the snowflakes of their era.

Humanity doesn't change. If you get up off your ass and do shit instead of complaining about getting triggered, and running off to your little hugboxes and safe spaces, you too can build a life that the next generation or two will claim you somehow stole from them.

And you'll laugh in their faces as well, or you'll shake your cane at them and scream for them to get off your lawn.

Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Stay thirsty, junior. ;-)

Cool edit friend. This will sure own those zoomers.

I don't think about her.
Or any puppet reading a Sorros speech.
Run along, employee.

>you fucking nitwits calling people boomers, when there are probably no boomers here.
this is why we laugh at your feeble little generation.
You'd probably put on panties and suck my cock for a latte.

I'm watching the red ice tv clip right now. Pretty interesting stuff which the media has denied denied denied up until recently

She is female and therefore superior to all males.
She must be obeyed, served, and pleased, not questioned.

ok boomers

The Some Reason is the same as it has ever been.
Whether it's a celebrity bubblehead like DiCaprio(who will be banging little greta in his yacht soon)
Or this dumb shit teen, leftists just trot out someone they fill will be popular for a time and jam them down our throats until the next flash in the pan

ok boomer

Fetal alcohol syndrome face, apparently she's got Asbergers & the reading comprehension of a 9 year old, news reports sayin she was almost catatonic for over a year, prone to episodes of both deep depression & violent fits of rage. So it makes sense she's the far left's poster girl since 90% of the far left suffer similar mental issues / learning disabilities.

What's a boomer?

Not a boomer.
Stop wasting trips you unoriginal faggot

Zoom Zoom Zoom

someone born between 1946 and 1964

Her sole purpose is to destroy the white race. Climate Change is a satanic lie.

ok boomer

Boomers are Androids in human form. They are usually used for military for lower tier Boomer's as body guards. Look into Bubblegum Crisis

Personally, I believe in everyone pitching in and helping the greater good

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>ITT butthurt kids angry we don't listen to the Swedish kid

How dare you rob her of her innocence.

Another case of the liberal mental illness. For all these years they've been pushing global warming. That never happened and people didn't give a shit. Next they tried to convince us that it's climate change, but ultimately the climate hasn't changed much at all in 99% of the world, so no one gave a shit. Now they're saying the apocalypse is already at hand and it's already too late to undo global warming while society still shows NO signs of ANYTHING. By this point they are worse than those religious doomsayers saying the end of the world will happen at some arbitrary date/time because Super Allah wills it.

Originally a meme to mock out of touch old far leftists & religious conservatives. Now the far left are trying to use it as an insult against zoomer & wondering why young people either roll their eyes or cringe. Basically the equivalent of an 80 year old dressing in trendy clothes, listening to popular music in a desperate attempt to fit in.

Pretty upset this is the face of politics today. One day I hope I can turn on the news and have scientists yelling at me for change and not 14 year old kids.

On the one hand, you have nearly every single scientist telling you that climate change is happening and is caused by humans.

On the other hand you have oil executives telling you it isn't happening.

And climate deniers are apparently of the opinion that the financial incentives are the overriding reason that climate scientists do what they do.

And that oil companies have humanity's best interests at heart.

People who deny science are fucking idiots. They're as stupid as people who believe in the healing power of essential oils or that crystals will cleanse your auras.

Climate deniers are stupid, ignorant, uneducated morons. The fact that so much of humanity is so easily controlled by bad actors is why we probably will make ourselves extinct within the next hundred years. Or at least obliterate civilization such that it can never recover ever again.

>ITT cranky boomers cant stop themselves from replying to the strawmen in their heads

I mean, they tried. A lot. But idiots are easily controlled by the media, so it didn't do anything.

Bless her heart

The only person talking sense in this whole thread:

Basically she is telling us that if we want to save the world then we kill ourselves.

She brings forward no solutions. She is dangerous.


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It's a fucked up leap in logic born of specious reasoning that would state people who understand climate science is politically motivated, and the presumption that we somehow trust oil companies.
There is debate and lots of it among scientists.

The first rule of science is to have empirical first hand data that what is being claimed is happening is happening. For the vast majority of normal people, we do not have this empirical data because not a damn thing has changed in the climate empirically. The climate in my area has been more or less EXACTLY the same in the past 30 years. So what reason do I have to believe in climate change?

