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Praise be to the log God.

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Who's "we"? You got a log in your pocket or something?

be amazed

Show log pls


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Holy dubs logged, praise be!

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eustace here, logs are #1!

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Why do logposters always call this guy eustace? Did they dox somebody or something?

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Apparently, he was a naughty boy, who joined the Discord pretending to be a logposter.

That is Eustace.

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Eustace is a log poster. He finally admitted it.

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wow. i never thought id see him admit it, LOL

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I swear sometimes these andy stixx memes can get clever.

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I was always knew Andy Sixx was divine

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Hey, kid, nice fanart, but you have to be at least 18 to be on this site. Go get your parents to help you log off.

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Now that's some good shit.

log bump

>log dump*

clog stump

plumped rump