Am i the only b/tard who wants to stretch her asshole wide open?

am i the only b/tard who wants to stretch her asshole wide open?

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She’s actually not that attractive, that’s why she’s insecure about using a cam with decent quality. She blatantly tried to look like boxxy and now she’s trying to look like belle delphine with the hair. If you look at older photos of her before she used boxxy make-up, she’s actually a solid 5 at best.


>stretch her asshole wide open?
You fucking sodomite...

you're not wrong, that insecure sub vibe goes a long way for me though.
but i'd give her more than a 5.

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>boxxy make-up

You mean fucking eyeliner? Kek

Pretty fucking awesome

no user I start drooling whenever I see her

She's okay at best, but I still wouldn't turn down a chance to rape her ass.

I think shes good most definitely fuckable but honestly if i knew this chick IRL i would just want to be friends. Shes pretty funny/witty.

5.1 after that pic

>belle delphine
She looks nothing like her wtf are you on.

Only thing you said that makes sense is shes insecure.

id like to headpat the autist.

I'd bang her, but probably not in the asshole. Leave that for Skeptic

She is cute. I'd hit it.

Didnt she go to war with venti over some dumb shit

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Venti attacked first IIRC. Don't really think June cared

Literally who?

Also venti's so fucking hot when you don't listen to her speak.

Ok coomer

who tf are you lads going on about?
why do you care about this cunt?

In her pink tax episode you see a full body pic of her shopping in a skirt. Yeah shes pretty hot. She has a unique look.. she is NOT a 10 out of 10 but I like women like that. So yeah I would hit that.

Bit of a butterface imo, but I agree wholeheartedly about her shutting the fuck up.