How the fuck does Sup Forums work?

How the fuck does Sup Forums work?

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I press the funny button to get (you)s

It doesn’t. We are all niggers.

all hail
Le Newfag Trips™ !!

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This is my first thread. So far I am very happy with these responses.

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Ok I’m starting to understand. You either post porn or meme. I think I know how Sup Forums works now bros.

Gtfo newfag

Abolish the minimum wage. Let the market decide

Stfu you’re the newfag you big fuckin bag of cum

The makret has decided, KILL ALL THE NIGGERS AND JEWS

Do not post porn or memes. No one likes that. That is the canser that kills Sup Forums either find a better imageboard, or leave. Read about imageboard culture, find it yourself. Ignore knowyourmeme

andre wants to fuck CWC pass it on

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Superman punch him Ronald!


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>Do not post porn or memes

That is literally the only thing I see here

Holy trips...

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I’m l e a r n i n g

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Pls keep posting I want my first thread to be a big hit

Basically you try to make an interesting thread and your thread either ends up turning into a huge argument or everybody just calls you a faggot

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Just because other people do it, dosnt mean you should. At least be creative with memes and porn. Avoid using normie memes. Also, people here ar obsessed with post numbers. Trips, dubs.
Lurk before you post, and make everything you say count. Also, dont namefag. (Using a username) or avatargag (using a picture to represent yourself) try to stay anonymous

Guys, do you know the name of the funny Sup Forums frog?

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Thanks man, these images are really funny

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Trannies are just a fetish you sick faggot

a gay fetish