Feral Discussion Thread

Feral Discussion Thread

Bored and wanna chat before work

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What will it be today Sup Forumsros,


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I would stay away from posting anime pics with good bois, got beaned one time for that so I stay purely furry for it

Anyways, how ya doing?

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that’s lame

i’m good, hru

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Pretty good. Really bored, got back from the ranch I work at an hour ago and I'm about to go to my main job in like 2 hours. I'm a little blue-balled and just wanted to chat for a bit

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With the other chan dead there's no place to talk about zoo with other people that I know of. I wish we could talk about it on /an/ it's funny that literally half the people on there make "jokes" about sexual stuff with different animals, you just know they are zoos. It's so tempting to say something, but I don't wanna get global banned

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Hi, i'm a cub roleplayer and i need a older fur friend to roleplay with! I have nearly no limits, i don't want irl stuff just roleplay and lewd chat over text! Telegram @EmTheFurry (play female on request! But i am boye irl!)

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Lol, why does the male's face look like pic related

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A beast lover working at a ranch...

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A blue balled zoofag working at a ranch...eh

really makes you go hmmmmmmm

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Hello again my fellow degenerates

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Either of you guys have any experience with zoo?

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Heyo man, same question as cause I forgot, have you had any experience with this stuff?

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and if the answer is yes?

I haven't any animals right now and I haven't for some time. And I maintain that I did nothing illegal when I did.

But yes.

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I'm on mobile so I dont have any pics to contribute unfortunately, but chatting with fellow "enthusiasts" sounds fun.

I won't hold it against you

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I just like hearing about how people got discovered zoo and their first times. Everyone's heard mine a million times but I'll make it short:

>Was 18
>Always into furries for as long as I can remember
>I think the first vid I jerked off too was a zonkpunch animation
>was in a g/fur thread
>Conversation started going towards feral
>I was really into it and looked more up
>I have my good boi Kaiser
>King Shepherd I've had since I was 15
>He's intact
>Was jerking off and he kept getting up and walking over for pets
>Decided to let him lick me
>Loved it
>Absolutley loved it
>Was a total virgin before
>Started sliding down in my chair and he kept trying to go south
>Wanted to see how it would feel to be rimmed
>Fucking loved that
>Absolutley overcome with lust and got on his bed on all fours so he could lick better
>He licked amazingly, but tried to mount me
>Wasn't ready for that
>Got back in the g/fur thread and talked for a good hour
>Got convinced to let him fuck me
>Got fucked
>Got knotted
>Extremly painful but when the pain went away it was pure bliss

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I'd rather chat than just have pics. How ya doing?

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Should I let a dog fuck me in the ass need really good convincing

Now that right there is a heart-warming story of sexual inclusion and awakening without the need for a human to require clunky and and messy communication about pleasure and merging.

10 points user. I hope one day you let me watch your animal-pleasure-bonding in person. I'd rather we live in a society where you could do this outside as a public service to show people how to feel loved. Would do humanity some good to see people being happy with animals in more ways.

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What made you want to do the thing the you definitely never did? I discovered it from people telling me about it, but most people seem to find out about it naturally

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Dirty boy then eh? I don't really like talking about myself online really, but I was younger whenever I let our family dog lick my vagina. Pure curiosity after seeing some adult magazines. Needless to say it was rather enjoyable.

Weird. Why make one realistic and the other anthropomorphic? Mixing the styles kinda confuses the pleasures for me. If realistic I'd rather just watch bestiality videos, otherwise I really enjoy the artistic interpretation of animal lust and 100% support it being projected/imprinted onto humanity.

Woo! Second heart-warming story, this time from a female. Why don't we just bond over our own animal lust spirits btw? As humans I mean. Seems soooo much easier.

If you enjoy things in ya butt, then yes, otherwise, no. Fairly simple equation.

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Well, do you love animals? I'm not talking sexually, I'm meaning do you get super happy around animals? Because if you love animals more than you love people, than yes, you should 100% do it. If you only wanna get fucked because it sounds fun and that's it, then you probably shouldn't do it

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I like animals but has anyone here actually had a dog fuck you and does it feel disgusting and dirty

The reason for it is that I'm someone who's into furries but irl loves animals. Also, on Sup Forums, real stuff or even drawn zoo with humans gets ya beaned, so this is the next best thing

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So for you the furry is the foreplay for the animal time you get?

For me the furry is the 'imprint' I want my partner to take/hold/become and the animal time is a completely different experience set.

Plenty of doggy dick pretty frequently too. Granted I'm the random femanon and ain't really into anal myself so ya know. Anyway it feels great because well it's sex .anyway no harm in trying take the leap.

Wait tell me what it’s like for you then I need story perspective.

