How do you cure yellow fever?

How do you cure yellow fever?

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By slamming so much Asian cunt you get bored of it.

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sauce pl0x

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Dont have any sauce, all I know it was some Asian porn industry convention. in Taiwan if I recall correctly.

By talking to Asian women about their life.

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Be me
>Extreme yellow fever all throughout college
>Smash a ton of white puss but always fall short on my goal to smash Asian cunt
>Senior year meet qt asian girl
>Smash her all year and make her girlfriend
>Move in after school in new city
>Get bored of asian puss
>Crave white girl booty again

Date an Asian girl from Asia for a year. Try to break up with her. Then do it again. You will eventually learn to avoid them.

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Holy shit when did she?

When I was crazy for latinas, I dated some in RL. Had sex two times and with one of them a three year relationship. That cured me from my fixation on black haired thick ass small women.

Today I am into tall blondes and currently dating some tinders.
just skip all this porn and go for the real thing.

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*) just a not for the incels here: of course I had regular sex being in the relationship with that girl. That kinda belongs together. I was talking about the ONS

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It might take a few, but this is the only cure.

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No bullshit user, save up for a year and purchase round trip flight to Japan.
Literally every Japanese girl is used to beta cuck Japanese men with no confidence or courage. Most of them speak English. Go out to clubs and bars, strike up dialogue with a woman and there’s a greater than 50% chance you’ll fuck her. They’re so used to getting no attention and men showing no confidence that they constantly fuck white tourists.
Can confirm from experience.

>How do you cure yellow fever?
and why would you do that?

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Can confirm this is complete other bullshit and user is just a porn addict

>just skip all this porn and go for the real thing.
but I did have the real thing. a Japanese foreign exchange student. she's the one that kindled my yellow fever.

This user is a cuck and a liar.

Japanese culture is racist af. A Japanese women fucking a white dude is what we consider a blonde humping on nigger dick.

A totally worthless bitch not much of fucking dogs.
And THAT's what you get in Japan (if anything at all) as a white tourist. Basically the shit you wouldn't touch here.


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out of context you cuck

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and why don't you date an other girl of that type? or are you specific about the native Japanese thing?
That could be hard.

Don’t kid yourself mate. You’re upset that you cant compete with nigger cock. We all know that whities are being replaced. All hot blondes are balls deep into ape cock. Let’s pretend that women aren’t rebelling all over the world and not take advantage of it huehuehuehue

Literally hook up with a new broad every Japan trip. Last one was half Korean half Pearl Harbor supporter.

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>or are you specific about the native Japanese thing?
pretty much. I tried dating American "Asians" but its very different.

> implying a black person would even come close to Sup Forums
you ain't trolling nobody

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If only.
It's shooped, sorry to say.

ja, I totally see why.

They are Americans. Bascially 24/7 assholes, only pulling their race card when it comes in handy but without any decent socialization other than fighting over the leftovers of what rich Americans call culture.


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Do junior idols count?


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Yeahh, Elon was all time

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God I wish it was me.

Which one?

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Either one really. I just want to be a cute Japanese girl doing cute Japanese things with other cute Japanese girls.

Including penetration? Same

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Girls cant penetrate girls.

Oh really?

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listen to them talk

By seeing what azns actually look like.

They are pretty ugly.

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Not with that attitude they cant

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her stomach up to her underboob looks like a dick

Fun fact - literally no external attributes can advertise what a chicks cunt feels like on the inside, not race, not height, hell not even age unless you're talking pre-pubescent. Its a frickin crapshoot everytime.

- Message from your friendly polyamorist

Lived with a Japanese girl from Tokyo for several months. Miso for breakfast every goddamned day. Nice puss, but zero tits. She was pretty submissive: Let me fuck her mouth every morning and fuck her every night, but she was just too strange after a while.

Japanese girls in Hawaii are much better: Much more American, but still have that tight little puss.

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>mfw plebs are still shooting steel cased garbage

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You beat me to it, he's pretty much right OP

instructions unclear unintentionally voted for obama. 8 years of regret

Pretty much this

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Have it once. You'll see it was just rose colored glasses bullshit. White girls are the ones you want.

In fact girls with large clitoris can penetrate, but the clitoris can't ejaculate semen, so it would be a win win for yuri girls, sex without impregnation

>Have it once.
tried it. why do you think I have this fetish?
>You'll see it was just rose colored glasses bullshit.
>White girls are the ones you want.

black death, obvs

You don't. I married one.

Black or mixed chicks can fuck you like crazy. Asian chicks are cute and their moans are hot as fuck. Whites are in the middle, the fuck well but not as cute as Asians.

Go to Bangkok for a week say at Nana Plaza

Why would you shoot brass 7.62x39mm? What do you have to prove? Cartridge is fine.

By understanding pussy is just pussy

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Japs have truly perfected the art of barely hiding the essentials to stimulate not only the dick, but also the imagination.

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I did 30 days in Thailand, 30 days in the Philippines, 30 days in Indonesia. Indonesia is top tier if you want modest girls without much experience, Thailand and Philippines if you want a succubus that will try to lure you with great sex.

1) see them with no makeup
2) not be a fucking weeb
3) be surrounded at all times by them from a young age

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Don't know. I actually married one. White american women never want kids unless they are trailer trash looking for child support payments. My wife has a career and the first thing she wanted to do after we got married was have kids. Been married 20 years now. Just give in.

how gay must one be?