Anyone have any live codes laying around? I could use one till this weekend. Also, general gaming thread

Anyone have any live codes laying around? I could use one till this weekend. Also, general gaming thread

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how about yo grow up and find a new hobby?

OK boomer

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What kind of codes exactly? Points or live?

Live codes 3 day trials or whatever. Just something to last till the weekend

Why dont u get a job faggot
I bet you play fifa or some 2ksomething game. While your girlfriend works and takes care of you.

I'll see if I have one laying around but don't get your hopes up.

I play forza you big stupid idiot and i do have a job i just went shopping and paid my bills. I could buy one but id rather wait till pay day

Alright i appreciate it man

Thats not exactly a step up better than some 2k playing jiggaboo.
I bet ur not even black but swear and sound hard on mic anyway.

So user, I did have a code for a 14 day trial laying about but it expired on 06/30/19...Sorry m8 :-/

I bet you got long tiddies

Anyone play elite dangerous on xbox?

Ahh damn, its alright i appreciate you looking around for one! I figured they stopped doing the trials honestly, i wasnt sure. Surprised you can still come across them

Like tube titties?
Like a white girl named janet who smokes meth and when she takes her shirt off its like 2 oblong cucumber shaped sagging swingers?

Never even heard of it honestly!

Why not just get a cheap code from instant gaming
You can get the 14 days ones for like 1-2 bucks
Shut the fuck up faggot forza motorsport and horizon are about the best racing games out there eight now

Didnt know that was a thing im gonna go check it out

Bought the x around March. I never bother to look inside the box for goods until I was reminded of it.

It's a very niche game
Population on xbox is so low almost every achievement is rare lol

Never said they werent, i just know the type of players they can be.
Hard wannabe street racing kiddos who would pee their pants in a real street race.
Thats what im holding you up as in my minds eye.

The reason you don't have money to pay for Xbox live is because you waste your life away playing Xbox live.
Turn it off and enter the real world.

>play Star wars bf2
>woo dude so edgy, i bet you'd piss tour pants ina real space fight
This is how stupid you sound

Except illegal street racing is a real thing
Sounds like i hit a nerve.
We are 327 years to early for space fights in our Tesla fighter X-34s under the Musk Administration.

You sound like a turd

Warzones are a thing too, yet people enjoy playing battlefield instead of going to bombland to be shred to pieces
It's lile games enable us to do things we normally wouldn't be able to

Man i hope the next battlefield is actually good. Bad company 2 was my shit. Cod is walking all over it right now.

First come, first serve


Gorgeous game if I remember correctly. The stars and Galaxies often take my breath away by how scary and wonderful it all is.

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Says the code is invalid

Thats cuz i redeemed it
Get fukt nigger

Fuuuck youuu

Maybe if you had faster fingies
Prob y u r trash at forza too

Can't you get a Xbox pass ultimate for $1 or is that promotion out already?

No lifer over here. Your eyes must be burning from all this screen time

Yeah the game is just beautiful
Jumping into a system never gets old

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That just for your first month i did that awhile ago

Pfft imagine being a fag who pays for xbox. I much rather be the dick who pays for ps4.... or better yet, play those sweet free games that suck without having to pay money. Dauntless, my friend. Play it for free, without the endless waves of kids, because they got little hands, and can't maneuver so well.

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Its my day off actually and im smoking and shitposting while listening to music.
But taking ur code really was the highlight of my day.
Its not even that I dislike you either im just genuinely being an asshole because I can.
>cuz Sup Forums

That wasnt even a full code my guy.

Then this asshole ruins my troll

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this thing melt my viper mk 3 for the first time. I felt true terror...

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Lol it was a good one honestly

I h8 u

That looks awesome, whats the objective?

Lol i remember flying my ship through the stream, thinking it would look or smth, then I see my shield melting away haha
It might had been a viper too, it was at the beggining of my 'career'
It's a space sin, so whatever you set it to be
Bounty hunting, piracy, mining, exploring...

Explore, bounty hunt or carry cargo for factions. The game is very niche and won't hold your hand when you feel lost. But once you get the hang of it, you feel like you're driving a car.

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I later learned with the coreect technique and setup, you can use the stream to supercharge your fsd and double its range for a single jump, and that there tools online to help you plan long distance travels using these kind of stars
You can apparantly reduce the time required in half

Cobra mk 3 is a must for anyone who's gotten used to sidewinder. I had so many bomb ass adventures with that litte ship.