I am you from the future! The year is 2026 and our life has turned out great...

I am you from the future! The year is 2026 and our life has turned out great. This is all thanks to Bernie Sanders being elected president. He changed the world and brought peace to the west. To think that none of this would have happened if you guys voted Trump.

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funny considering trump had nothing to do with bernie sanders losing,it was the dnc

besides,why would i want another jew to replace the current jew?

why would i want another old white men to replace the current old white men

they picked the only person who could lose to trump lol

I can't vote for Trump, the Democratic party paid me $50 not to.

>implying bernie will live that long

All hail bernie

Too bad it's going to be 4 more years of trump

Because you socialists can't make decisions on your own, have to be told who to vote for, stupid nazis

ty Bern

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Bernie is dad

>implying anyone on Sup Forums votes

Yeahhhhh still not voting for him.

You think that old crack pot gives a shit? He wont have to deal with any of his repercussions because he will be dead in 2 years

You basically deserve to stay poor if you don't vote Bernie. If you're rich you should obviously vote Trump tho (or anyone but Bernie)

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If you're not voting Bernie you basically deserve to stay poor. Obviously if you're rich you should vote Trump (or any other candidate; they're basically interchangeable)

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Socialist =/= nazi

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Yeahh, Elon Musky...you was all time

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Is guess there is "peace" in Sweden but there are more bombs going off here than in WW2. That's probably what you guys will get with Bernie since he flip-flopped on open borders. If you want to skull fuck your workers and create a new under class, allow open borders

Try not to get too butthurt fascist