I worship her ass

I worship her ass

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Is it her ass that you worship or the rich, creamy turds that her ass produces, and sells to market?

what ass?

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>tfw no fat late 20s sloppy drunk naked white girl in a hotel room to call your own
Why even live at this point.

what happened to her? I thought she was supposed to be pretty hot. is she getting ready to retire from acting?

horrible ass
overall 0/10, would not smash


The same swimsuit but better ass

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better how? it still goes from back to ass with no bubble

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She's one of Harvey's girls, even if she didn't have the body of Rebecca Romijn she got the part.

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This is an old picture

New leaks please.

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> 'See this new 18+ chAn from Asia. Hope you'll find something interesting...


Everything youve listed is lirerally the best part.
Now add drunk, late 20s, horny as fuck and in a hotel room

My GF has a better ass, and she eats sticks of butter

And that is why you are a faggot OP.

Look at that gibbled ass user, are you gay? You seriously don't know what a great ass looks like? Or are you attracted to male asses? Yeah, you are a homo. Clearly you are a homo.


I like her a lot, and think she is sexy, but she really doesn't have a great ass.

you're not a true fan