Story perspective eh? I mean what would you really like to know? Generally speaking it's fairly close to normal sex with a human male. The knot really takes it that extra step though. And the cum without any worry is a nice bonus too plus they are nice and warm of course as for the more carnal aspect that kinda depends on what position we use. Lots of mental games going on too

Ye: It's fucking amazing. I love my boi to death. He's a shepherd so literally all he wants is to be around me, cuddle, be pet, it's fucking amazing. It's such a close bond that I have with him that I literally do everything with him.

The actual fucking part is really nice too. He's 120lb and a medium hair, so when he mounts I feel his fur drape over me, his head press into my shoulders/neck, his weight, his warmth, him gripping me as hard as he can, and him thrusting into me is fucking great. It starts off barely out of the sheath so he's just poking around until he finally finds his mark, then when he gets in it starts getting bigger. It's great for anal because it makes it easy to fit. Basically he'll go in an inch or two at first, then when he thrusts he's going as deep as he can but his sheath is being pulled back, which makes him grow. So after a good 10 seconds, he'll go from 2 inches, to a few more, and after a few more seconds his knot will be pretty small but you are gonna be able to feel it popping in and out. It's more of a big bump than anything else at first, but if it works out how it's supposed to, his knot will be in you when it grows too big, so it won't come out anymore and he'll just keep thrusting in until he's full size. Now you're stuck.

The reason why that's great is that if you looked at a rocket at full growth most people would say "nah" because that shit's too big for a lot of people, but since it grows while he's fucking, it's way easier to take, and you don't even have to worry about the knot because it was at like half-size when it popped in ya.

While he's knotted it's like 5-20 minutes of being tied together. If you're lucky, he'll be like Kaiser and stay on your back or if you slouch down he'll stand over you instead of going ass-to-ass. I don't like ass-to-ass because the knot always seems to be tugging on my asshole which doesn't feel that great, and he'll most likely pull out too early and it'll hurt

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If I wanted to try this on a female dog, would I need to induce her heat first?

That seems to be a common trend I notice, and I'm guilty of it too. I just love sharing my first experience and listening to everyone's first. The first is always the best, and its interesting to hear how others got into this taboo. Also, I remember you from a few threads ago. I was another user into German shepherds l, you've successfully convinced me to go for a king shepherd instead of a standard gsd when I get my dog lol.

Same, I've seen just about every pic that can be posted at least a hundred times.

I wish I had a boy to come home to but other than that I cant complain

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I've heard that taking the knot vaginally is easy, but getting tied is hard cause he'll pop out easy. Is that true? With anal I know he can't pop out of me even if we both really wanted to, he has to shrink a little first.

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That sounds pretty nice shame cause I’m curious try it out but all my pets were neutered and I can’t trust anyone of my circle or friend group or family.

Oh definitely taking a knot vaginally once you're kinda experienced with it anywa is alot easier than an anal knot. As for it popping out totally depends generally speaking it's easier but there's plenty of variables. If it's been awhile though it's still on the harder side to get it out.

That was great to read. What a great relationship

I have 0 experience with female dogs. Only been with male dogs, mares, and a stallion.

Again, only get a dog if you truly love dogs as a normal person would, the sex is a second, the actual responsibilities of owning a good girl or good boi is first.

That being said, yes. The bigger the breed the better, I'm pretty sure most breeds over 90lbs can take you in and out of heat, but heat is the important part. Don't even do anything sexual until she's in heat as you might make her not want you. If you wait 'till she's in heat, then she'll love the shit outta you, and be comfortable with stuff outta heat. Try cunnilingus with her at first, let her get comfortable with it, and once you think she's comfortable, then you can get ya dick wet

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Wish I knew someone in the state i from that I could trust to help me experience this stuff.

Okay bub, here we go.

I've only just recently sat down and thought about my childhood, and determined that I'm probably a zoophile rather than just a bestialist or what have you. Still working on that. If you haven't already you should sign up to Zooville dot org, they aren't a chan but it's probably the only living forum right now. Some good discussions there. Anyway:
>Always loved animals
>Overly protected childhood
>Never really got to develop with other children
>Instead developed with dogs and cats
>Poor and sort of just hung out in the backyard with a dog all day because no videogames or internet or the like
>Puberty hits
>Dogs become potential sexual objects in my mind, rather than just being furniture or whatever they are for normies
>Realized this isn't something society is very accepting of
>Like watching videos of animals mating
>Later find furshit
>Hey this is somewhat human maybe I'm not too far gone
>Good joke

I'm still attracted to human women, I am still a human, after all. But I'll be damned if I want to interact with them (no offense intended, female anons).

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Yeah that shit sucks. One thing to try though is this:

I hear neutered dogs are pretty good with rimjobs. I think the reason is that it's their instinct to lick where they think they're gonna fuck, but since he has no balls he doesn't mount (or he does, thrusts a little, then goes back to licking)

Maybe try that, just get on all fours and see what he does

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I haven’t had a dog in awhile can’t afford a new one. Last one passed away and think this is where I was coming to terms as to how much I loved that animal.

That's pretty fucking great. How close are you to getting a good boi?

