I've never seen more shitty men's hairstyles then now. Prove me wrong

I've never seen more shitty men's hairstyles then now. Prove me wrong

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80ies mullets, you are full of shit

Very few were wearing mullets as opposed to almost every male looks like shit today

That has been a hair style for like a hundred years

You've never seen more variety in men's hairstyles than now. Prove me wrong.

looks old enough to be a fucking boomer.

They are based of ww2 german soldier haircuts. God you are all so fucking stupid

OK Boomer.

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He ain't no Phil Anselmo for damn sure. Phil can pull that shit off.

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vikings had hairstyles like this

Imagine caring about how other men look. If its so goofy that means more pussy for you

what hair do you have op? make pattern baldness patchy bits covered with a fedora? GTFO with your "observations"


Faggot word

Man buns vs mullets

I can. Whte dudes with dreadlocks. Dreadlocks in general actually

The kids are doing the whole noodle head thing these days, but OP compares to it pretty well in a sense of shitty styles

Imagine letting other mens hairstyles control your life.

faggot word

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This thread is so epic down to go down as one of the best in Sup Forums history

>Discussing topics is life controlling

why? it barely got any reply.

Being sarcastic, it's a shit thread with shit premise , men's haircuts only fags talk about haircuts

And most look like fuck. They just want to be trendy, no thought as to whether it makes them look good.

exact hair style I am going for, feels great man!

well notice that his haircut has a thread of people from all over the world talking about him now, so maybe he did the right thing

>by latest a boomer would have been born in the 1960s
>This man looks about late 20s early 30s

You're using that word but I don't think you understand.

Did this seem to start with the movie Fury? Brad Pitt had this crummy haircut then I started to see it everywhere.

Post your haircut so we can judge

that's colin Farrell and he doesn't look like he's younger than 50

you think you are better than us fucknuts? fuck off back to plebbit you shit for brains

How can you think this looks good.
Looks like his uncle cut his hair in the kitchen.

My onkel had a great cut

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That won't help, I still see you ugly motherfuckers in public.

>People getting this defensive about hairstyles

Well, we know what's replacing height, muh penis, and race war threads now lol

You think you are better than me fuckstain?

You jerk off to Phil, you fag

Are you actually somewhat blind?
The man is 43, takes care of his body and looks like he's in his 30s still.

Is there any difference in the way you pronounce then and than? Do you just sound it out as "th'n"?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid are you?
>inb4 i was only pretending to be retarded.

I see some germans have that haircut today. Looks really stylish.

Thought I was using the right one

Woman or just very gay?

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It's than tho , then is for time, than is to compare

I thought then because it relates to now which denotes time.

I heard Phil is packing a huge hog

its not a bad haircut, just
1. bad execution, too long.
2. hes extremely handsome but there is way better haircuts for him

White power.

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No one can pull this off. It's a shit hairstyle that for unknown reasons some think it's cool.