I've bitched here before

I've bitched here before.
None the less. Homeless, alcoholic, crazy, hitchhiker from **********.
Took eight fucken states to get here.
Fuck, I want another beer...
One hour boys.

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i can throw you another beer
if you throw me another cig

where are you now

Wish I could drop my location on here.

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Wish I could say. You know?

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it's the thought that counts man
now stop talking this nonsense at throw me a cig man
i get it, it's fun to play around with words and shit, but damn dude
we need to proceed with this transaction
beer for cig, cig for beer, pretty much double wopple win

I can show where to get 20 "street cigs for 3$ or 6 for 1$, or 1 for 25 cents.24 hours a day.
But, I don't have cig.

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ahhh alright man, well, sounds like we need to get walking to them cigs man
you can have this beer while we walk, i'll even give you one more beer after a smoke

Cool, here we at?

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no. why can't you

heck do i know, i don't even know where we're walking
but that doesn't matter i think, you know what they say
good company makes the thumpery smooth as buttery or something

do you ever wish you were a cat? or a dog, or any type of animal
shit, i'd sell my soul to be a fucking leopard cat tiger, chasing shit, eating stuff and just laying in the shadows

Like doxx myself?
30 minutes folks.

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If you can guess the city... then I swear to god, I'll tell you guessed wright.
But, y'all can't guess.

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yeah just curious what state you in

just watch this my friend
i think you are in aummmmmmmmm


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God I'm so happy you didn't get that right.

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Life been in danger yet?

y dond i belieb u?

Yep. I had to hide in an airport all night.
The cops kicked me out eventually.
Still can't go back to that section of town.

15 minutes, my friends.


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Seattle? Portland?

5 minutes.

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Portland? I live there!