Drawthread: Space Edition

Drawthread: Space Edition

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how are you doing this evening?

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oh shit what happend here?

Requesting Chihaya reading/ getting caught reading Mein Kampf

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I'm doing alright hope your doing well

sucks to chameleon and have to keep an eye in 2 threads, but on the other hand this art is fantastic (especially the guy in the speeder) good work user

Draw or sleep?


Could I convince you to reconsider..?

A ship crashed into another ship.
i'm doing well, thank you.
thanks, dude.
Sleep is good for you. Rest easy.

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Tfw not even the thread bike lets you ride
Why live

Bike is short for Bichael.

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>something german
Wouldn't it have been easier to write Mein Kampf?


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Cute. This can be used for shitposting purposes.

,,hi uwu

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cool design

I see. is there some sort of story behind this?
hello hello, nice robot.

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I demand a "we're totally fucked, bro" space hug.
>no homo

Requesting implied oral with me under her skirt, and she's embarrassed because I'm sucking her cock dry like i'm starving and she can barely take it it feels so good

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One taco coming up sir

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Uhhhh. Sweety. This was the time for "samefag"
Three of those are Soren....

>user gets naked
Stroke time, baby!

What a shit request

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>he spent more time jerking off as many people as he could
>"it qualifies for a samefag you doofus"

>You're still jealous of me
Stay mad, friend. It only helps fuel my erection.

and now... to shave off my manly overgrown facial hair.
So as to fit in better with my circle jerk buddies.

>being this much of a faggot

requesting a drawing of a flame sprite;

On the persona generals i remember people used to shitpost saying Chihaya was a nazi and i always thought it was pretty funny. So i wanted to get some art of it

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Also i appreciate this art too. Easier to see the book


Who and who? You replied to one post

Dude. I said NO HOMO. this is pretty homo.
>Those legs folded together.
You just know they got boners.


Ah i see. Thank you for the information.
sure thing.
or it could just be cold.

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The oldest excuse in the book....

ah, something that isnt genital related!

hi im bored

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leave the thread

why :(

Go fuck yourself.

why so mean

hi board, im ttorrr
>i'll take 1 simple requesto

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Requesting you leave, faggot.

Draw an inkling

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Ignore the faggot, he spergs at everyone in thread.


why not actually learn how to draw

thankyou! jus grabbed some grub
thats a nice robot as well :)

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you sure are, stickfag

cold is a normal thing.
what robot?

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alright i'll do this request; gimme like 5 minutes

btw, call him "stickfag" and he'll sperg out harder

Hey stickfag!

how are u

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Yes.... it is... it resides within the hearts of almost all men....
It is very common.... this coldness....

requesting a drawing of this retarded nigger

I'm gonna break it down for you simpletons.

Sup Forums drawthreads are shit. Seldom do drawfags come here. The only people that really populate these threads are retarded spergs, requesters, roleplayers for fuck sake, and avatarfags that pretend that they're drawfags. You can largely blame the latter for the state of these threads. They see this place as a chatroom where they draw reaction images of their avatars, not a place for requesting and creative drawing. Avatarfags actively scare off drawfags when they do happen across these threads, whether through excessive attention whoring, forced namefagging, or shitting all over them because "they did the wrong request." Not to mention you have to deal with them pretending like they know anything about art.

All other boards' drawthreads have a clean format that encourages deliveries and creativity. Even /trash/ drawthreads are in a better state than Sup Forums drawthreads, and honestly, that's fucking sad. Avatarfagging lands you a ban, and namefagging is extremely minimal. All drawfags are thanked greatly for their work by the requester and other anons. Good deliveries get the honor of being included in the next drawthread OP. Some of them even offer critiques and constructive criticism when warranted by other drawfags.

In brief, Sup Forums drawthreads focus around the individuals that FORCE identification on its posters. All other board's drawthreads focus around the content in the threads.

The root of the problem is the avatarfags. They're the ones that force the identification, not only on themselves but on other posters. They only care about the persona. Take away the avatarfags and you lose this corrupted culture. Things will return to the norm that is traditional imageboard culture, the focus on content rather than the user. Not to mention the corruption proceeding the future of these threads with anons directly roleplaying with these people.

You can naysay all you like, but it doesn't change the fact of the matter.

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im alright lad u

if you have that image why didnt you just post the shit on the page?
you retarded, nigger?
>never trust an imgurfag


The real problem is the avatarfagging. No other drawthread allows this. No other board allows this.

You have a group of people that go against everything Sup Forums stands for, anonymity. They're attention depraved faggots because everywhere else they've tried to post their "art", they've been thoroughly ignored because their shit is boring, poorly drawn, and lacks any sense of creativity. So they come here in one last desperate attempt to form a following. And truth be told, they don't even manage that. Their only following are other avatarfags stuck in the same predicament as them. They interact with each other out of pity.

The avatarfags end up forming some sense of community this way. The problem is, they're all mentally unstable attention whores. They end up shuffling their way onto chatrooms like Discord. It's here where a lot of the problems start. Like I said, they're mentally unstable. The moment someone makes some snide or passive-aggressive comment there, the moment it all goes downhill. Even the slightest amount of criticism is enough to send an avatarfag over the edge. But because they're pussy faggots, they're not man enough to confront each other directly. They have the mental maturity of a high school girl. They start shitting the thread up under user, attempting to turn the thread against the avatarfag that pissed them off. This is how almost all of the drama and shitposting starts.

Sometimes, we'll even get to a point where someone gets doxxed such as the case with YV and several others before him because of the shithead comments they made.

It's to be expected though. Sup Forums attracts the most mentally ill people. This is counterbalanced with anonymity however, to keep things under control for the most part. But the moment you take the anonymity away in the form of avatarfagging or namefagging, you lose that balance, and all hell breaks loose.

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to trick you into seeing a picture of your own ugly nigger face, ttorrr

i see

that's actually ttorrr?


who the fuck is ttorrr


I may do something with this...

He included it in a google drive folder of his artwork.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


>>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
pic related

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>ttorrr desperately trying to damage control

ok ttorrr

This was a perfectly good thread.

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>the evil rises again
>they have to learn
>drama NEVER rests

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Yes it does. The first half of this thread was a testament to that.

Actors are missing.

Thanks for doing my request! I'm gonna ask someone else to draw it because it's not quite what i wanted... Sorry!

what is under hat

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>Yes it does.
>first half of the thread
>was still shit
>he still doesn't know

Requesting happy sex

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There's nothing left to know.

drinking my night away happy tuesday

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WOW FUCK seriously? God you're a fucking ingrate dude...

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kill yourself vorefag

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Thanks. She's cute as heck.
Fuck off, you didn't request that

LMAO perfect

what the fuck in that bowl


just a cute girl.

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Can you make Timmy Turner making love with this woman as in the picture?

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