My master instructed me to post this. I'm completely under his control, and I will indulge every fantasy of his...

My master instructed me to post this. I'm completely under his control, and I will indulge every fantasy of his. There is nothing too depraved I wouldn't do for him. I've snorted his cum, he's fed it to me on a spoon. I've drank the blood from our bite wounds. I've taken his seed, only to abort the fetus just so we can continue to do depraved things without having to worry about a child. He plans to chop off my left index finger and eat it when we get married... It's the ultimate act of testing my submission. Testing how far I will go.


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Maledom is an abomination with no right to exist.

sharpie in pooper

Your master should let me rape you.

Kill yourself

Did you eat shit like a good subhuman whore that you are?

2 in pussy 2 in ass same time

How many cocks can you take?

"I'm an object for my owner" on belly or didn't happen

Does your master take your for cum walks and take pics of it?

OK, you are officially fucking gross

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Lose 25 pounds. If you're that submissive, don't fucking eat unless it's his cum.

No u

Are you a victim of human traficking/Are you held against gour will?

My master will arrange that rape if he likes.

I have eaten my own shit off his dick when he was done fucking my ass

I can take at least 3, one in each hole

He has yet to take me on a cum walk but it's on our list of things to do. We have a kink event coming up later this month and he wants me to incorporate his cum into my makeup.

He thinks I'm perfect just how I am. More to grab with his huge hands.

Is there an agreed on limit? Certain things that you will not do?

Good luck with that

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Well look at that

Show ur sweet pussy babe

He gets to choose my limits, I will go as far as he thinks is necessary

Lie back, pussy spread open showing how wet it is

Would you kill yourself for him? Would you kill someone else for him? You must have a limit that you personally hold.

show your pussy spread or didn't happen

I'm free to do as I please, I chose this life with him. I have no limits on leaving, I can break this off at any time. I've never feared for my life, I am completely safe with him.

we want pussy showing

put on a pair of pantyhose
post pics

Does your family know?

Master here. I lover her as she is, every perverted piece of her, every part of her body, every aspect of her person. She is a goddess, and as such she needs to be in my possession. That's why i plan to eat a part of her, that's why i expose her devotion, for everyone to see. Ask questions

Funny how being submissive stops when you want a Twinkie

We've discussed murdering me, but that would be a one time kink. We couldn't do that ever again because death is permanent. We've done things where I nearly died, but I trust that he would never take my life.

He's choked me to the point of passing out several times, I've OD'd under his control, my drug use is a big kink of his. He enjoys feeding me pills and alcohol so he can film us fucking while I'm twilighting.

dumb edgy faggots like you go nowhere in life. every normal human being on this planet looks down on you.

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got any vids posted?

"Ask questions"
Does your sister know you're fucking your mom behind her back? Do you like preying on women with no self-esteem? Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

a question: do you feel like a worthless piece of shit, apart from being uself for your owner I mean? or you feel good about yourself without him?
Also another pic with your tits on the toilet seat would be epic, if he agrees with that.

I say fake. Not a single bruise or mark anywhere.

God damn it I just want a normal gf which should be easy as fuck to get but noooo. This guy has this cum dump at his disposal thanks life

> See this new 18+ chAn from Asia. Hope you'll find something interesting....

show butthole

Are you the same girl from last night?

samefag OP is absolutely pathetic

I actually feel really great about myself. He encourages me to improve my life through school and work, I have my own job with my own money. I am financially independent from him apart from his half of the rent. In addition to that, he lifts me up by absolutely fetishizing every part of me. He enjoys putting his head under my dresses after work, just to smell my day and put his face in my ass. It's quite endearing. He cooks for me, I clean for him. This is the fairest relationship I've ever had.

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does your master make your pussy wet? or does he have to wet it with his spit to fuck you?

I have a pretty normal life user. I bet that, even a better life than you, i have a nice job, a nice house, a good income, a beautiful, gorgeous slave, and a nice family. What do you have user? Can you get a woman's devotion and love?