On the other hand, for you to claim that everyone must believe it because the scientists say it's true, that is a logical fallacy called appeal to authority and thus there is no logical reason that the average person should buy into the hysteria of climate change.

Sure showed those boomers, zoom zoom.
How are the millennials going to recover from being called boomers, wow.

No, there is not significant debate among scientists about these two facts:

1) Climate change is happening.

2) It is caused by human activity.

There's a lot of debate about specifics, AFTER you acknowledge those two facts.

>So much gets in this thread

Wait kids are calling millenials boomers, too? I thought they were retarded calling genx boomers, but man! This is dumb

Zoomers are literally 12 and suffering from peter-pan syndrome, anyone that's an adult is a boomer to them.

Yes there fucking is.
There has been debate since this pseudo science was trumped up

>all these scientists say we live on a circle, but MY part of this ""circle"" is FLAT! how can I believe them???

Ah, thank you for clarifying.

Can't believe people actually listen to this cunt lol. Would love to see her get dicked tho.

When this dumb bitch convinces China, the world's biggest threat to our environment, to do something about climate change, only then will I be convinced to do something too. But the irony is that liberals love preaching to average people as if we are the ones who have any effect on the environment. How about you preach to the big corporations that are actually doing the polluting? I believe in a free market, and I will always continue to buy and consume what I buy and consume, but if the corporations care more about greed than the environment, that's on them, not me.

>Appeal to authority REEE the post

Ok, let me summarize:

1) Over 97% of climate scientists believe climate change is happening and is caused by humans.

That's it. If you believe that you know more about climate processes than people who have dedicated their entire life to studying it, you're a fucking idiot.

Part of critical thinking is understanding that when you're discussing the technical or scientific details of a topic, listen to the fucking experts. If nearly all of them agree, you better have INSANELY good evidence countermanding them before you disagree with them.

And you don't. Because there isn't.

The only thing there is, is straight lies. Listen to the scientists and stop being an uneducated, stupid, easily manipulated cog that's allowing industries to put the planet on the course for literal global catastrophe for their bottom line.

You'll claim appeal to authority to literally anything. What about the studies done that model predictions of climate change, show the upward trend of greenhouse gases, measure the steady decline of arctic ice, etc etc? Are those fake just because they were posted by an "authority", regardless of the amount of peer review they've gone through?

>Appeal to authority the post

99% of the world believed the world was flat 500 years ago, and you'd have been arguing the same thing and have me hung for being a heathen for suggesting it was round...

They're stupid and uneducated. They don't understand the scientific process.

The point here is that if you want people to believe in climate change, the last thing you want to do is create these ridiculously complicated peer reviews that require an IQ of 150 to understand just so experts circle jerk each other and sound smart. If you want the average person to believe it, present it in such a way that the average person can believe it. Provide actual evidence in a way that not just fellow experts believe it then force people to appeal to authority that just because the experts believe it you should too.

Well, good thing you ignored what I said. I'm talking about scientists doing science. Not stupid uneducated fools like you believing stupid shit because you don't know anything.

Eratosthenes tried to calculate the circumference of the earth literally thousands of years ago. Because he was a philosopher/ bronze age scientist who actually used a shitty version of the scientific method.

So what I would have done, would be to go to the experts, who would have told me that the earth was a sphere (or something like it) and then all would have been fine.

firstly, source.
Secondly, no, there is a wide disagreement as wether humans activity has a significant effect on current climate variations.
Thirdly: nobody EVER said that climate change was bad, except climate activists. No disinterested scientist has ever suggested that an increase in world temperature would either be
1) Bad for the Earth
2) Bad for humans

The problem is that a lot of idiots like you mix climate change and pollution, which are two very different issues.
Pollution is very real, only caused by humans and definitely harmful to anything.
Climate change is real, but is mostly a factor of volcanic activity and distance to the sun. A single volcano eruption will emit more CO2 than China does in an entire year. How are we at fault for CO2 again? We can't really control this, scientists know it.
Wether the media manipulates data to make it look like, for whatever reason, that the current temperature variation is unprecedented (it isn't) and dangerous (it isn't either) doesn't matter.

