High end auto detailer AMA

High end auto detailer AMA

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After spending tens to hundreds of thousands, why do all you people give a shitty bow on the car and a bottle of shitty champagne?


He said auto detailer, not salesman

I’m a detailer at a high end detail shop that specializes in paint correction and interior detailing, not a shitty ass dealership so we don’t do that and To answer that question I have no fucking clue I think that’s pretty stupid

That's not high end.

You wash cars for a living. Fuck off.

Sorry that last one was for you user

Correction I polish cars the right way washing is for the new guy

Thank you that’s exactly right

is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping?

I think you mean Penis, user. I don't give a fuck what a polisher of a hard substance has to say.

Do you actually enjoy it?
Are there customers who keep an eye at you at all times?
How much do you earn a year (profit)

Is there good money in it? I used to paint for a living, I know the correction process well. I have done several vehicles...it takes forever. Not sure I would want to do it every day.


Da fuq

What's your location OP? I'm a mobile detailer and Jesus Christ most of the people I talk to are morons. Nice, but morons.

Recommendation on things?


I enjoy most of my work mostly seeing it finished , yes there are customers watching every second shop has cameras everywhere and they can watch on a tv in the waiting room and approx 50 g a year minus tip out which varies

I make good money ... all depends on where you work

What is the shittiest car someone has payed to have detailed?

I’m in Toronto Canada and yep most of them have more money than brain

Don’t fuck around with these things get any rupes polisher exept a duetto don’t really know what you mean by detailer but I use sonax and angel wax products for most everything but there are so many good ones out there just do some research when it comes to compounds avoid fillers learn how to do it right

I work in a factory finessing fresh paint jobs. Is all you do is fix scratches and repaint the defects that don't come out? How much do you make? Do you have a spec for defects? I love what I do but if I could try to take it to the next level while making more money seems like a win win, or at least a backup job for when I get laid off next.

That’s a good one .... I’ve done some pretty shitty Honda civics but probly worst of the worst was a Nissan Maxima ... some others are technically shitty shitty cars but are pretty unique so I don’t count them

Anything i can do against holograms? How to increase the shine and saturation of the paint?

I basically make paint perfect then protect it so whatever it takes really except paint I have paited before but not any more we send our shit out to be repainted

Use the right pad and the right compound don’t over polish and there are two stages cut and polish if you cut proper the holograms com from incorrect finishing you can over polish in the finishing as well but it’s mainly just the right combo of things and knowing when to stop

What city or area? Seen any sitter expensive cars?

Also shine and depth come from a proper sealant and wax after everything is done correctly so find what will work best for you but I recommend angel wax it’s expensive but worth every penny

Any pictures as show off?

Just did a mclaren 600 lt this morning see stuff like that all the time and Toronto canada

As you wish hold up

Pics for u

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What company makes the best ceramic coating or are they all the same?

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And one more cuz gotta go soon

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Okay one more

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They are NOT all the same igl makes the best in my opinion

And I wish I could see that webm

I last one now gotta go sorry ppl

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Percentage commission?

Fuck all the porn on this site, I just came looking at that!

High end detailing is overpriced and talenless, classic auto detailing is way better-refinish technician

How long will a ceramic coating bead water for?

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Shit just relized I showed too much in that last pic

Depends which one typically about 2 years but it depends on how well you take care of it

Cmon dudes send gif not webm my phone is a huge fag

holy fuck, a ford GT. do you get tipped like 150$ or some shit? i used to detail ordinary cars and get tipped like 20$ at the most, but a GT. dayumn.

Some are guaranteed for 5 years...is that a scam?

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Download webm browser my dude, iphone is king

Bleh. Still need to tap extra shit.

BMW < Mercades

Hey OP that’s cool as shit. How did you get into that job? Is the pay okay? I’ve been waiting tables for YEARS and I’ve been fortunate enough to somehow pay my way through life... but I love the hell out of cars and know a lot about them. How did you fall into this line of work?



BMW is the superior vehicle, performance wise. Always. Obviously a 3 series entry level BMW isn’t going to put perform a 200k dollar AMG S Class, but I’d take an M6 over a piece of flashy trash like that any day. Bmws are more fun to drive. Period.

>High end auto detailer
>water spots everywhere...

Do you use a tornador?