>that fuckin toilet

She has self esteem. I encourage her to love herself every day.

Cool pic now get you bf to take a photo of his fist in your ass if you think you could handle it?

This ^^^


Hard water

Show ur pussy

You don't know shit about devotion or love you beta faggot. What you have is a mentally ill probable victim of past abuse, who you degrade because it's the only way you can feel superior to literally anyone. What I have is a grasp of the english language, which you are clearly still working on. Are you ESL or do you just not know how to form a sentence?

write on your tits that you want me to lick my own (or your masters) cum of off them, if cum included that would be

cuck me pretty much

that would be awesome*

was supposed to be on the end of that sentence

Would you undergo FGM if your master wishes?

stuff in butthole

Hopefully he'll demand you lose some fucking weight Jesus Christ

>only to abort

has he tried to milk you like a hucow yet? Or VR play? That one is super fun

Also, as an user that deals with hand injuries, if he wants a finger, go pinky. Its going to be more adaptation for memory and daily use than he thinks. Plus people will joke about pinky finger loss more

Shampoo bottle in asshole

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If he felt that my pussy wasn't to his liking, he'd change it. However he thinks it's beautiful. The closest he's come to that is shaving me.

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All he needs to do is message me that he wants me later and I'm already soaked.

Spread your pussy, i want to see à slave pussy that has been used. Then shove the tip of a bottle in it

I would love to see a girl go full hucow. branding, milking, maybe jokingly have all her meats drawn on her body, ect.

Why not shove something in your asshole?


This whore isn't for sale ;)

>my master
You could at least try...

>All he needs to do is message me that he wants me later and I'm already soaked.
Let's see a picture of you soaked

I want what you have, just seeing your slave is making me hard. How did you got her to be yours ?
And what does that makes you feel (and her) knowing she gives a stranger a huge boner ?

I just wanna play on Snapchat with u

Some stockings or socks for the photo?

I want to beat the shit to blood pulp ask your master if he let me do it.

Can we see your fist in her?

Link your parents into this thread

why can’t you people just be normal holy fuck

i just wanna let you know I'm saving your pics: you will live forever in my fap folder for my jerking pleasure. In the future remember that probably I'm fap on your pics again and again

Any plans to rent her out once you've satisfied your own desires? Has every orifice on her been used? How long has she been your captive?

Chop off your left index finger? Why, just why. Not worth it.

so apparently you got her pregnant and had her abort, did she ever make milk? have you considered keeping her lactating?

gtfo with this ama shit

This was hot until you mentioned the abortion.

Get raped, you baby-murdering whore.

what's wrong with murdering babies?

I think the abortion part is really hot

>normal in Sup Forums fuck off newfag.

Am i the only one that to see her as a milk dripping hucow with a post baby/abort belly, with a bad dragon dildo handy for training?

the murder part

you know what's hotter? having babies like God intended

You're an absolute unit, there's a full dinner in your index finger alone you fat cunt.

You guys auristic?

write on your tits that you want me to lick my own (or your masters) cum of off them, if cum included that would be awesome

cuck me pretty much

>abort the fetus just so we can continue to do depraved things
fantasy is one thing, sins that cry out to Heaven for the justice of God are another
Repent or burn in hell.

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are you autistic?

God. Lol
You had me going for a minute

She'll be forever mine.

unironically why bother replying to me? yes i am autistic, yes my post is still valid, no you will not change my mind. are you autistic enough to think otherwise?

Be alfa, and be a nice person. Treat girls right when you need to, treat them like sluts when you need to. Understand that she is a person, and treat her like that, even when you do unspeakable things to her. That's my only advice

and your being the best prove that ur dad should use a condom next teim

Thats the way to keep her, not en slave her, i think... Thanks Anyway

not you, I would love to see that. what dildo are you thinking, horse or bull