My coworker shoot me whit a nail gun near the pee pee because i fuck he's girlfriend

My coworker shoot me whit a nail gun near the pee pee because i fuck he's girlfriend.
Ask me anything!

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He's bitch girlfriend.

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I'm a hairy guy, I can't just shave my chest. And I don't want go to a Chinese girl to get me waxed.

Was it worth it?

I will start a legal case and he will also have to give money.
Definitely yes!

Why yuo so not goodly to make the engls wordings?

I left school early :(

More of her.

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how long did it take for the error of your ways to fall back flat again afterwards?

He's fired, bro.
Boss don't give a fuck about where I stick my dick.

Lmao fuck her again

Why not? She love you long time

this thread is entirely repuslive
>shit girl
>shit uncircumsized dick
>shit decision to sex your coworkers girl

judging where that hit, you could have lost you left nut, hit the spermatic cord higher up

This is the most reasonable course of action

I like it alright.

Face pics of the girl?

I left the hospital just three hours ago and it hurts too much now, they gave me opiates to lighten it up.
But I wrote to her a little while ago and she's on my side hahaha, when I rehabilitate myself for sure that i fuck her.

Welcome to /b!

You got a vid of you guys fucking? Send as webm plz.

>shit girl

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Unfortunately no, :(

Damn. You gonna get revenge on your co-worker or was fucking his whore wife enough?

Mhh....I call it justice, private life and work are two separate things.

she is like a 6 or 7 , i hope she give good head or make anal gapes or some shit like that , you know , because the nail in the peepee

I don't wanna trouble, i get revenge in the tribunal, so he is forced to give me money.

Sounds like you win in the end.

holy shit your dick is big

Good thight pussy and she is desperately slutty, do all things rough, and i like that.

Post a mega of his gf

No user, 17 x 14.5.

Mybe, but tribunal in Italy are not a rule.

I have only 1 more photo,

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>Average chinese hookers
Thats why!

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That’s what happens when you get down with OPP

The nail has passed close by, and a hydrocele has been created in the left testicle by the shock.

Hope he uses something better than a nail gun after he you try to get money

That’s genuinely why I don’t do that. People are crazy, and I do my best to avoid crazy

your scrotum is prolly gonna swell up the next couple days from fluid passing through the hydrocele. praying 4 u bro

I hope you go missing you piece of shit

He's a losers, with a nail in the groin I was able to disarm him and push him to the ground.
I don't feel in danger.

Dude i just left the hospital, doctor give me everything I need to make it deflate.

Fuck yourself, it's not my fault if he's dating a fucking whore.
And if that nail pecked my cock, my life was ruined by now.

To bad it didnt hit ur dick or one of your nuts

Yes, if it had hit me, the doctors had to cut it in half, now I will have a 8.5cm penis, just like yours.

So here you are “3 hours after leaving hospital” bragging about much of a kool kid you are...congrats to that bro. And isn’t revenge porn an offence ?? You literally just posted nudes without consent. All your doing is acting like your in the right and it’s not your fault that that chick was a whore. Yeah well you’re lucky that you didn’t lose your fucking life over this. Fucking loser scum bag.

His** learn how to spell you fucking idiot.

welp. found the faggot. you sound worse than even Reddit. go back or imgur or some shit.


Are you going to sue him?

For sure, he wanted to castrate me,

yes, shit

you got fucked up for THAT

improve yourself holy shit

Hahaha I hope you get a major infection or he comes back with a real gun to finish your retarded fuckboy ass.

liberal chad italy fucks who he wants. cheating is common in italy.
meanwhile virgin americans cry because someone broke their marriage vows. go fuck a bible

hows your ex doing?

The real loser here is "you're" english

So you're saying there's a job in construction open ...

sounds like a good way to get your dick cut off or worse. i wouldn't fuck with a guy who is willing to try to shoot your dick with a nail gun. but you go ahead and pretend to be a big guy.


Hay OP y u luk whit but not speek rite??

literally he's a bigger man than you for risking it all for the biscuit. You probably would never try half as hard and it proves it. If you proceed to tell me how much sex you have I'm just letting you know I will not believe it.


do you have any pictures of the guy's dick who shot you??

No, but he is smaller than me, for sure.

I have no fear of him, is just a pathetic boy.
He shot me for the madness of the moment, from now on, he will simply undergo.

Best comment, thx user.