This is perfection whether you like it or not

This is perfection whether you like it or not

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I like it. who are you to tell me I don't?

Can't tell without seeing her penis

aside from the damned bellybutton piercing, i agree

Hot take

Hopefully there isn't one or we're all gay

Nipples Only cup is not even close to a fucking perfection

eat to look at but would like slightly bigger tits, still an A+

tits this size would be perfect

Yeah, that’s pretty good.

She’s cute but nowhere near perfection
Also, wtf is up with the gap in the middle of her nips?

Tits are too small. Nipples too pointy, Bad posture. Tan lines. Stretch marks. Degenerate piercings. Part of eyebrow missing. Toilet paper standing upwards not sideways.

>brown eyes
>tans so much her skin will be like shoe leather by 30

>gap in the middle of her nips?
That's where the milkies shoot out.

And thats the fucking cheap toilet roll too

She probably stole if from a gas station bathroom after sucking off Tyrone.

LOL, no. She has an ugly pussy with meat curtains. Try again.


Nah. Any bitch that takes nude pics of themselves is a slut. A slut is far from perfection.