In over her head.

Do you believe that the only reason climate change is not understood is because the scientists haven't done a good job explaining it?

How about the inconceivable amounts of money invested by industry specifically to fool uneducated fools into allowing their world to be fucked up so that a rich guy can make another buck?

I'm a conservative new fag Boomer and love this little Goddess. So to all you Zoomers and Millenofags who don't love her need to Hero yourselves today. ty in advance for your cooperation.

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boy i cant wait for the apocalypse im so tired of waking up everyday i hope im one of the first

Wow these lies are insanely blatant.


And yes you stupid fucking halfwit, climate change will be devastating. There is literally no respected scientist on the planet who argues that climate change will not cause devastating global impacts, like food shortages, resource wars, rising ocean levels, and even potential run-away ecological processes that could be unstoppable.

Fuck you people are just insanely stupid and uneducated. You must come from the south.

hey guys let's talk about things everyone is talking about, isn't it fun and doesn't it make you want to engage in conversation?

The 97% number was debunked years ago. Try harder.
Seethe. Cope. Dilate.

I really want to see some deepfakes or porn with her.

I provided a source, where's yours?

yes I would really like some cool neat conversation in this thread

She's saying nothing new
Seriously it's just because she's young that people listen


Well, that's about the quality of source that I expected from uneducated fucking idiots who don't actually have a leg to stand on.

Man, you can stop calling them idiots. You're right, but you're still being an ass.

Greta is a beautiful young woman, and I would love to be able to call her my wife

She has a very sexy body

No you didn't. (Unless you did so in a post you didn't directly reply to.)


I like insulting the morons. I know at least some of them are worried that they actually are stupid idiots who are being taken advantage of. I just want to drive it home.

Regardless of her political views, I think it's amazing that these zoomers are becoming so politically active. I wish more people were.

>gazes at twitching lizard tail
>convinced they have the whole lizard
Jesus. Fuck sake, I miss IDs.

Shes a puppet loser who probably doesnt even know what shes talking about

The things she says are somewhat true, but she is given way too much credit. She is not a scientist, neither is anyone from her family. Her childhood wasn’t ruined, she lives in Sweden with rich parents. The only reason anyone supports her is because she is easy to manipulate and a good public figure. She doesn’t act mature enough for me to consider her to be a leader, more just a vocal influencer.

Got that right!
tiny dot cc slash ClimateGoddess
More of that great body in the mega!

You're right. Your source says it's more like 84%. That's still a very strong consensus that current climate conditions are being pushed to instability by human actions.

I didn't say 97% of scientists, I said 97% of climate scientists. The article claims that there might be a slight overstatement, that it might be more accurate to just say over 90%. I'll take that to heart and use 'over 90%' from now on. Why not.

It also explicitly states that anything over 80% is a clear scientific consensus and that it doesn't matter if you say 90% or 97%. The arguments and outcome are the same.

So basically, the article agrees with me that there is a strong scientific consensus among climate scientists.

So basically, read the articles you quickly grab on the internet and check whether they will actually support your broader opinions or those of your opponent, idiot.

If you don't care about mass immigration then you don't care about climate change. If you refuse to consider invading China/India/Africa to force them to stop polluting then you don't care about climate change.

In a piece written by a retired oil executive who was trying his damnedest to get the number down even further.

Trump caused the Ice Age that wiped out the dinosaurs, impeach him , REEEEEEEEEEE

Nice. I wish she had some nudes out. Getting hard just thinking about her bare chest and hairless crotch

she's a tool of the left. She is right about the problem, but she didn't think of this on her own.

Also, she looks like she has down's syndrome.

Okay, so seize on the source that is a small part of the picture (yet 100% more than any source you gave). Nevermind scientists who have tried to sue to get their names off the IPCC since they disagree with its conclusions and their names being used to support a "consensus" they're not a part of.
In 1990, my science teacher told me we'd be underwater by now.
Mars is getting hotter.
Polar bears aren't stranded on icebergs.
We've been hearing this shit for decades. That's why we've stopped listening.

>hurr durr evil oil companies
That's why you walk, ride bikes, take public transportation, and drive an electric car, right?