Drawthread drawthread edition

Drawthread drawthread edition

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I'm the user that did the furfag shit from last thread, just to clarify I'm not Rider (his art is much better I wish I was Rider)


>when you accidentally molest your pets
>when you accidentally tell people
>when you "accidentally" release your own nudes

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Heh, imagine being so bad at making threads that it fucking 404’s before anybody could even be bothered to post in it.

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Can you at least draw me a spaceship?

real nice art


>actual strawman


taking gross requests

no, I am the guy that made furfag from last thread


▲ ▲mmkmscx

newfags btfo

▲ ▲



>sideways triforce



Is that actually a straw man tho?

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>"your thread died no one posted in it lol"
>anyone can make a thread
>thread is actually slow today
room temperature IQ is showing, faggot



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... I'll take it.


fuck no nut november

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Here I am eating this chicken and its so stale I might as well be eating tissue paper.

>shameless unrelated bump