Dumping what I got, I know some Autist has a whole lot of these

Dumping what I got, I know some Autist has a whole lot of these.

Gladly appreciate any memes Similar or Related.

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Perfect! And thank you.

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This one isn't "specifically related", but it is funny and could be worked into a meme of Gold

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i have more like OP, but i wanted to post this cause it's great

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Defend Diversity, Keep the Race's/Cultures Separate. Multiculturalism, Race Mixing, Destruction of Diversity are Feckless Degeneracy

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Saved, I've dumped my whole load.

Every Meme is appropriated! I'll repay with my best pepes

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I love this picture's undertone.

Do your duty, keepnthe beauty.

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brown bad kekekekek shitskin kekekek nigger nigger nigger

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Both Gray and Brown Edits work and have their Value. Let keks guide you well

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Was trying to design an

Abolish presidential term limits one for after the election ( year away )

i am too stupid / bad artist to make a worthy one

When appied to a couple of SJWs locally
My god does it work in actual spoken word form

If any anons are up for making one
I can absolutely guarantee that it will unleash hell apon them

Like plugging a toaster into a live electrical socket underwater

This Thread has already been wonderful and is much appreciated, may Kek Bless you all


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I think I see what your aiming at. I myself am terrible, but if you wanted to produce something (any quality can be improved) I'll certainly try to find someone to fix it up

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Thanks user

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i can't help thinking the person who posted this is a degenerate trying to make conservatives/traditionalists appear like nazis.
no clue why really, iT's So sUbTLe.

oh, heil.

Use it as Cancer Fuel, and Fuel the Flames of Meme Production, Let Our Meme Magic Flow and Grow

With Kek Guiding and Love in Our Hearts, we can Do Great Good

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How real is this?

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Thanks user

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got more?


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Just some random radical women that i saved

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gotta love based whores

They do that because of people like you. Without stigma, there would be no need for them to be suicidal over their orientation.

That's why comedy is dead

Debatable. Their underlying conditions has been listed as a mental illness by many established institution for a long time. Conditions which leads to irresposnbile and damaging activities such as excessive partying, drinking, drug-use, sex leading to aids/stds, and advocation for communism. That explains the suicide rates.

Someone please explain to me how gays are a problem in any shape of form.

WhooooouuuHooouuu! We aren't the only one to be retarded woman are too confirmed, maybe if i tell them that their hair are pretty they'll suck my dick!?! HahaHa! HaHA?

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fucking nice

They make me uncomfortable and insecure like all the things we hate, imagine a world without aumo, strong women and neggro i could walk safely outside without being afraid of them i would alredy be an astronaut and president of the world if it wasen't from them leftist voters

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These photos are often shopped i heard

That's a trap

>Literal Triggering

I'll have to save those, make a new "based bitch" folder. It gets the comers, and triggers a genuine Reeee. Oh the keks that be


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Kek, why?

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'based whores'

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12 posters hohoho classic teenagers shenaniggans back in my day we did graffitis but everyone's got is way of expressing their repressed emotions amiright?

Exactly, a subtle/casual kek to enjoy mid shitpost

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To mislead and trick people or to illegitimize/smear women/men

>boomer Triggered
The Old are nothing but food for the young

Oof delusional, at least you are having fun...

>illegitimize/smear women/
Sounds like Libstard Shit to me.
KYS Faggot


Grow up and educate yourself prior to engaging in the public discourse with the adults.

So you just blame your incapability in life on the things that make you uncomfy, instead of yourself. Ok

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I’m assuming this would involve deportation of white people from North America back to Europe, since they are ethnically foreign to it? Or it all this really just a half assed excuse to advocate for your own domain over everything you claim to own just because you said so?


Fuck off faggot

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>A Literal Faggot
Normie Fag lucky I'm not armed with my Old Gore Folder.

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Impossible. Their suicide rates exceed slaves and are only comparable to jews during holocaust.
If you think trans fags are treated as poorly as holocaust jews YOU are mentally ill

>"Everyone that disagrees with me is instandly on the opposite side of my political believes"


AmeriMutts are NOT European!!

AmeriMutts stay stuck in Mutt land.

>I need to be Opposite to be "Triggered'
Your Triggered like a Nigger

oh no we are so scared

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Brainded cretins adds zero positive to the discourse or to the political sphere. Which explains your non-existent influence in the world. Re-evaluate and do some good.

Obviously I’m correct. Thanks
for clarifying there is absolutely no attempt at internal ideological consistency of any sort here and you’re actually making it up as you go along based on knee jerk emotional reactions and personal convenience.

>gave me cancer.
The weak die in the new age, those that can't endure the cancer are doomed

So you acknowledge the present necessity for multicultural societies then? You can’t undo the genetics.

Didn't read

I've done my job and did what I needed. Got what I wanted.

Thanks for the Free REEE

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I’m being perfectly personable here. The only reeeeee-ing here is coming you. I’m simply incontrovertibly correct and very aware of it.


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Of course not, you couldn’t read it any way. Too many big words.

Actually triggered


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