Chubby thread 3.0

Chubby thread 3.0

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Igornojob Kik me if interested

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who got?

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She's fantastic

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I'd like to see her tits. Thanks!

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im just starting at the top right now. lets see how far i have to go down on this thread for it to go full blown SSBBW

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annnnnnd there ya go. that didnt take long

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very hot

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Holy fuck she’s gorgeous. Kik/discord?

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posting my friend.


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Drop yours.

Damn. Please more?


damn nice

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still fapping

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Need more of her

Loving those tits

More tit shaking

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I wanna see the belly on right.

fuck, so inviting there

my fwb


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I’m in love with her little bit of gut

any vids? love to see those bounce

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I want to watch them rub bellies

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Super cute

No one gives AF about seeing Amy Stewart of Alabama

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Nahh I wanna see that fat belly hanging.

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On topic:

Not on topic:

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are those things at the bottom particles being drawn in by the gravity of her fat ass

Expose her
Her kik is socalrazor
Her snap chat is lilmisscutiexi
Her # is (201) 285-4332

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Go kys fag

Shhhhh dont tell her man

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Are you upset your views of what constitutes a chubby woman differs from others?

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