Anyone here ever taken your wife or gf to a gloryhole? Stories?

Anyone here ever taken your wife or gf to a gloryhole? Stories?

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My wife and I have our own gloryhole at home for guys to visit.

No, but got her drunk and sleepy then turned off the lights and snunk my best friend in and had her suck his dick she was acting like she didnt know but she did.

rly? where?

Down in Morgantown, gf would back up to one hole for her assfucking while using the hole in front of her for sucking. She was trying to turn me into a Cuck, she nearly succeeded until I found Sup Forums. Was it Spruce Street and another out by the Airport?

No but made her take shots of tequila and get drunk and sleepy then turned off the lights and brang my best friend in the room and suck him off. She was acting like she didnt know but she did

In the garage

Reality isn't porn stupid teen

where's the garage located

same fag

on the side of the house

In our home...

where can i find the house on a map

Northern Hemisphere


But I did used to date a psycho bitch who drank too much, was very violent, and loved to fuck in public.

I think the weirdest we did was when I fucked her in the alley behind a club we frequented. I had her bent against a dumpster while I fucked her from behind while I smoked a cigarette in one hand and a drink in another. Then some homeless guy came walking by and went for a high five, so I put my cig in my mouth and gave him a high five.

I like this guy.

state your full address including street name and number, city, state, and zip code
you cheeky fuck


Sounds like a good way to get STDs.

Took gf to ny one few years back (i live in ny) she got herpes, i didnt, left her after test came back negative for me positive for her.

You do know that you can pass negative even if you have it? Right?

No wife but enjoyed seeing how big cocks were coming through gh .

are you above the 48th parallel or below?

Yep, wasnt my last test, doctor explained it. had a few tests after all negative. Havent had any flares or sores im all good.

>imagine being this thirsty
sexless incel, kys

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She didn’t use a condom? Why the fuck not

Partially why I wanna try it just to see her play with a huge dick. Just don’t wanna risk STDs. Condoms obviously but idk if she could still get something

Be me 18 year old virgin
> Mississagua Ont
> 1988
> Keep hearing stories about a glory hole at a gas station/truck stop on Southdown Rd, just past the QEW. (I think there is a Timmies there now)
> I am told a woman gives blowjobs in the last stall of the men's room in the afternoon
> I am told to drive around back and see if a white Thunderbird is parked by the dumpsters.
> Be horny
> Go to gas station
> See T-bird
> Go to men's room
> Go to last stall
> No glory hole
> Tell my friends they are full of shit
> Buddy tells me that she is not in the last stall but in the janitors closet
> Go to gas station
> See T-bird
> Go to men's room
> Open the door to janitors closet
> Glory hole! Just like in the photo
> Woman's voice on other side of wall (into woman's bathroom) asks what I am looking for
> BJ? I reply
> Five bucks was her reply
> I did not have any money
> She laughs and says "ok its free today"
> I unzip, stick dick in hole and receive blow job
> I cum in 30 seconds
> Pull back and see that the entire floor is covered with jizz and old condoms
> Horrified; I leave the closet and puke in the sink

> Go back 3 more times in the next week

Place got busted shortly afterwards

>>> The really strange thing was a friend ended up owning the white T-bird.

Eh you know what I can't hate him for trying to not be involuntarily celebate.