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I just realized what time it is and I gotta head out for a bit. Keep this thread alive for another like hour and a half and I'll be back. Still around for now but I gotta get ready to head out in like 20 minutes.

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Feel like I'm running low on high-quality feral content. So this is a dragon.

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No offense taken. Frankly my boys are easier to deal with on every level than any human male I've ever tdated totally an understandable line of thinking

From a strictly anatomical point of view, recieving a knot anally is much easier. A female dog's vagina isnt structed like a human's. They have a ring of muscles that clamp down around the knot that's very similar in structure to a human anus. Lots of porn I've seen of girls getting vaginally tied the knot just slips out after a minute, compared to anal or a guy getting mounted.

And if you're a guy, your prostate sits exactly where that big knot swells up and lodged into you.

Hope someone helps you out user. You missing great pleasure.

Dragons are pretty cool too

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Oh yeah, trust me, I know about where that knot is sitting. Fucking amazing

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Definitely early next year I'll finally be in a situation to allow a dog

Alright, I'll try. Even if the thread 404's I'm sure I'll see you in the next one. I always love hearing Kaiser's bitch share about their relationship lol

Ever have an anal orgasm from the knot?

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Late to the party but can I get some fucking horsecock to lust over?


That's gay

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Holy shit reddit was right

Right about what?
That the German shepherd is the sexiest breed of dog?

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zooville org


I don't really like dealing with people in general, whether female or males in a macho friendly setting. Just doesn't appeal to me. It's time away from my dogs after all, and dogs don't live as long as humans do. So it's like I'm wasting 7 times the time with people when I can't be at home with them.

Been doing a lot of work recently. So I haven't been on.

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So are you attracted to Male dogs or female dogs?

I really like male dog subs...

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Anyone got a favorite dog breed that just does it for them? Like how boomers fawn over Chevy or Ford and completely disregard all other car manufacturers?

For me its German shepherds. I've almost rear ended people in traffic because I'd see someone walking one and I gotta turn my head and check them out.

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What about males that are subs to dogs?

That too... But something about dogs receiving anal...

husky, golden retriever, poodles, dobermans, GSD's, afghan hounds, collies, dalmations, hounds, lots of mixed breeds.

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That's good too. But I've always preferred Mr. Doggo to be the one penetrating. You ever topped a dog or is it just a fetish/interest?

And how do you feel about dudes rimming a Male dog?

Maine coons

Huskies! I forgot all about those seductive bastards. They're a close second for me. Those curved tails are so kinky. You either get to peak at some fortune cookie or a nice pink tailhole.

You into Male dogs or primarily female?

I think i'd be more willing to rim a dog than actually penetrate one. I'm not one to do zoo stuff... I just find it hot?

I'm only into female dogs.

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Ah, two sides of the same coin I suppose. I'm only into Male dogs, but would certainly try with a female just to see what it's like. Would you ever try it with a Male out of curiosity?

That makes sense I guess. More into the idea of it than actually doing it?
Would you watch a guy do it?

I don't suppose it matters too much to me, but I probably wouldn't penetrate a male dog. So of course there are different interactions with each. I would prefer female, generally.

I would watch a guy do it. But not if he was doing it just to show me..? I guess? I feel like if its already out there its fair game...

That's true. I never really was into the idea of penetrating a Male dog either. It seems kinda messed up to me a little. At least when the dog is on top hes doing what he was biological equipped for. Same thing with penetrating a female.

I feel like when you penetrate a Male dog he's only letting you do it because you trained to, and not because its something he wants to do.

Nah not really. I really like the biological synergy being one male with multiple females. It's a really primal spiritual bond. Different from human relationships I think. Not based on money but on our biology itself. I think it's a very unique life experience, and I don't have to be a Playboy billionaire (not that I'd want to) in order to experience it.

>tfw no bitch harem

user that's actually very interesting because what you described is exactly what I'd use to describe being with a Male dog. I guess that fact of the matter is you're a straight zoo and I'm a gay one lol.

Theres no motivation involved or ulterior motives other than pure, raw, and unfiltered lust. We dont have the luxury of language to communicate each others lust or intimacy. It's all done through touch, feel and body language and I fucking love that. Its just so carnal


Sorry, only telegram :c But i'm also going to sleep sir... Sorry!

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I've been licked a good few times by dogs but I've never been able to get mounted. It's so heartbreaking. Big dog knots are second only to thick stallion meat for me. I've been desperate for that one recently. To the point that I've contemplated going to horse farms I've seen nearby late at night to try and make some friends.

Nah dangerous and you might be messing with someone's mate. Some people fuck their horses so don't be a dick.

Just get your own. Look for money.

It's not the same. Females compete and motivate me to keep going despite troubles in my life with bad family

Oof I didn't even think about that. I've been hooked on this animated porn video recently. It's stupid, it's a minecraft animated one, but it's this girl getting mounted by a horse several times and I've just been drooling and getting off to it for almost a week now.