I keep applying for jobs and no body is hiring and im about to be kicked out of my parents house. What should i do

I keep applying for jobs and no body is hiring and im about to be kicked out of my parents house. What should i do

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Move to a country with functional economics

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go to a union for a trade and learn the trade.
very simple.
>but I dont wanna learn a trade
>what should I do?

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But I need money to do that

ask them if they want a full time live in cleaner..

Need more context here...you may need to expand your search to aspects that don't require much skill if you don't have a GED or Degree.

Literally just get a job
>boomer tier answer

Get a duplicate key cut for your parents house. Sneak in when they’re not home to steal food.

I graduated highschool. I don't know what jobs are hiring

>nobody is hiring

So basically you have ass filled out a couple applications within walking distance to your house and called it a day. We all know this how it went down. Get off the computer and actually fill out applications and talk to a few managers.

All the jobs that i have applied for never called back

go to a job search board or find a grocery store or gas station to start at

Already tried that. everytime i ask for an application they say it's online

Kill parents, inherit house

then go online and fill out some applications instead of complaining on Sup Forums

Did that to

keep trying, dont be picky at that point then unless you want to be kicked out

Wouldn't you know it? I'm in a very similar situation. What's worse is when people from the outside think that you are comfortable with your situation and that you actually like living with your mother at 25. I've told my mother "If you think I want to hang around you clowns any longer than I have to, you'd be very wrong." It's not that I "haven't tried" getting a job. Get real. It's just that nobody has hired me. I've HAD jobs, but ZERO luck for the last while now.


OP is a lazy ass piece of shit. Go suck dick bitch boi.

I just git a phone call from goodwill. Holy shit i have never been happier

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Doesn't matter what country you're in, McDonalds is ALWAYS hiring. Or post some personal ads online & start sucking dicks