Sup Forums! I need help

Sup Forums! I need help.
Im caucasian but I have jungle fever. How do I bypass the cultural barrier?

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Get your brain bashed in???

Fuck a ratchet black and then feel the regret the next day.

Shes got nice legs and nice ass!

turn your hat backwards

Imagine the smell

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I don’t’re saying “ How do I get rid of this feeling” yet OP posts a black chick bending over??...clearly you’re a failure at trolling.

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Literally smell good, have some money and a nice vehicle. Give them literally any attention. Every time I travel to the city I fuck 8/10 black chicks easily.
Also if you don't have atleast 7" with some decent girth, don't bother. Most black women are size queens whether they say it or not. I'm 7.5 x 5.8 and I've had some of them legitimately say it wasn't enough for them. I think girth is more important than length, to a certain point.

Just yell "FREE TAY K" everytime you see a black person

Holy fuck. Would breed them all.

Damn! Who wouldn't want to bury their face in that ass?

I heard black girls smell worse than white people when they sweat. Is this true?

>TFW you will never wake to your harem of ebony breeding babes

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you do you man

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Cum inside and accept your new life

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Tell her "she cute" and treat her like a lady, she'll freak you soon enough.

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Their scenes together are great. I wonder if he is the lucky guy that got to breed her.


Why would you wanna fuck a nigger instead of a white girl? Genuinely curious

thanks user

what's an 8/10? what do you judge when making that estimate?

skin darkness, nose shape, lips, figure, eyes, hair...? i.e. if they have mostly white features, but have dark skin?

because there better you retarded fucking faggot

Why not? I'm attracted to women of all races.

Is it still Colonized if she climbs on top of you and beats the nut out?

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Pussy is pussy user fuck that nigger good

I like the way you think

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Niggers are uglier smelly and dumb have you even met one retard

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Just use your privilege user

God I want to breed black women.

keep yo cracka ass wit dem ugly wite hoes nigga. you can marry em when were done fuckin em.

Be a nice guy and don’t think about race... my wife is black and I never once had the thought about her race or mine... (I’m white and the new driven snow)

just hop into the ape exhibit at your local zoo and go to town kek

also this

Don't let your memes be dreams, do something about it

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black women are easy af just shower them with money like any other thot

get an escort

then you won't need to "bypass the cultural barrier"