How do i clean the inside of my computer without any cleaning products? Thanks in advance

How do i clean the inside of my computer without any cleaning products? Thanks in advance

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can of compressed air, better to buy a mini air compressor and blow that shit out.

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just buy canned air its like $10. i wouldnt use a vacuume

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Get everything out of the case then like everybody said use canned air

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I wouldn't use an air compressor as they tend to build up moisture in the tank. Cans of compressed air or even an electric leaf blower can work as long as it's not covered in ahit that you blow at your pc

you can put your cards and motherboard in a fucking dishwasher and it'll be fine. if any moisture accumulates from compressed air then just wait a few minutes, idiot.

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i think you might have some bugs in your system

German cockroaches. Hard to get rid of.

I know this is copypasta but for anyone interested, disconnect all electronics, spray for roaches, use compressed air cans to clean hardware. Invest in more cooling because the roaches are attracted to heat.

>i wouldnt use a vacuume
this^^^ vacuum cleaners can generate static and fry delicate electronic components

30 year techfag here, dealt with bugs in the computers I work on many times. put it in your oven at its lowest setting and bake for 3 hours, then let the oven cool overnight. roaches die at 120F, bedbugs at 140F. most ovens can do 160F or 170F and all bugs die about there. plastics don't have a problem until you get over about 300F. then blow the dead bugs out with compressed air of some sort, canned or compressor. don't forget to open the power supply.

Might as well buy a new one

Don't heat over 190F. The plastics may be ok at 300F but the cheapest solder can start melting at 190F.

vaccuumme rather than blow, blow can wedge bits int crannies an nooks

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i see you didn't fix the problem from last time

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The only thing that should be in your computer is dust.
You can use a vacuum or compressed air.
Just make sure it's esd safe