Doll Thread continued

Doll Thread continued

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Bump for vids and more pics

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BUMP thats fucking hot

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Any gifs or vid where they fuck a doll?

Someone posted a few last night. Not sure if that user's in thread ATM.

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To the guy who was wondering, it's a 130cm Piper

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this is a really really good photo

Got a snake bodysuit for her which is about to look super amazing with her blonde wig. There will be some titty grabbin vids for sure

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Thanks fren


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post diaper webm

I hang out here sometimes. I have no idea why.

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Hmm, you should make more for shits n gigs

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Nice style

dear to people with cum dolls.
do you not get scared at night when you sleep with cum filled doll in house?

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They aren't mine unfortunately.

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I'm still saving up for my first one. OP's posts have convinced me to get a THICC one.

There's an entire folder of these.

I just grab whatever looks emotive.

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I would pay to fuck this doll

In all seriousness, you'd probably save a few bucks buying your own.

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Lol that's awesome

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Hey looks like a new dildo. Also beauty Molly? Looks bigger than the pink one

Good idea

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No, I'm actually not sure what brand that one is. Got it on amazon

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Hahaha exactly my same thoughts

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The molly is a 7 inch and the other one is a 9 inch

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A bit more than that, but yeah.

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haha i enjoy these

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lol yeah these are great fun.

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that's pretty hot

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Good oc

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Alright! A new pictorial! Fuck yeah bros! Franken-Lolis are awesome shit.


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LOL these are great

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Anyone got fucking vids? And some nude loli dolls?

There's a few that do, but I haven't seen them pop in tonight.

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Do you have to use lube for fucking a doll? Ifmyou do does an lube work?

Thanks. It amuses me.

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Loli jessie!

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Yea I would say lube is necessary, i use a warming lube which is fun. And did you also have a stroke at the end of your post?

Yeah wish they did.. I want one but live in Sweden

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I'm assuming the younger ones are illegal there?

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I like this guys stuff

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That is incredibly cute I love it!!!

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more like that

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Yes they are... but i might find a way to buy one hehe

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Comfy cutie

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Dumb little Meggy

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i find it crazy , some one would care what you do alone, in your own place, with a doll....