Scotland thread

Scotland thread
Mon in

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Expired lol

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Fucking fireworks let me sleep cunts


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Any bathgate anons lurk?

There’s allegedly more pics of Casey Penman about.. very interested.

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from Glenrothes fife

Geez a swatch ae yer diddies doll

more please, lads

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Any East Kilbride sluts?

Fucking wankers, not even putting on a good show

Inverness babe!

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Hey Guys. I’m half Scotch on my grandmas side. I’m one of you. My family support the green and white Rangers. Uch aye the now!


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Caitlin f?

Same one

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I have more if anyone’s got any Edinburgh in return

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Need names


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Becka S

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Getting me hard

Want more


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Face and tits?

any dunfermline?

Will see what can find

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Any Whitburn (West Lothian) girls


any Kim sharp - Elgin?

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Any South Lanarkshire sluts ?

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No need to stop

Have you noticed that there's more and more niggers in Glasgow? I'm going to laugh at women when they say they've been raped by the apes.

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No you're not

This is the best thing in this thread

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Yeah far too many ethnics in the UK and there's more coming every day. But I do like their big dicks!

Glasgow and North lanarkshire

kik: cfrets1234

Apparently they got posted in the big thread last night... she’s unreal.

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What there was more than 1?

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Apparently, I’ve no idea though.

Lol you f?


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More Scottish babes!

Fuck lol someone needs to find them

Another Aberdeen girl

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Amy more Inverness girls?

Wouldn't get tired of looking at that ass

I like these


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Fantastic body

Very nice
Got discord?

more plz

No soz

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Need more!!!

Need names of Inverness girls

volafile dot org/r/ffdz8j8m

Screenshot from a vid I have saved of her after a night out

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You got Kik?

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Not atm

Ooooh must have nudes of sexy red head?


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Oh and who's this?

YOooooooooo, name? insta?

Yeah name and insta of that babe

Post west Lothian


Do Scottish people really hate the English as much as you'd get the impression of from the SNP?


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Only boomers do, really, because of thatcher

Any Scottish Discords or good volatfiles?


Some Scottish people hate the English but not many.

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Do you have more

Stunning but need more!

You got Kik? Think I know her...

st andys loyals hwfg

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Name of girl? Nah I don't have kik :/

> See this new 18+ chAn from Asia. Hope you'll find something interesting/

Discord? Some private chat?